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    1. //Pending\\ @Yoshi Come for an interview with CCP+ on TS Failure to show up within the 7 Days will result in denial.
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    3. Alatz

      I agree, but as of right now, the medics are required to be stationed within Sydney at all times unless they are responding to jobs. Unfortunately, the medic population does not allow for responses to all jobs. I believe that reworks need to be had. If the APS had more active medics this probably wouldn't be an issue; however, it does not have an insanely active player base like the police. There should be work arounds, but, they shouldn't replace the need for medics.
    4. Alatz

      So make the server's roleplay aspect no existent? I agree that there needs to be change with the way the APS functions but, if you gave cops and rebels access to revive people, you wouldn't be able to control it. Cops could just revive crims and then arrest them and rebels could just revive, dec, then kill and then repeat. The APS does it's job to the best of it's capacity, (most of the time). If you don't like the way it works, let the command team know, but, do not be an asshole about it. Give them suggestions. You're not going to see improvement without suggestions.
    5. Alatz

      Maybe we dont revive you cause it's combat, the medic isnt allowed to ie JP or pubbie or we've been told not to revive. Also what good would a weekly purge do. You would have more medics not being able to respond.
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