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    1. Caiden

      @FarmerGeorge98 is not a nice male
    2. Caiden

      i remember being able to pick bags up and rev someone to dupe?
    3. Caiden

      hi gamer
    4. Caiden

      he went outside and couldnt handle it
    5. Caiden

      chow muhammad 2.0
    6. Caiden

      Sometimes standing against evil is more important than defeating it.
    7. Caiden

      We were blown away by what we saw
    8. Caiden

      Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy.
    9. Caiden

      Thank you kind person of the community, i appreciate it ty for being a model member
    10. Caiden

      You sure he’s a nsp member? lmfao, you gonna call out boulter aswell for being “Another salty cop”?
    11. Caiden

      re roll pls
    12. Caiden

      See, thats where your wrong. When all the people that ran A99 where in it, we didnt let anyone in our gang rob civs and if they did we would abuse the person that robbed him :)
    13. Caiden

      And then you possibly lose 49% of the community
    14. Caiden

      When i was cop i would pay 350k for a full navid loadout, with lrps & lvl5 vest, at the same time as rebels had to pay 1.1m for a the navid only
    15. Caiden

      ik, but ive heard this all before. no matter what you say or do the cops will be overpowered.
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