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  1. Mr Chu

    // PENDING // Terms to be discussed once current gang war is concluded against Ricin.
  2. Mr Chu

    // PENDING // Terms to be discussed in discord
  3. Feedback regarding Gang Convoys Over the last month, Senior Staff has received feedback from the community about recent black market convoy missions. This is but not limited to what they are, how they are run each time, how fair they are and how transparent the procedures for running them are. After each convoy mission has been run so far, we have performed a debrief each time with some variables being changed / tested each time. This in addition to observing the tactics used by each gang, police and civilians. After much discussion, we have made some changes to the way Black Market Convoy Missions and corresponding Cash Convoy Missions will be run as part of the Registered Civilian Guidelines. These are as follows: This announcement will contain a link to the registered civilian group guidelines. As part of long term observations and debriefs regarding Registered Groups, it was noted that many are not familiar with these guidelines as well as the benefits associated with being a registered group. As such, a link to these guidelines as well as any other server rules extension guidelines will also be added into the rules post once the update has gone live. Black Market Convoy Missions and Cash Convoy Missions will be renamed to Black Market Delivery Missions and Cash Delivery Missions. This is to avoid confusion regarding server events as these are considered a server feature for registered gangs. In addition, feedback given to Staff has indicated some confusion when groups use stealthy tactics rather than aggressive tactics during the delivery missions to defend the truck with additional vehicles and weapons. It was also indicated that players / groups look for a large convoy or a truck being protected by armoured vehicles instead of potentially looking for a solo truck or trucks. The main aim behind these missions is that they are extremely flexible and allow gangs and participating parties to come up with any tactic they can think of that complies with server rules, thus allowing for a vast range of possibilities and counter tactics. This means inevitably there may be some situations where a gang may complete a delivery mission outwitting any opposing parties and likewise, a competing party may track down and eliminate opposition easily. We believe that over time and with experience, new tactics will be thought up by parties on both sides creating new and exciting game play appealing to all parts of the community. To focus on ensuring each delivery mission is run to the same standard and is fair, we have included the announcement templates in the registered civilian group guidelines. As part of these changes, a rough location (for example South East of Altis) will be announced once the convoy starts. This will allow any interested party with a slightly narrower search field to start with which was a common complaint as well as eliminate false encounters and potential deaths of unrelated parties.
  4. Mr Chu

    // PENDING // Terms to be discussed in discord
  5. Mr Chu

    I will drink from your skull
  6. Mr Chu

    "The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers." please let me win
  7. **THIS IS AN EMERGENCY BROADCAST FROM THE ALTIS GOVERNMENT** THIS IS NOT A TEST This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of a Purge, sanctioned by the Altis Government. Commencing at the global announcements on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 3 continuous hours between the hours of 1200 to 1500. All server rules will not be enforced. All community guidelines will remain in place and be enforced. All Weapons have been authorised for use during the Purge. Police and emergency medical services may be unavailable. No one has been granted special immunity from the Purge. No citizen or group will be exempt. Blessed be our Senior Staff and Altis, a nation reborn. May Red and James be with you all. **END OF EMERGENCY BROADCAST** Key Details: Dates: Saturday 22nd of February and Sunday 23rd of February Time: 1200 - 1500 AEDT (12pm to 3pm Sydney Time) Senior Staff will be on hand and in TeamSpeak to monitor the Purge Rules: All Server rules will not be enforced Community Guidelines will remain in place and be enforced The Purge will commence at 1200 each day with a global server announcement Senior Staff reserve the right to add in additional rules and items into the Purges
  8. Mr Chu

    Brah, your a rogue medic, you better last more than 5 minutes with the toys you will get
  9. Mr Chu

    Thanks to all that participated. The winning team was China and Daniel Hussain
  10. Mr Chu

    Rogue Medics Medics sick with the number of rebels and the lack of strong action from the police have gone rogue purchasing guns and vehicles from a Black Market Dealer. They have harassed and killed many a rebel and have taken over an old military base for their base of operation. The government has placed a bounty on each medic which may be claimed by any citizen of Altis. Who will stand up to the Medics before they attack a major settlement..... Key Details Date: Wednesday 12th of February Time: 8:00pm Sydney Time - 2000 AEDT Where: All parties are encouraged to join the Server and TeamSpeak 15 min before the event starts Rules / Rewards Medics at the designated military base will be KOS during this event Some medics will be carrying and / or using prizes - First in First Served No NLR inside the designated zone - Any citizen of Altis may attempt to claim a bounty as many times as required Any Party contesting the event may declare on any other party as per server rules. Any declaration must be recorded on video. Additional Prizes and Rules may be announced by Senior Staff on or before the event
  11. Mr Chu

