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    relax souvlaki
  2. Lenny

    By placing a Discipline appeal you are not guaranteed to have it accepted. Your appeal will be looked over by Cabinet and this may lead to your appeal being denied. Please be aware that you may be required to come in for an interview with one or more Cabinet members to discuss the status of your appeal. Contacting any member/s of Cabinet or Command harassing them to process your appeal will lead to your appeal being denied. We will attempt to process your appeal as soon as possible but do not expect it to be resolved within a day. Name: Lenny Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): 76561198451197241 Discord ID (E.g Kev#9424): Lennyy#7527 Date of Disciplinary Action: idk What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Blacklist Who were you Disciplined by: Kev Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Combatlog Why the appeal should be accepted (50 Words): I believe that my should be unblacklisted because I have taken a great deal of time to reflect on my actions on that day and have recognised why my actions were bad and negatively reflected on the apd and for that I am sorry. For most of the time I have been on the server I have spent it on cop and during that time I have been punished many times though I have successfully proven that I can come back and play cop (for some time of course). Therefore I believe I should be unblacklisted.
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    shut up
  4. Lenny

    Shut it down not worth the time
  5. Lenny

    You have no idea about the backend of al so shut up
  6. Lenny

    shut up
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  8. Lenny

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  9. Lenny

    Constables get type115’s and senior constables get mk18?
  10. Lenny

    Of course with no rebel gangs period or any dev I doubt anything will happen and the server will stay dead
  11. Lenny

    Gang system Fix fed doors Better loot at airdrops Patching common duping methods Remove buildings at reb south (crash a heli and you’ll see why) Closer spawns to OG Increase safe zone at Market or make it less campable Remove buyable sniping scopes all together (only craftable) Reduce insurance amount Increase fps Reduce major bank cooldown Remove USB stick (retarded) More incentives for gangs to stay Can’t hit second teller at R&D if cops log off You spawn in the floor in long brown houses If teller dies before timer at third party banks no one can get money Just a few things I’ve seen that need to be implemented or fixed with the server.
  12. Lenny

    Hey gmrs I’m new here any1 recruiting on al
  13. Lenny

    Watch this instead https://youtu.be/5rDF9USpI0I