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  1. StrayaGaming F1 2020 League For those not aware, we recently started a PC F1 2020 League aimed towards Beginners and Intermediate Players from the Oceania Region (primarily Australia and NZ). We run races every Saturday starting from 8:00pm AEDT with a variety of races from 2x 25% races each with Short Qualifying as well a number of 50% races with short qualifying. With sufficient advanced / quicker drivers, we will be looking to set up an advanced extremely limited assists league as well! We are around halfway through our season, offering a teams and drivers championship! All of our League Information can be found in a published spreadsheet including the registration form here If you have any questions, make sure you check the f1-racing channel in our discord!
  2. Among Us Competitive Event! The Community Team is proud to introduce the first Among Us Competitive Event for Strayagaming! This Saturday, the 17th of October from 4:00pm AEDT till ~6pm AEDT, we will be hosting a Trial Competitive Event for Among Us! This will be a trial event aimed to clear out any bugs, gauge community feedback, adjust rules, points and of course, have a fantastic and competitive afternoon! This will build on our recent success of our community games and is aimed at any and all players of any skill level to come and learn a few tricks from the best in our community! If successful and with strong feedback and support, future competitive events may be held on a regular basis with larger prizes! All participants will be required to register for the event using the form below. Depending on numbers, registrations may be limited to ensure the smooth running of the trial event. It is highly recommended that you place your registration as soon as you can confirm your participation in this event. The Key Information When: Saturday, the 17th of October at 4:00pm till ~6:00pm AEDT Where: Discord Voice Channels Registration Form The Top 3 Players at the end will each receive 1x Among DLC and bragging rights! The Rules Points will be awarded to the winning side of each match as follows 1 Point awarded to each crewmate if they win 3 Points awarded to each Imposter if they win All participants will be required to have and use a working microphone on Discord - discord.gg/strayagaming All players must use their Username in Discord and in the Lobby to ensure ease of communication and identity No Ghosting - Any communication outside of the game is strictly forbidden and will result instant removal from the event and any future events Each Round will consist of 3 matches. After each round, lobbies will be randomly shuffled and the map changed. The competition will last for approximately 2 hours with as many full rounds being completed inside of this time frame. A short break of up to 5 minutes will be taken between each round. Should more than 2-3 players be kicked / disconnected, staff may choose to null results from that round Community Team Members may record the competition for event analysis and promotional material such as highlights and other such videos. By participating you consent to recordings being used for promotional purposes across our platforms and social media sites Staff may request you to screen share at any time through discord. Failure to comply will result in ejection from the event Lobby Settings Map: Skeld -> Mora -> Polus Imposters: 2 (1 if 7 people in a lobby) Confirm Ejects: Off Emergency Meetings: 1 Emergency Cooldown: 15s Discussion Time: 15s Voting Time: 120s Player Speed: 1.25x Crewmate Vision: 0.5x Imposter Vision: 1.5x Kill Cooldown: 22.5s Kill Distance: Normal Visual Task: On # Common Tasks: 1 # Long Tasks: 1 # Short Tasks: 4 Staff reserve the right to make adjustments to the above prior to the event starting. All parties will be notified during the briefing of any and all changes
  3. Mr Chu

    Yes there is always a chance based on community support! I would direct people to place their opinions in the squad channel in discord as that’s where the most community engagement will happen
  4. Mr Chu

    @kuma_au sorry for the delay in responding, we are currently running a community voted invasion layer on saturday and sunday afternoons. The vote can be found on our discord in the #squad channel
  5. Mr Chu

    At the moment, we are trying to aim for every 2-3 maps as Fallujah also taking into account ensuring everyone gets a chance to play MEA. So for instance, if we have fallujah with MEA as team 2, the next map might be one of the new layers that has MEA as team 2 again meaning both sides / teams rotate and get to play MEA once every 2 maps. Then we will run a fallujah again or another potentially another existing map / layer to ensure diversity in the rotation and giving everyone a taste of squad in general! How often will we have 100 player games? Servers set for 100 players so every day providing we get a seed, we should hit 100 easily enough. Last night showed there was at least 800-900 players in oceania across all the servers and queues!
  6. Mr Chu

