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    1. Dusty_Stone

      Nice work team!
    2. Dusty_Stone

      @Roger Purple looks like a 80's porn star with those glasses "Doof doof doof doof" (Pelvic thrusting to mindless techno music)
    3. Dusty_Stone

      Because all medics can do is revive people and how boring is that, they need more things to do. Perhaps have fire and rescue? Combine roles as you go up the ranks. I'm sure they can code fires to burn alot longer, also I bet they can code more fire situations into it.
    4. Dusty_Stone

      An emphasism on "Real life" its too militarised currently. For both police and civilian. More legal ways to make money Greater range of vehicles, objects and things to do. A fire service!!!!!
    5. Dusty_Stone

      @Larry I loved getting that message over teamspeak that SP got a Ghosthawk. Sheer disbelief, Its the same feeling you get after finding out you've knocked up your 15yo girlfriend. Next time kamikaze that bad boy into them
    6. Dusty_Stone

      See you around man, Ill keep your wife safe :-)
    7. Dusty_Stone

      I seem to have a inflation issue in the crotchal region
    8. Dusty_Stone

      Looks awesome lads! I'm sad, out of town for work at short notice so missing out on all the fun! Ill give it a good nudge when i'm back Dusty_Stone
    9. Dusty_Stone

      I enjoy this community, I donate $30 dollars a month currently and intend on continuing this for as long as i am involved! Dusty_Stone
    10. Dusty_Stone

      You Croatian scroat bag!
    11. Dusty_Stone

      Heck no! Im broke as it is lol. Cop is seriously expensive business! We need all the help we can to identify people and running licence plates is common practice IRL with Police forces. Love the Uniform skins @Aidanjr I know you have been working on some fluro jackets, Are we going to see them anytime soon? At the moment we have the GD roll in the white shirts and the highway patrol in the blue. Also it would be mint if the commissioner or his immediate men had full dress uniform. I do see they have ties and sweet pants with a stripe. All about the pants Dusty For all we know this could indeed be @Spectral
    12. 10/10, loving this depth. I look forward to seeing your company grow. Where is the registered office of Accusations Incorporated?
    13. Dusty_Stone

      @TH3GamingBanana @Jake Reddington @sirgeneralj
    14. Dusty_Stone

      Is it just me or is it hard to find a updated version of the google docx police database? I only seem to find the old version, I did see a updated one on Sunday but since then I can not locate it. Cheers Dusty_Stone
    15. Hey team, Ok so i've been looking around on the forum and cant seem to find the information I require. Where can I find a list of all Weapons, Vehicles and objects available to both civilian and police? Cheers Dusty_Stone
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