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      If you are interested in being involved in changing the laws etc please join the Judicial Government. The Judicial Government discord is: https://discord.gg/aXu9aGT There is no role of Prime Minister on the server and there is no plan to have one.
    2. Battle Of The Best The Altis Life Senior Staff team will be hosting a Team Deathmatch event Saturday 13th April 2019. Battle of the best is a tournament where different teams will fight to see who is the best. Fights will happen between teams of six with equal equipment supplied by staff at OG Arms. How It Works: Infantry only, one team will be spawned on the northside of OG Arms (Capture Point 1) the second on the south, teams will battle it out in a best of 3 format (5 minutes rounds) with the winning team progressing. The winner of the event will take the entire buy-in and 6 tokens. On top of this event we will also be running a side event with the bracket predictions feature, people will be able to place predictions 24 hours before the event and the person with the most predictions will win a prize. On The Day: All teams must be in Teamspeak 10 minutes before the event starts. Each team will have a sub channel in the Altis Life events area. Registration: Reply to this post with a team name (keep it clean) and a list of player with Steam64 IDs. Members of all factions are welcome. Registration closes midnight 11/4/2019 Sydney Time. Details: Date: 13/04/2019 Time: 5pm Sydney Time Buy-in: $1.5 million per team Team Size: 6v6 (No Vehicles) Prizes: 1st.: Entire buy-in & 6 Tokens, 2nd.: 2.5million, 3rd.: 750k // 500k to the overall prediction winner // 50k to the first blood in each round DISCLAIMER: We require even numbers of teams to run this even. The event will round down to the closet even number if required. All players must connect on civ to play in the event. Event Idea from @luke_
    3. Mitch

      You can make player reports, ban appeal and compensation request here: https://strayagaming.com/support/ You can also get to the ticket system by clicking the Support tab on the top drop down menu.
    4. Mitch

      //APPROVED More information in discord.
    5. Mitch

      The long awaited return of crafting has finally come to Altis Life! The steps to crafting are simple and can be found below: Collect all needed virtual items. Hold the items on your person (large guns will require bergens). Open the crafting menu and craft the items. Once crafted they will become a virtual item. Each virtual crafted item is valid for one physical item. To make the item physical press USE in the "Y" menu and it will convert it to physical. Make sure you have space for the item and / or the primary weapon slot is free before using the item. Please note that Tier 5 weapons are currently not craft-able as they will not fit into the players backpack. This will be fixed with an increase to backpack size over night. We required Connor's assistance with this change due to the set up of some files. If you collect all items required for a Tier 5 weapons please contact a member of Altis Life Senior Staff and they will provide the weapon for you. Items including in the crafting menu: Suppressors (5.56mm & 6.5mm) Bergen Backpack Tier 4 weapons and ammo Tier 5 weapons and ammo Full Ghillie Suit (Semi-Arid) General Reminder: Please inform staff of any exploits or bugs as they come up. Dont use them to dupe / exploit then claim you are testing for staff. Duping and exploiting is strictly prohibited on the server.
    6. Mitch

      ALTIS LIFE CIVILIAN GROUP WAR Note only full members may take part in any war. Members of other gangs / SRT etc are not allowed to join in. Gang War Name of gang initiating war: Targeted Gang: Date preferred for gang war: (must be minimum 5 days in advance) Members partaking in the war: (max 15) Gang Base War Gang Base Information Name of gang initiating war: Targeted Gang Base: Date preferred for gang war: (must be minimum 5 days in advance) Members partaking in the war: (max 15) Tag all altis life senior staff when you make the application.
    7. Mitch