    Well this was a fun topic. #locked
  7. Mr Chu

    Approved. TS and Discord Channels created
  8. Mr Chu

    Pending Please come see myself, AceWinchester, Asnee or Bouda in TS at your earliest convenience. Feel free to discord message either myself to arrange a time. @Ryder
  9. Mr Chu

    // DECLINED \\ You may re-appeal in one month. Any decision regarding your appeal will take consideration from your activity and your attitude towards the community. @Shrimpy
  10. Mr Chu

    Locking this, this is exploiting and failRP, please report to staff if this occurs. @Andrew Authento
  11. Mr Chu

    The Wheel has been spun and the winners are: @Harry.Wasabi @Holski. @ItsDanielFTW @DaCrazyAsian
  12. Mr Chu

    Ya, send it through in dev chat
  13. Mr Chu

    Seeing as how it has gotten a bit off topic, locking.
  14. Mr Chu

    Truma's AL Giveaway With Truma leaving the server, he has kindly offered to donate 100 million of his hard earned funds to give back to the community that has given him so much as he leaves. This giveaway will be split in 4 with each player receiving 25 million each. This giveaway will close on Saturday Night (25/07/20) at 9:00pm Sydney Time. To enter the giveaway, reply to this topic with the following phrase: "AoW best gang"
  15. Mr Chu

    Altis RX Rally Cross is coming to Altis! A combination of rally and street racing, drivers will race through mixed surfaces with the unique twist of a "Joker" Lap, which all competitors must take once per race. With a double elimination bracket, drivers will go head to head against another driver (designated as their rival). All that matters is that you beat your rival in the race to advance to the next heat and the eventual grand final! A Pick Em Tournament will also be run! All participants will be required to register prior to the event using the following link. https://forms.gle/8V4dsQ1vL4WZYy8m9 Note: Registrations may be capped to ensure this event runs efficiently and as quickly as possible. Extras will be allocated as Substitutes for no shows and removals Registrations will close on Saturday Night at 11:00pm with the Pick Em opening as soon as possible afterwards. The Key Details When: Sunday the 19th of July with first race starting at 3:30pm Sydney Time (AEST) All Participants will be required to be in Game and in TeamSpeak no later than 3:15pm Sydney Time (AEST) A Pick Em Tournament will also be run with for this event. The bracket will be released via discord in the events news channel. Any Participant that no shows or is late may be removed from the event or replaced. If this is the case, the Pick Em Tournament will still be run as is. Should a participant not follow staff directions, they may be removed from the event. The Race Track will consist of checkpoints to make up 2 types of laps, the Standard Lap and the Joker Lap. The Joker Lap is a slightly longer lap and will be clearly outlined. All participants must take 1 Joker Lap per heat. The Prizes First Place: 10 Million Dollars, 5 tokens, 5 Virus USBs, 1 Rare Item Second Place: 5 Million Dollars, 3 Tokens, 3 Virus USBs Third Place: 1 Million Dollars, 1 Token, 1 Virus USB Race Winner: 100k for finishing first Pick Em Tournament Winner: 5 Million Dollars, 1 Rare Item AL Senior Staff reserve the right to change prizes prior and during the event The Rules Each Heat will consist of a number of pairs / rivals according to the bracket. To progress to the next round, you must beat your rival / opponent. The Winner of each Heat (first to cross the line) will receive an additional prize. Each Heat will consist of 3 Laps. Each Heat, all participants must take 1 Joker Lap. Failure to take a Joker Lap will result in a DQ from that heat. Deliberate Ramming is not allowed. Each driver will be required to pass through each checkpoint in order as outlined on the map and with gates. Repair, Refuel and Replacement Vehicles will be placed at checkpoints along the track. During the event, only Vault Raids may be attempted. Major Robberies and House Robberies will not be allowed as per 9.5 of the AL Rules. AL Senior Staff reserve the right to change prizes prior and during the event