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  1. Metallic

    Server is dead because server is banned
  2. Metallic

    Nah man, server not dead, it'd get an update in a few years or so
  3. Metallic

    hi good sir, welcome to straya, good to see u here
  4. Metallic

    THIS. GUY.
  5. Metallic

    I just said I could be completely wrong because I obviously don't know about the development side of AL, I am saying it from a community member's perspective of what I see with no intention to pick on to be rude to any of the staff. I respect the work that has been done and thank all of the people doing it. Edit: There should be more methods of gaining developers than through this website. People don't type up *strayagaming.com* to be enlisted as such.
  6. Metallic

    time to get downvoted to the ground I can be completely wrong here about my honest assumptions, but speaking from a community member’s perspective, there is no effort to find developers or produce new content for the Altis Life server as it’s plainly replaced by Squad, I&A since they’re making big bank. Yeah, I know they can’t simply fall out of the sky and are increasingly rare but there must be some still lurking around the AU region, the game isn’t that dead yet. It just seems that the big admin dudes have lost all motivation. Oh and yeah, the biggest gang in the server just got banned apparently for whatever reason and I am STILL stuck at 20 frames with a fairly powerful pc if I’m anywhere near Kavala. I believe the server is having its last population dive before it dies completely like the way Ozzy & Darkside did. The game is old, or at least not optimised for roleplay in a gaming era where we expect new content frequently, perhaps a fiveM server to continue the legacy? Edit: Please don't take it as I am attacking anyone because I 100% am not or intend to be. I am just saying what I see and honestly think there is a lack of motivation to continue a gamemode that has been going on for years now. Humans get bored of things and its awesome that we've had a community stick around it for years but all things must come to an end.
  7. Metallic

    I am pretty sure it’d be much more easier to find developers for FiveM than for Altis life. Altis life IS dying as it’s old, nothing getting fixed or updated and people are generally bored of it. It’s impossible to deny that and if we want a good half of the network alive, a new server for that part of the community is definitely a good idea. It is definitely a tough network to break into a new playerbase but since we do already have an established community, much of it being roleplay related, it won’t be as challenging as those very new networks of servers just starting out so it’s definitely a good idea to reconsider trying it. At this point nothing is a waste of time, AL is completely dying as a lot of dedicated players have left, and I’m pretty sure we’re raking in good funding from Squad and I&A so it’d be a fantastic investment. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. As bad as this sounds, I’m sure this network is making enough money to waste time developing a server and having a crack at a reliable community.
  8. Metallic

    hands up or be tased
  9. Metallic

    RBK is better, 100%
  10. Metallic

    This man is the POLAIR king and has put so much effort into the academy division +1
  11. Metallic

    SoMeThInG nEeDs To ChAnGe Bro the thing that needs to change is to stop you civvies losing 1 shipping yard out of 1000 shipping yards then come to the forums going on “how annoying cops are.” GD literally die literally almost every shipping because we do not have tactical mindset nor even have nearly as good gear as you guys. We’re the ones PUSHING with MXs 6.5 and a police cap while you fellas are extensively rubber banding and looking through the floor with lvl4 armour top to bottom and MK200s/zafs/etc - oh and can’t forget about the silent bullets from the 3km away. Accept the boys in blue just had a good day, we’ll be there to die for the next 1000 banks
  12. Metallic

    Altis Life is the one of the core communities of Straya. (Wasteland is the wasteland) It’s just having one of those casual dips in playerbase, it’d recover.
  13. Metallic

    Metallic's Sergeant EOI Name: Metallic Callsign: K14W Assignment: General Duties & Academy (Aviation) Training Completed By: Superintendent Acewinchester List all Recruit Inductions you have done: vince1, Carthew, Caresinten, Wiseoldman, Varius Benson, SNAZZY_BOI69, Coco_Nuts, 1sgPerkins & Lenny. Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min): I incredibly believe that I have both the experience and dedication to become a full sergeant of the APD. I am fully ready to undertake leadership roles and regularly try to advance elements of the APD in every way. I try my best to propose new ideas and concepts as well as produce new content for the APD like new skins/PD. When I can, I would take regional CO and I am easily capable to take control of a situation to increase the odds of the APD's endurance in any scenario. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Dallas Edgar, @Kristian Davis, @Roddy, @Sterling, @ItsDanielFTW, @Prophecy, @FedoraTheExplora, @Miller., @whiteknight, @Antho, @Mrmudman, @AceWinchester, @xTaZeDxBrOx & includes anyone else who likes or +1 comments this thread.
  14. Metallic

    +1 This guy is an absolute legend, seen him hold the sergeant rank on another roleplay server and I definitely believe his still capable to do the same here.