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  1. Jeb

    The only one to order 3 HMGs in history
  2. Jeb

  3. Jeb

    I will drink from your skull
  4. Jeb

    2020 pogU not false pepelaugh
  5. Jeb

    10-4, 10-11 SYD02 10-22 Syd bridge code 3. 10-11 We've got 3 10-70's on office over.
  6. Jeb

    "AREA 51" 
  7. Jeb

    why not?
  8. Jeb

    truly an epic gamer montage
  9. Jeb

    Highways still a sub division
  10. Jeb

    tactical knockdowns also good video
  11. Jeb

    That is some great in game footage. It really shows what ABF do in game.
  12. Jeb

    We need to land this missile in the ocean
  13. Jeb

    Just some old photos I have
  14. Jeb

    Looting bodies was horrible for cops. You would get shot every second you left pd by civs waiting for your gear, and then all civs would have a spar 16 shooting at everyone. Fun