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  1. FearlessJarrah

    "When you get GLOBAL, talk LOCAL but when you get LOCAL, do GLOBAL"
  2. FearlessJarrah

    178 67 93 152
  3. FearlessJarrah

    that intro thooooooooooooo
  4. FearlessJarrah

    Just give me the money because I need the money to go towards buying helicopters because they just seem to blow up a lot
  5. Tbh I'm on holidays what happened to polair xD

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    2. FearlessJarrah


      Tbh what happened getting all the quality flyers xD not saying there bad just I thought there were trials and none of them people were even there

    3. Moygstar


      private trials have been conducted, and previous members who have been good have also been considered (like you)


    4. FearlessJarrah
  6. FearlessJarrah

    This a great thing, so the people in the maratime part of AMSO have a role. +1
  7. FearlessJarrah

    Looks like a great area Jay
  8. FearlessJarrah

    Amazing I'll be on as cop for this