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    1. As of 25/05/2019 at 00:00 AEST, all issues which relate to the reporting of a rulebreach on Altis Life now require the person initiating the helpdesk report to be directly involved in the issue (to have ‘standing’). All other services are NOT impacted by this change due to their low incident volumes. If this changes in the future we will announce it. As a result, you may initiate a helpdesk report for situations such as where you are being run over, but not any issue to which you would be deemed as a ‘third party’, such as watching another person (who is not apart of the same group) be run over. You may still bring up others who are not directly involved to provide evidence/testimony. Being directly involved means that you fit into one of the following categories: Be directly impacted by the incident and did not solely observe an incident. Be apart of a group (As defined by the Altis Life Rules section 5.12) of whom one or more members were directly impacted by the incident, or be apart of the Police or Paramedic factions bringing up an issue that affects another member of the same faction. Be reporting an incident which impacts all members, such as illegitimately impacting the server economy through duping/exploiting, hacking/scripting etc. If you have any questions, feel free to bring up your questions with the support team or altis life staff.
    2. Nevetos

      10/10 according to my unis plagiarism software Also, why not referencing in APA 5th no in-text citations? No citations for quotes?
    3. Nevetos

      All the best to you Dredal. I hope that you keep on being youself and enjoy your life. Even if that means life outside of strayagaming, if there even is any
    4. Nevetos

      Lollipops not showing up

      When purchasing things from the Altis Market at the syd Hospital (such as lollipops), the lollipops do not pop up in the persons Y menu items 'Your Inventory'. Even when closing the market and reopening it. This may also happen with other medic gear?
    5. Nevetos

      Those pesky Europeans. Always causing problems
    6. Nevetos

      Sorry to spoil your tinfoil hat, but you don't need to be using facebook to be tracked by them I would rather trust google than facebook imo https://privacyinternational.org/campaigns/investigating-apps-interactions-facebook-android
    7. Nevetos

      Merry christmas to all of you! If it is any consolation, my town in germany also does not have a white christmas
    8. Truly amazing work that you have done here Connor! Not only developing AL solo, but also in conjunction with your health condition you powered on doing what most other large communities have big teams of developers for. That is no small feat and deserving of a much bigger praise than anyone here can give you. I wish you all the best in the future. Just remember to register your contracting group on the forums for a free TS channel
    9. Nevetos

      I just want to say that the staff team involved at the time wanted to be proactive and took a bit of a gamble. I retired before the update was ready and implemented, but at that time the following was true: Most staff involved believed that by moving things to brisbane: it would be better overall for the server we can decrease the toxicity such as certain gangs declaring and shooting anyone, without those being able to 'get going' by evading them, as most things were contained in sydney, whereas in the new model it was spread out Prevent the constant robbing of people doing 'newbie' runs which is often complained about by the non-forum vocal players (generally new or semi-new people) who at times waste all their money trying to complete one run and then quit out of frustration However, the consensus with all was that we need to make the update feature-rich, and capture zones were a definite feature to be added at the time of my departure. What happened between then and the release, I do not know. What I experienced with Frank during my time was someone who has breached our rules on a few occasions, specifically by ban-evading (a community ban) and popping up in our TeamSpeak server from time to time. Make your own judgement of him, but I will mention that it is extremely difficult to change ones underlying traits, so if he has indeed changed, really well done to you Frank, but on the other hand, don't just take a persons word that they 'changed'. I appreciate the view submitted by Frank, however, the broad attack on both Wex's character, as well as anyone 'defending StrayaGaming' in the final sentence is a nefarious way to finish a statement in my opinion. Signed: Nevetos from StrayaGaming
    10. Nevetos

      I can't comment on other things, but this is the biggest joke I have ever seen... The only credible staff abuse of powers & abilities was from some individuals looking to 'leave with a bang' (E.g. giving themselves a big comp payout or nazi-fying database before quitting) or the Wasteland conundrum. The rest of the complaints were either from individuals who wanted to lash back out at the staff, or were so pissed off that they were stopped from breaking the rules that they managed to type out one sentence saying 'this person yelled at me' without a braincell left. But seriously, while I was staff, there was surprisingly little actual abuse. It was sadly a bit boring imo... I would have preferred more
    11. Nevetos

      May I also add that a person by the name of 'Chapo'/'Chapo Guzman' has been busted on ALRP as a pedophile a while back & he has admitted to it. If you do let her on, ensure that you trust the people around her & those in charge of the servers (If you ever let her venture out of SG). Reference: the last couple of tweets here: https://twitter.com/alrpcommunity?lang=en
    12. Nevetos

      Am I reading this right? You are getting pissed off at a cop for giving you a SHORTER punishment? Totally agree, cops getting away with giving lower punishments is ***ing rediculous (<- Sarcasm in case you were wondering) What a load of What annoys me more is some players not using appropriate channels to report staff/cops etc. Also, I feel like my signature is being ripped off by someone.
    13. Nevetos

      The survey says: who needs a survey you already know how the entirety of the community feels about your opinion about me being the best lad ever Please dont make generalizations unless you have something to back it up with. Some decisions may need to be done immediately to prevent repercussions to ALL parties involved. If a large group dislikes it (And not just your gang buddies), make a post. The community is more than just 'the rebel groups and the cops'.
    14. Nevetos

      Someone wants **** helpdesk Also where the **** am I? **** rigged, no retired staff in this list.
    15. Nevetos

      Nothing, James still wont talk to me ... Also, I did not expect to make this a popular post, much appreciated everyone
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