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    They are
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    Nah servers gone this time See u all in FiveM >:D
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    My PD
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    Apologies in advance but I am going to pick out things of this thread in stance of my own opinion. Thanks for making a thread to try improve AL for the future >:D Problem is, not many people enjoy spamming windows key and driving a truck around for an hour or so. Would like to see more encouragement for runs as a passive way to earn cash but this isn't the best way to do it. AL has a lot of banks if you plop it all on at once. It might kill FPS I think but I wouldn't mind a revised rotation system. I think on rotations, there will always be a certain bank that is there for all rotations, like abandoned or shipping because it seems it's the rebel's favorite. If city limit rules are gone, then the APD will always need presence in the area, it would become infested with gangs with rebel weaponry. I suppose this idea would be an interesting change but it would require changes to the APD. Patrolling in paper cars with water guns would end bad for us if we would be facing rebel gangs in a city like environment constantly. Kits/loadouts = Hell yeah, would be good for cop as well. Do you mean that new players have no choice but to spawn in Adelaide? Problem is Adelaide is dead. Yeah, it is a new player environment as you can't get shot but it is dead. Sort of like playing on Rust or 7 Days. Yeah, it's easy to start on a dead server but people like to interact with other players, even if it's a good way (making friends), or a bad way (getting shot). New players are going to need to learn fast that Altis Life in this server is a poor country ran by bandits and rebels and need to watch their back at all times. I believe some that have committed minor offences has already been unbanned but I may be wrong. Just note there was a looooooooooad of people that duped and was given many many chances but just duped in the end again. It is a hard choice for a community to survive when half of itself is full of rule breakers but it's the reality of ARMA3's community, if not, Straya AL's community. What I would think would be a good idea is to revoke some older bans (minor-medium) from like 4 years ago. Now and then, I see people trying to join but is comm banned years ago. I've seen a few proposals of this but I personally don't think the s management will pass it through. But I want to see this implemented for sure. Sorry but I flat out disagree with this proposal. Sydney/kav from what I remember from years ago has always been our main focus and will always be. It's the largest city on the map and the PD just fits nicely where it is currently. The server currently does not have enough population to support activity across 2 major cities. For ideas like, I suggest forwarding it to command/cabinet but I personally think this will not be considered. Yes, syd rats are annoying af however that is what Altis Life is. A cooked country full with a gang problem where if you walk into the dark back streets by yourself, you're going to have a bad day when a hatchback sport pulls up behind you. Sydney is the most active and most chaotic which is why we are always focusing on Sydney. When it is quiet, as said by cabinet, COs are always encouraged to enable global patrols past airport. When a situation happens, almost always a unit would require backup for their safety. Spreading out units over a large proportion of the map is not a bad idea if the server is quiet at the time, but at all times Sydney would need to have at least 2 ground units in or nearby the city. For police matters, I recommend forwarding ideas to command/cabinet and discussing it there. Thanks for thinking up a bunch of ideas, other than the bug fixes that come now and then, would like to see new concepts implemented.
  5. Metallic

    // DENIED @cHOOK Unfortunately your application has been denied for the following reason(s): 1. Failed to meet word count 2. Application had insufficient information Your application has been denied. You may reapply in 7 Days. If you have any issues or questions please contact a member of Academy. Senior Academy Officer - Metallic
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    hell yeah
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    hell yeah +1
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    Shutup SEEEN
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    Over some months, from the days he was a forever Constable, I’ve watched Nicholai turn into a more mature person and someone who has definitely stepped up in the APD. If you can’t see his dedication, well frankly you are blind. He has completed a tone of inductions (which multiple of I sat in on and appear to be up to our standards), taken CO countless times and been insanely active in game. Nicholai has proved he is definitely ready for his sergeant which he has now deserved. If I had to give any feedback, radio comms could improve a little more but anyone could agree with me that they have already MASSIVELY improved from last year. Nicholai, if your reading this, I know this might be dismissed now as a criteria of an EOI but it definitely needs to be updated. I believe the representation of an EOI is significantly important. Ensure the grammar is all good and the application is visually pleasing and clean. Oh and don’t forget to list the 1000 inductions you did on there. Anyone would know I don’t typically write long EOI comments, especially when I’m directly competing for the same rank but I saw the need to. Nicholai has been a fantastic example of someone who has completely evolved as a person and has grown into his rank. I hope Nicholai maintains his great interest in the police force, perhaps applying to become a real cop one day. For now, he is ready for sergeant, give it to him. +1
  12. Metallic

    Looks 1000% better than the 6 year old ones we have currently What I would really like to see is cops having access to some more cosmetic stuff so we can personalize our characters like a black durag or more glasses for lower rank officers. It'd be very rewarding for some of us who have been active and helped bring back the server.
  13. Metallic

    I’ll give ya 50k when I see you in-game to help you get started. Watch out for bandits in the main cities like Sydney/Kavala, they’re literally everywhere and will try robbing you. Especially when you’re in the back streets where cops won’t see you being robbed.
  14. Metallic

    Will tomorrow night, but might need to seperate it from a bunch of other stuff which I’d mention soon
  15. Metallic

    We should get the new PD chucked in