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  1. Lenny

    "Beware the easy path. Knowledge grows only through challenge."
  2. Lenny

    Fix market first that shit is ****ed, full of safezone warriors.
  3. Lenny

    "Ever fought a witcher before? Guess not."
  4. Lenny

  5. Lenny

    "I need a goddamn medic!"
  6. Lenny

    u have to be special to fail a game of simon says
  7. Lenny

    get good then
  8. Lenny

    Cop is the easiest faction to make money on your gear is cheaper your vehicles are cheaper you can legit spawn money in with adding charges if you are a sergeant. Why are you crying about money when you play cop.
  9. Lenny

    Accepted please come for a chat on ts
  10. Lenny

    just go caps there you don't need to pay to play the game
  11. Lenny

    You can't be 100% certain sometimes to who shoots a drone especially at Sydney where there are tons of people. It could lead to people pretending to shoot drones to bait cops or make cops accidentally rdm those that are shooting at them but not destroying them. Of course you can make the argument that it would be hard for something like that to happen but there are no shortage of trolls in sydney who would do such a thing to get certain cops they don't like in trouble.
  12. Lenny

    lol don't think making fun of me for being blacklisted is gonna make people shoot drones less but ok
  13. Lenny

    don't buy drones problem solved
  14. Lenny

    no update
  15. Lenny

    "Well, bust my buffers!"