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  1. Its been "dying" for a looong time. Arma 3 Life would be the only way the Strayagaming roleplay scene will get big again but then again this has happened before when Vertiigo had a whinge.
  2. Zorgain

    Arma 3 Life time???
  3. I miss "jake reddington" 😞

    1. Zorgain


      I don't, he was quite annoying and immature.

      But in all seriousness I'd like to come back but it just won't be the same.

  4. Zorgain

    As old as it gets. I did have a screenshot of Roger Purple and VizzN as pubslots but I lost it sadly.
  5. Zorgain

    55+ hours but can make a 2:30 minute video just about leaving a server
  6. Zorgain

    Nice peaks, could of been better with the choice of music.
  7. Zorgain

    Mhmm nice song choice...
  8. Zorgain

    If you dont know who he is then dont comment.
  9. Zorgain

    If cops are doing an RBT and you mess with it e.g kill the cops running it or the civs there then you face a punishment, there's no reason for other civs ruin rp for others.
  10. Zorgain

    You of all people are going to complain about left clicking and roleplaying. HA!
  11. Zorgain

    Please tell me where it says that... SRT, yes handles terrorism and rebels but also help GD if they need crowd control or somrthing similar. Sadly I was the only SRT on and some of them were in the "march".
  12. Zorgain

    Considering it tells you to stay in doors yes. If the protest was a little after SRT got called so the cops could get re geared and partnered then you wouldnt of got shot for "no reason" and this topic wouldnt be a thing.
  13. Zorgain

    You really think a "march" is the best thing to do whilst a special response team had been called.
  14. Zorgain

    First of all that whole 30 minutes of SRT being called was cops on civ trolling other cops and you know it. Secondly there is always two sides to every story. @Milkdud
  15. Zorgain

    Drinking that VB fizzy ehh