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  1. HAMME

    +1 he is the gudgud
  2. HAMME

    +1 he is a dedicated cop and a good person he definitely deserves inspector
  3. HAMME

    Ingame Name - Katiba-kid123 Hours on Arma3 - 1200 Age - 17 Short description on your play style - I am good at the cqc server only Rhys pls dont snip me with a asp again
  4. HAMME

    IGN:HAMME Hours: 1200 Age:17 i lik the katiba
  5. The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
  6. HAMME

    YES +1 he is a funny **** and he is dedicated
  7. I could have gone on floating through space forever.
  8. HAMME

    Rebel means outside of city limits
  9. HAMME

    No lol
  10. HAMME

    Sydney rats vs actual rebel gangs Myth vs Vendetta would work great
  11. HAMME

  12. HAMME

    Hello People, Myth are currently looking for new members you have to have at least 50 hours on Straya gaming Altis and 600+ on Arma, You need to have a solid income on the server, we are always fighting and we don't want you to run out during a fight. Please message Me on discord If u wanna Join(Hamme#6969). We are also not accepting Sydney rats so don't bother messaging me. Hamme#6969 *R.I.P SRT*
  13. HAMME

    like who?
  14. HAMME

    all we do is banks? we avoid banks because we get zerged by srt with lvl 5's and mk 200's or asp's. u should play rebel before u comment on it