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    Steam Profile

    Found 11 results

    1. The Crimson Hand is currently recruiting like minded players who value role play over kills and "frag montages". We are a relaxed group that plays Medic primarily but we are looking to expand into a new area focusing on an Organised Rebel Organisation Our aim for our little rebel organisation is to takeover elements on the server, eventually becoming a force upon its self controlling territory and resources throughout Altis If you are interested, please fill out this application form and one of our leaders will be in contact if we are interested For those not interested or suitable for joining our little organisation, we have a shop available for you to purchase all manner of crafted items If you are interested, our Quartermasters Office can be located on our database with our prices displayed there To place an order, please fill out a purchase order and our Quartermaster and their team will be in touch
    2. As of 25/05/2019 at 00:00 AEST, all issues which relate to the reporting of a rulebreach on Altis Life now require the person initiating the helpdesk report to be directly involved in the issue (to have ‘standing’). All other services are NOT impacted by this change due to their low incident volumes. If this changes in the future we will announce it. As a result, you may initiate a helpdesk report for situations such as where you are being run over, but not any issue to which you would be deemed as a ‘third party’, such as watching another person (who is not apart of the same group) be run over. You may still bring up others who are not directly involved to provide evidence/testimony. Being directly involved means that you fit into one of the following categories: Be directly impacted by the incident and did not solely observe an incident. Be apart of a group (As defined by the Altis Life Rules section 5.12) of whom one or more members were directly impacted by the incident, or be apart of the Police or Paramedic factions bringing up an issue that affects another member of the same faction. Be reporting an incident which impacts all members, such as illegitimately impacting the server economy through duping/exploiting, hacking/scripting etc. If you have any questions, feel free to bring up your questions with the support team or altis life staff.
    3. harry0man

      Hey just wondering when the money wipe is, people have been saying it is soon?
    4. Hey all. To all my past/present people who served in the cop force, I'd love for you to send me through your funniest/most outrageous dispatches that you have screenshotted. Going to make a funny video out of all of them. Example - I look forward to the responses :)
    5. Babadook

      So guys, I went to go fishing, you know as you do casually. But I couldn't find a way on actually how to catch the fish? I've bought a boating license, diving license, full diving gear, a boat and still no fish. I go out to about 100-250 meters out and drop the nets yet nothing, no matter how long I'm out there for. Not sure if this is a possible bug or I'm possibly missing something. Thank you for your time, much appreciated -Babadook
    6. Are police able to question the drug dealer? Do they have drones? If travelling near an Illegal area atleast 200 meters away. Does this count as doing illegal activities? I came down the hill from sydney drug dealer and was instantly fired on by SeReG or SeRaG unsure. With no declaration to stop until after I asked what he was doing. I asked to speak to another officer and he came and told me they had spoken to the drug dealer to get my name and that they had a drone above watching me. Are these actual features or was I just wrongly arrested? Plus the Police had already conducted raids on the Weed Field,Processor and Drug dealer I thought that there was a 1 hour cooldown after a raid was done?
    7. The ROA guys decided to rob the bank and had taken a hostage, so putting the life and safety of the hostage we didn't go tactical on bank until after the Hostage had been retrieved and secured. Once that had been achieved, we took off in pursuit of the robbers who had been observed mounting their strider and making an aquatic getaway. The pursuit lasted a good 20-30 minutes until we finally prevailed despite being low on fuel and ammo and my at times horrendous shooting. Shoutout to the cops involved for a job well done and ROA for providing us with great RP and chase. (some sections have been cut due to screen freezes or me not getting it on shadow-play. This is the first youtube video i've ever uploaded so im not really that good at the whole editing thing)
    8. martin

      to chocmintz and envy. please enjoy the video I do suggest you watch the whole video it has been edited.
    9. Altis Life Radio Station (A.L.R.S) is now allowing private sponsors to fund our radio show segments for a relatively small amount of in game money, These sponsorships last 24hrs (Real Time) or if sponsoring the entire radio station is your thing then it can last up to 48hrs (Real Time). Sponsorships purchased come into effect at 24:00 hrs (A.E.S.T) this means if you purchase a sponsorship package it may not immediately be implemented. If multiple vendors purchase sponsorship of the radio station then any packages purchased after the first will be put into a queue and will be implemented as soon as possible. By purchasing a sponsorship package your organisation can broadcast their messages and further the public's awareness of the organisation and what they stand for. All funds will go towards A.L.R.S Events, Competitions, Vehicles and more!! Segments/events that can be sponsored for in game money: $3,500,000 per day - Whole Radio Station (All events and segments, contact me directly for more info). $1,000,000 per event - "Find That DJ" - Players have to find the on duty DJ by gaining clues from listening in to the radio. $750,000 per event - "Sound Bites" - A portion of a song is played and listeners have to guess the name of the song and artist. $300,000 per day - "The Mix" - Community driven top 10 hits and remixes - High Popularity $250,000 per day - "The Morning Rust" - Classic legendary songs from the 70's, 80's & 90's - Average Popularity $250,000 per day - "Late Night Rock" - Rock and Roll Non-Stop - Average Popularity $200,000 per day - "The Afternoon Ramble" - Country Music - Low Popularity *Must be booked in advance!! Shout-outs and one off advertisements - Immediate implementation $50,000 per - One Off Advertisement (70 words or less) $25,000 per - Shout-out (35 words or less) Note: There is absolutely no way of knowing what will happen, the A.L.R.S takes no responsibility for any in game events that may cut off advertisements (Such as S.R.T or an Evacuation) and there is no way of knowing how effective your advertisements/sponsorships will be. We are running strictly on a no refunds policy, PURCHASE AT YOUR OWN LIABILITY. Prices may change at any time, Always contact me personally to purchase any sponsorship packages or contact the On Duty DJ for shout-outs and one off advertisements.
    10. dasweetdude

      The Altis Life server is back up and running well with a lot of the old things you loved about it before and heaps of things planned for the future.Thanks to all the staff involved in getting it up and running and all the community for being patient with the update.Hope you all enjoy and hope to see you all on the server.Also thanks to demigod for your help once again mate you helped save the day.Enjoy all.
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