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    1. Alatz

      Community Team is gauging interest in hosting a Destiny 2 Raid Night.
    2. The Community Team will be hosting a Rainbow 6 Siege Game Night on the 18th of January! Individual players will register via the registration form below with teams announced approximately 30 minutes before games are due to start. Teams will be as fair as possible matching up skill levels as best as possible. The games will be BO1, double elimination bracket with the finals being BO3. Once the teams are drawn, they may practice before games begin. Key Details Date: 18th of January Registration closes on the 17th of January Teams will be drawn and announced at 1830 AEDT - 6:30pm Sydney Time Games begin at 1900 AEDT - 7pm Sydney Time Rules and Server Setup specified below Registration Requirements Players must register through the following form providing their account name, rank and estimated hours: Registration Form Reward / Prizes The winning team will receive winners tags in TeamSpeak in addition to a prize on their chosen service. In addition, the MVP (voted by the players) will receive an additional mystery prize! Game Rules / Server Setup The games will follow the Pro-league settings. The games will be hosted by a StrayaGaming Staff member. Players will add this person 10 minutes prior to the match starting. All participating members are required to be in the events channel on StrayaGaming's TeamSpeak Server (Address: ts.straya.life). Map Pool Bank Border Coastline Consulate Banned Cosmetics / Operators Outbreak Collection Wind bastion Bundle Blood orchid Bundle Twitch & Valkyrie Elite Ember Rise bundle Seared Flats bundle Satellite bundle Clash
    3. Alatz

      I agree, there has been a noticeable decline in the player population of the Altis Life Server over the past month. Whilst, I think that some of this drop is due to holidays, there does need to be an change in the server's activities to accommodate for all types of players. I think there a multitude of reasons why people are not interested in Altis Life or Arma 3 in general. Some things do need to change on the server.
    4. Harmacists Lupus Reaper 76561198402127679 Becky 76561198200678255 Light 76561198173199882 Alatz 76561198128861889 Jason 76561198175546305 Graham 76561198134718546
    5. Alatz

      I agree, but as of right now, the medics are required to be stationed within Sydney at all times unless they are responding to jobs. Unfortunately, the medic population does not allow for responses to all jobs. I believe that reworks need to be had. If the APS had more active medics this probably wouldn't be an issue; however, it does not have an insanely active player base like the police. There should be work arounds, but, they shouldn't replace the need for medics.
    6. Alatz

      So make the server's roleplay aspect no existent? I agree that there needs to be change with the way the APS functions but, if you gave cops and rebels access to revive people, you wouldn't be able to control it. Cops could just revive crims and then arrest them and rebels could just revive, dec, then kill and then repeat. The APS does it's job to the best of it's capacity, (most of the time). If you don't like the way it works, let the command team know, but, do not be an asshole about it. Give them suggestions. You're not going to see improvement without suggestions.
    7. Alatz

      Maybe we dont revive you cause it's combat, the medic isnt allowed to ie JP or pubbie or we've been told not to revive. Also what good would a weekly purge do. You would have more medics not being able to respond.
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