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    1. Moygstar

      I stopped playing the moment I got blacklisted on police for insulting someone rightfully so in an out of character situation. I then would have kept playing, however the police then decided to cancel my large contracting groups contract with them, 'for the blacklist', and not because they realised that we were too profitable in our duties, and their cash supplies were too diminished after the fat multi-million paycheck the commissioner handed to me; every week. The whole situation revealed major flaws in both the police force, and the administrative staff, at the time. I would come back the moment I believe that they've changed.
    2. Moygstar

      Fear escape under the watchful eye of Valadim.
    3. Moygstar

      Everyone has the right to defend themselves, so on frank's behalf: Admin pls nu remove.
    4. Moygstar

      Yeah nah contractors were given the A-OK to take them, since its a strategic asset to have, if they can fight for it and win, why the hell not.
    5. I love this I'll come back after the wipe I also like how I suggested a dynamic rp narrative like 2 years ago and everyone basically told me to shut up but now it's happening people love it. Good work though this is what the server needs if it wants to move forward and upward.
    6. Moygstar

      oh awesome I thought that by forcing login, it collected emails by prerequisite. ty
    7. Moygstar

      just saying pretty sure a google form that records emails isnt anonymous if im wrong you can call me out
    8. Moygstar

      or have a hidden bounty that when sent to jail you still get the full amount of 'automatic' charges. idk it would make civ a lot more fun
    9. Moygstar

      get rid of automatic manslaughter etc charged on the wanted list. Then people can roleplay being a criminal but when seen by a cop on rego they dont get pulled over immediately kills the fun and leaves all of the civs in sydney either trying to kill cops, or trying to kill civs, mostly both
    10. Moygstar

      He'll be back, just ask anyone whos ever tried leaving >:D xoxo see ya soon
    11. Moygstar

      Just tried to launch with it, game crashed upon launch. Any ideas?
    12. Moygstar

      If it is > 51%, more people would leave from the wipe than the people who would stay even if it didnt wipe, i'm not adding my opinion, but that is just my speculation.
    13. Moygstar

      @JoshyG 0:55 dont forget to upgrade your malwarebytes
    14. Moygstar

      I think a large reason of why people are so "combat roleplay" oriented is because over time with nothing much to do, this is simply what the community has evolved to, with many new players only seeing this one side of it, because they've been exposed to nothing else. You get the few super duper roleplayers also come on but most of the time they end up leaving because no one else participates. I think the server needs to somehow shift back a little bit to real roleplay, obviously trying to maintain a balance between the two however. Valadim Association will always try to roleplay as seriously as possible without being major party poopers.
    15. Moygstar

      Edited out the part in the bank at the end where i ****en rekt ya m8 Good video xo
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