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  1. Mitch

    CONGRATULATION TO THE WINNERS: @Sir_Nuggy @Alatz @Abraham Sterling @LUKE231 @Cap @iamjack You will each be contacted via forum messages on how to collect your prize. Winner name draw video
  2. Mitch

    SQUAD MEGA GIVEAWAY StrayaGaming is excited to announce the giveaway of SIX copies of Squad! Details: Six (6) copies are up for grabs Entries close midnight 07/07/2020 (AEST) Steam Store Page To enter reply to this topic with: WHO'S BACK CAPPING? Thank you to the follow staff for volunteering to giveaway a copy: DJ_JoozBrorg, Purgey, AceWinchester, Lupus Reaper & Mr Chu (Only one copy per person. Only one entry to the giveaway per person)
  3. StrayaGaming is pleased to announce the launch of our newest server... SQUAD. The server will go live this Saturday at 3pm AEST! Connection Info: Search “StrayaGaming" in the server browser. General Information: 80 Slot Licensed Server 30 Player Seeding Phase RAAS & AAS Only Server Rules Report in-game issues using our Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life Staff initially moderating the server: @Purgey @Lupus Reaper @Mr Chu @AceWinchester For more information on Squad check out the steam page.
  4. TEAMSPEAK PRIVATE CHANNEL CLEANUP On Sunday 10/05/2020 management will be removing any unused and incorrectly formatted private channels. To keep your channel please reply to this post with your channel's name and your forum ID e.g.: 2265-mitch. Your forum ID can be found in the topic of your channel and/or in the link to your forum profile. To ensure your channel is not removed please reply before midnight Saturday 09/05/2020.
  5. Mitch

    This server has now been discontinued.
  6. Mitch

    Thank you to everyone who has played on the Antistasi server. We are glad that so many of you have enjoyed it but the server has come to its natural conclusion and due to this we will be closing it this Sunday night at around 6pm AEDT. As always if you have a suggestion for a project feel free to message me on discord or the forums to disuses the idea further.
  7. Mitch

    We have updated the rules. The following has been added: See the full rules here:
  8. The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
  9. Mitch

    Nah keep the snitch blacklisted
  10. Mitch

    no thanks.
  11. ALTIS LIFE JUDICIAL GOVERNMENT SCALING DOWN OF OPERATIONS Effective immediately the Judicial Government is being scaled down in operating capacity. This is due to many different reasons, such as the time and work needed to get it completely operational far outweighing what we would get in return. Our most recent attempts at recreating it have shown that the player base does not support the system nor value its potential enough to make it viable long term. New Structure All operating capacity other than granting warrants for the APD will cease as of this announcement. The structure of the Judicial Government will simply be Magistrate > Judge > Chief Justice. The Chief Justice is independent to both rebel and the APD and will report directly to the Server Manager. The Chief Justice will be Asnee. The role of Justice Minister will also be decommissioned. The use of the Judicial Government discord is yet to be concluded and an update will be provided when a conclusion is made. For the time being only the Chief Justice, Judge, Magistrate and associated tags will be used, while all other tags will be removed from players. This means it is no longer possible to sue another person, but warrants can still be disputed. If a warrant is to be disputed the Chief Justice will have full access to all required information has need. Punishments may be handed out if players do not cooperate with his requests. The Chief Justice, with consultation with the Server Manager, will make the final call on warrant disputes. Police Prosecution The Police Prosecution will also undergo change and will now completely fall under the APD. All appointments to the position will be made by the APD Cabinet or the Commissioner depending on how he sees fit. Altis Life Senior would like to thank everyone who helped with the Judicial Government thus far.
  12. Mitch

