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    1. Weaver

      On a more serious note, I think this server places too much trust in the medics and they are not that reliable. The system that is in place is either 1) wait and trust on the medics (who aren't afk) to come get you and hope that you don't get decced on or arrested after your revive, or die and respawn and re-buy all your equipment. Tbh I think that is a shit system and this is why there is so much hatred towards medics. But there is a fix for this, that won't totally and completely render medics useless (and also stop medics from becoming rich mother ****ers). 1. Giving the ability for civilians to Windows key and drag/pickup dead players, put them in vehicles and take them to hospitals/outposts to get them revived instead of waiting for medics to come and potentially being arrested by cops. 2. Give the ability for civilians (who don't have rebel/contractor licenses) to buy a license that allows them to use a defib that revives someone to the point where it's like having a kidney cut out and they need to then get to the hospital to have "surgery" to get completely healed. This stops mass revives and people just running off back into combat. These are two options to let civilians/rebels do something about their fallen comrades, especially when there is things like this put in place... 20/09/19 Due to repeated unnecessary and toxic actions towards members of the APS, any known member of the "9 Lives" gang (IX) or anybody under IX Tags is subject to a Do Not Revive Order until this is revoked. Any questions, issues or complaints should be directed to Senior Command. Medics are reminded to ahere to VLR over a DNR. Senior Command That's just my 2 cents, take it or leave it. I don't give a shit.
    2. Weaver

      Cheers bro! Welcome to the community man. Join us on Teamspeak when we get TTT going, and bring ya mates. We need all the help to get it going!
    3. Weaver

      "AREA 51"
    4. Weaver

      Cya Dumbledore! Thanks for the Deluminator! Don't be stranger
    5. Weaver

      Fish market in sydney

      - Add Fish Market in Sydney.
    6. Weaver

      What I've seen in the past to stop Tasers being OP, is to be realistic like an actual Taser is the gun could only hold 1 bullet and then it would need to be reloaded. That way you need to be accurate with the shot unless you had a TR or Knockdowns. I don't believe knockdowns are fully OP because essentially they're an LTL knockdown pellet like in real life when shot at the body, can take someone down because they hurt like a mother.
    7. Weaver

      Welcome back. Will SpitFire be making a comeback??
    8. Weaver

      "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
    9. Weaver

      Not hard to locate them on Steam https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OtdBnqqwF0W3FURKlarmV2qKSL4XEJ4n/view All the links are in this html document.
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    11. Weaver

      Awwwhhh, leaving so soon? Good luck dood.
    12. Weaver

      Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy the finer things in this community. Even though it's nothing compared to the real thing, You can join the APS on Altis or perform in medic roles on I&A if you're more that milsim action.
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