      Mitch's Private Channel [DND/DNE] - 2265-mitch
    8. ALTIS LIFE SERVER RULES UPDATE THESES CHANGES ARE IN EFFECT AS OF THE 3AM MONDAY SERVER RESTART 04/03/2019 The following changes are being made to the Altis Life Server rules: New Rule(s): New Life Rule (NLR): Rewritten Rule(s): Hostage Rules: Rebel Gear in city limits - Fail RP: Removed Rule(s): Random Death Match (RDM):
    9. Altis Life Progress Update Yesterday myself the and Senior Altis Life Staff had a meeting in which many things were discussed, some of which I will touch on here. Crafting, Gang Bases and duping featured heavily. Crafting We are in the very final stages of crafting and are to starting hand over to James for work on the crafting configs. It is my expectation that there will be further changes to crafting after we launch crafting to the server as it cannot fully be known how viable each weapon is to craft etc and we will be looking for feed back regarding this. (Note: crafting is not meant to be easy - some things will take time and effort to collect all the materials). Crafting will be complete and in the server sometime in the near future. Gang Bases We have acknowledged that the gang bases have been over priced, and we are halving the price to $15 million. After unique features are added to each gang base the owner at the time of the changes may need to pay an additional $10 million to keep the gang base. We are looking at having two unique items at each gang base that can only be gain by having ownership to the gang base. To apply for a gang base, you must be the leader of a registered AL Gang (click here to register a gang). Duping and Duped Items With the introduction of crafting coming soon it is important that the topic of duping is discussed. This is a reminder for all players that duping on the Altis Life Server is strictly prohibited. Most common ways of duping have been patched and / or logged. If you find a new way please report it in help desk ASAP. Using a duping method and then later claiming you had been testing it for staff will not protect you from punishment. There is zero tolerance for duping and we ask that the community helps in making sure it does not happen. You can anonymously report dupers to myself or a member of AL Senior via a discord or forum message.
    10. ALTIS LIFE - FEBRUARY UPDATE NEW SERVER UPDATE Firstly we are sorry that this months server update took longer than expected to test and will be completed and pushed to the main server very soon. In this update you can expected new content and the return of old content. A full list of changes can be found in the development blog when it comes out. RULES UPDATE Myself and the Altis Life Senior Staff have worked on updating the server rules. As usual the new rules are marked in yellow on the rules document, make sure you read and are update to dated. The new rules come into effect as of the 3pm restart 12/02/2019. REWORKED REGISTERED CIVILIAN GROUPS We have reworked the way that Civilian Groups work. You do not have to be registered but there are more benefits to being registered. These can be found with the requirements here. Also coming with the new system is the ability to own a gang base and to conduct a rebel take over. More information will be provided after the server update regarding gang bases. These changes are effective as of 12/02/2019 with the new rules.
    11. Mitch

      Gang Base Guidelines can be found here
    12. Mitch

      Looting body will not return as too many people used to it dupe and exploit. Rebel gear being allowed in city was tested late last year we witnessed a spike in RDM cases. Neither thing will be returning.
    13. Mitch

      Full Dev Blog can be found here
    14. Mitch

      Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Sad to see you go. Best of luck in the future!
    15. Mitch

      Hey, The best way to contact staff is via teamspeak (ip: ts.straya.life) or via the community discord (https://discord.gg/pQXRCf)
    16. Change to the interpretation of the use of Gang Tags in combat During this month's Altis Life Senior Staff meeting it was discussed at length as to how best allow players to use gang tags in combat. It has been concluded that gang tags may be used to identify individuals as hostile when in a declaration. This change allows all players, civilians and cops, to use gang tags to clearly determine who they are in declaration with. The use of player names to gain an advantage, i.e. seeing a person that is wanted and stopping them without probable cause / a valid reason, is still against the rules. This change is effective as of the 3pm restart on the 20th of January 2019.
    17. Change to the Maximum Ping Limit Altis Life Senior Staff along with StrayaGaming Management have concluded that to ensure a fair and level playing field the maximum ping limit on the server will be decreased to 400. This change will undergo a 2 week trial and all feedback should be given via this form: https://goo.gl/forms/nXxArgZS9Wrd0mJr1 This change will come into effect as the 16th of January 2019 after the 3pm restart. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    18. Altis Life January Server Event This month the Altis Life Senior Staff will be running scheduled events on top of random pop up events. These events have been planned mostly by @Kat. with help from the Administrators. All community members are welcome to attend. The scheduled events can be found on the Altis Life Community Calendar. If you have any suggestions for future events please message Kat or another member of the Server Staff for Altis Life.
    19. Mitch