    Mad Max Race The AL Senior Team will be hosting a Mad Max style Death Race throughout Altis. In Teams of 2, teams will race through checkpoints, over jumps and through fields of death to the finish line, with the survivors forced to fight it to survive. Key Details Date: Thursday 6th of February Time: 7:45pm Sydney Time - 1945 AEDT Where: Rebel Outpost South Prizes / Rewards The winning team will receive $500,000 each. If the team is from a registered gang, that team will receive 1 Brownie Token Additional Rules A vehicle will be provided for each team. Teams must go through each checkpoint as designated by Staff. Teams may engage and attempt to kill enemy teams in designated zones by Staff. Teams may be revived by Medics. If a team re-spawns, they are out of the race and may not rejoin.
  12. Mr Chu

    The winning gang / division for the Battle of Darwin is Nine Lives (IX) with 47 kills. Second Place was Police General Duties with 27 closely followed by 18th with 20. IX will be awarded with a T5 Black Market Convoy Mission as per the Civilian Gangs Incentives. For those interested, the overall deaths are as follows: IX with 13 deaths 18th with 8 deaths SRT with 4 deaths and GD got slaughtered 47 times
  13. Gang Tiers and Incentives Update A Gang Tier and Incentives system will be added to the server for registered gangs to promote and provide an incentive for long term registered gangs. Gangs will be split into 4 separate tiers with gang activity and time on the server forming the basis for being promoted to the next tier. Gangs will work with the AL Senior Team to complete tasks to gain access to a number of benefits. These changes will be in place from Monday 3rd of February at 0000. In addition, the Registered Gangs Information and List has also been updated to reflect the changes here! Tier 1 Tier 1 is the first tier for any gang that has registered on the forums. They have access to contesting Gang Bases, Gang Skins (on donations), conduct Rebel Takeovers, a TeamSpeak Channel and a Gangs discord channel. Benefits Tier 1 get access to complete 1 Black Market Convoy Mission a month. Tier 1 Gangs will also receive $125,000 a week per member (upon completion of the designated Rebel Income task). Tier 2 Tier 2 is the second tier. To achieve Tier 2, gangs must have been active on the server for 2 weeks. They must have also successfully completed 1 bank and 1 hostage negotiation inside of a week. Ongoing Requirements Tier 2 Gangs must successfully complete at least 1 bank and 1 hostage negotiation a week to maintain Tier 2 Status. They must also attempt an R&D or Federal Reserve once a month. This must be documented in the Gangs Discord. Benefits Tier 2 Gangs will receive $200,000 a week per member (upon completion of the designated Rebel Income task), 1 Armed Qilin to be redeemed for one mission / event per month, 1 Black Market Convoy Mission a month and 1 Brownie Point per Month. Tier 3 Gang Tier 3 is the third tier. To achieve Tier 3, gangs must have been active on the server and community for 3 weeks as a Tier 2. They must have also successfully completed the requirements for a rebel takeover event. Ongoing Requirements To maintain Tier 3, a gang must attempt an R&D or Federal Reserve at least once a fortnight. In addition, they must complete at least 1 bank and 1 hostage negotiation a week. All of these must be documented in the Gangs Discord. Benefits Tier 3 Gangs will receive $300,000 a week per member (upon completion of the designated Rebel Income task), 2 Armed Qilin to be redeemed for one mission / event per month, 2 Black Market Convoy Missions a month and 2 Brownie Points per Month. Tier 4 Gang Tier 4 is the Fourth and final tier. This is for any gang that has current ownership of a gang base. Tier 4 Gangs are expected to contribute to the server by regularly conducting rebel / cartel activities and participating in events. Ongoing Requirements A Tier 4 Gang must attempt to fulfil the requirements of a rebel takeover once a month as well as 1 R&D or Federal Reserve at least once a week. It is also expected that any Tier 4 Gang must enter a team or representatives in any AL tournament. Benefits Tier 4 gangs will receive $400,000 a week per member (upon completion of the designated Rebel Income task), 2 Armed Qilin to be redeemed for one mission / event per month, 1 Black Market Convoy Mission a week and 3 Brownie Points per Month. Black Market Convoy Missions Black Market Convoy missions must be organised with Senior Staff through the gangs discord. These will consist of the gang transporting Cargo from 1 Rebel Outpost to the other by road. Police and other players on the server may attempt to interrupt the convoy and take the goods for themselves. Cops and Players on the server will be alerted at the commencement of the delivery. Rebel Income Rebel Income will incentives gangs to join the server and remain active with money awarded each week for the completion of a task designated by AL Senior. Once this task is complete, they are eligible for their weekly money bonus per member. A list of the task can be found below: Specific Robbery Additional Hostage Negotiation for Specific Items Gas Station Robberies Jailbreak Popup Event Cash Convoy and other Miscellaneous Tasks Brownie Tokens Brownie Tokens are earned each month and reward gangs for longevity and commitment to the server. Brownie Tokens can be redeemed for items that are considered extremely rare and / or unobtainable. A table of items can be found in the google docs version here.
  14. Mr Chu

    Thank you to all that participated tonight. The overall wining gang / division will be calculated and announced tomorrow evening. Thanks to @Lenny for this event idea. If you have any event ideas for all, please fill out the form below AL Event Suggestion Form
  15. Mr Chu

    Thanks @James32 Thanks James32 https://imgur.com/a/vPCKsHG