    Altis Life Rules Changes This changes are effect as of 5pm 18/05/2019. All new rules will appear in yellow on the Altis Life rules page. Please note some rules have changed numbers to accommodate new and changed rules. New Rules General: 1.1 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules. Fail RP: 2.7 Civilians may not enter city limits with / or use any of the following; concealing clothing (balaclavas, face masks), high calibre weapons (anything larger than an SMG), armoured apparel (clothing with armour rating, vests that cannot be purchased from a civ store) or rebel vehicles (any vehicle not able to be purchased from civilian stores). 2.7.1 Civilians that enter city limits with any of the above mentioned items may be met with undeclared lethal force from the police. NLR: 3.2.1 Even if the situation has ended, you are not allowed to go back to retrieve weapons, gear or vehicles. Declarations: 5.13.2 Police may use tasers or knockdowns without a declaration against players who trespassing within Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane PDs. This does not start a declaration between the player / player’s gang and the Police. 5.14 Players that attempt to break players out of prison by any means may be met with undeclared lethal force from the police. 5.15 Any damage or deaths that occur from crossfire will not be considered a form of declaration. Safe Zone: 8.2.5 Police are exempt from rule 8.2 if they are bringing the individual back to a Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane police safe zones for processing purposes. They may not re-join any active situations once processing has begun. Changed & Updated Rules Declarations: 5.2 A declaration ends when all ingame/online members of an opposing faction are incapacitated or 10 minutes after all hostile actions have ceased. RDM: 6.2 The killing of EMS will be seen as RDM, this excludes EMS in KOS zones. Robberies: Major Robberies are: Pharmaceutical Factory, Westpac Bank, AGL Office, Research & Development Facility and Federal Reserve 9.1 Eight police officers must be online to rob the Pharmaceutical Factory. 9.1.1 Ten police officers must be online to rob the AGL Office. 9.1.2 Ten police officers must be online to rob the Westpac Bank. 9.1.3 Twelve police officers must be online to rob the Research Facility. 9.1.4 Twelve police officers must be online to rob Federal Reserve. 9.5 All Major Robberies have cooldowns before they can be robbed. 9.5.1 The cooldown between different robberies is two hours, the cooldown starts at the start of the robbery. 9.5.2 The Pharmaceutical Factory is not considered to be part of the cooldown between different robberies. 9.5.3 Pharmaceutical Factory has a cooldown time of one hour. 9.5.4 AGL Solar Office has a cooldown time of two hours. 9.5.5 Westpac has a cooldown time of two hours. 9.5.6 Research & Development Facility has a cooldown time of three hours. 9.5.7 Federal Reserve has a cooldown time of three hours. Removed Rules Fail RP: 2.7 Civilians may only use pistols and SMGs when in city limits (Classed as “Civ Weapons”). 2.8 Any item which blocks a players name is not allowed in city limits. 2.9 Any item of armored apparel (items with an armored rating) which cannot be purchased from a civilian store (Market, Gun Shop or Diving Store) may not be worn in city limits. 2.10 Civilians in city limits with non civilian apparel or are carrying an illegal weapon may be met with undeclared lethal force from the police. (2.7, 2.8, 2.9 replaced with the new 2.7)(2.10 replaced with 2.7.1) Please note some rules have changed numbers to accommodate new and changed rules.
  13. Mitch

    ALTIS LIFE NEWS - MAY This is just a small announcement to keep everyone in the loop regarding changes happening to Altis Life. STAFF I would like to formally introduce @6IX and @Chadd to the Altis Life Development Team. They will work under James and will take guidance from myself and the AL admins. All suggestions should still go on to the forums or to an admin. Please do not send suggestions directly to members of the Development Team. Chadd will be working on the map and 6IX will be working along side James with the coding and scripting of the server. You may also notice some changes to the structure of the Altis Life Senior Staff team. Over the past week or so, Virtual has step down for personal reasons and Corey is now a Moderator. There may be further changes to AL Senior and / or AL staff teams in the coming week(s). "7th OF THE MONTH" UPDATE The "7th of the month update" is ONLY guaranteed to included gang skin changes. Along with gang skin changes there my be some small changes but this is only if something is ready and waiting to go into the server like a minor bug fix. This Skins Update may also feature some store updates and changes. MAJOR UPDATES We are now getting closer to being able to release the next major update. We plan to test this week. We will also be opening up the test server to a select few members of the community. More information on this will be available after the key aspects of testing are complete. This update will feature an overhaul to the robberies on the server. We will have 5 in total when everything is completed, each different to one another in more ways that one. The issue of OP tasers and knockdowns vs players with armor has been address along with many more changes across the server such has a bus system for the Medics to travel from Hospital to Hospital.
  14. Mitch

    If you are interested in being involved in changing the laws etc please join the Judicial Government. The Judicial Government discord is: https://discord.gg/aXu9aGT There is no role of Prime Minister on the server and there is no plan to have one.
  15. Mitch

    You can make player reports, ban appeal and compensation request here: https://strayagaming.com/support/ You can also get to the ticket system by clicking the Support tab on the top drop down menu.