      Place a compensation request here: https://strayagaming.com.au/support/
    20. Mitch

      Altis Life in 2019 This post will give a small overview as to where we currently stand regarding Altis Life as we moving into 2019. There are still unresolved issues that we are bring across from 2018 such as a broken Fed and Judicial Government set up. We are also looking to introduce aspects of the server we have seen in the past. A Broken Fed As we all know the Federal Reserve is currently broken. This frustrates me as much as everyone else but I can assure you we are working towards a fix. Judicial Government The Judicial Government was reintroduced in the last part of 2018 and has been idle. I am currently looking for people to take key roles within the Judicial Government. If you are interested please message me on the forums. Introduction of Past Content In the past different items of server content has been removed for many different reasons. We are currently looking to reintroduce some of the past items that people like etc. Nothing at this stages is confirmed but content like crafting, rebel take overs and more are all on the table for possible reintroduction. Some require supporting documents to be created and finalized or updated others are server development and will take longer. Content Optimization Now that we have built up a stable base of content it is time to review it all and see what is good, in need of improvement or replacement. Currently the AGL and Convenience store robberies are being reviewed after suggestions and feedback from the community. Changes have been made and will be coming soon. If these changes do not work then the robberies may be changed out for something else in the future. Content Optimization also means that if a better option is presented then it would be considered. Server Staff With the recent appointments of Corey & Jdawgz to Server Administrator the Altis Life Senior Staff Team will be given areas to watch over, give guidance to and be the first point of call for. The areas and appointed staff member is listed below. Cop - @Corey. Medic & Judicial Government - @JdawgZ (Jdawgs will also be taking over as the Health Minister as of this post) Civilian - @Fusionable Events & Moderator Training - @Kat. We have also welcomed Jake on to the Development Team working with James. Jake is currently on a trial.
    21. Mitch

    22. Mitch

      See you next week. Jewy is the new Steve Jones. Thanks for your help with all things AL!
    23. Mitch

      Afternoon all, The issue regarding the rule relating to the looting a cops body forming a dec was wrongfully removed for reason I do not know. The rule will been reinstated as of 3AM restart [SYD] 13/12/2018 and now reads: 5.14 The looting a dead cop's body will form a declaration for the cops against the looter. NOTE THIS IS ONE WAY AND MUST BE STARTED BUY THE COPS!
    24. Mitch

      Locked... some people cant help themselves.
    25. Official Opening of the Altis Judicial Government The Judicial Government will official start taking applications as of this post. This will have full powers as over midnight tonight. Any ruling made before midnight tonight are legally sound and valid for the predetermined period. No changes can be made to them by the original presiding party. Key Appointments First and foremost, the Attorney General will be @Fusionable. This role will always be held by a senior member of the Altis Life Staff. The Chief Justice, Queens Council and the Chief Prosecutor will all be appointed in due course. The Attorney General is responsible for the appoint of the aforementioned roles from the accepted Application for the respective areas of Lawyers and Judges. The Chief Prosecutor is a joint appointment by the Commissioner and Attorney General. Structure The Judicial Government will consist of one level of Court that is responsible for all Court Cases, the approving of warrant, etc. This will all be detailed in the Judicial Handbook which will be released by the Attorney General in the coming days. Responsibilities The Judicial Government is responsible for the granting of warrants and subpoenas, along with presiding over all court cases. Server rules cannot be disputed in the Judicial Government non can server rules breach be dealt with by the Judicial Government. Greater detail will be available in the Judicial Hand Book. Important Links Discord (Please note this Discord is a SG service and as such the Community Guidelines do apply) Judicial Forums & Applications Database I will leave the post unlocked to allow for questions.
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