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  1. AlecJohnson

    Name: Alec Johnson Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): 76561198161556177 Date of Disciplinary Action: Around a year ago (if not more) < Edited* = I was blacklisted toward the end (Sep?) of 2017 I believe. What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Blacklisted from the Altis Police Department Who were you Disciplined by: Mitch Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: I RDMed (incapacitated 1 person) and was allegedly rude to Mitch and other officers of the APD (due to mass demote, I became angry because prior to it I was promoted to Senior Sergeant) Why the appeal should be accepted: Honestly, I would understand if you did not accept this due to what happened on this day, but I assure you that I have matured greatly since this incident and I can promise that I will NEVER ever do something like this again. I have greatly missed serving in the APD, I am hoping to make some more great memories just like before. If this appeal is not accepted, I have nothing to argue against it, I am fine with you not accepting it due to what I did on that day, and I will continue playing civilian... If This appeal is accepted, I will start fresh from the bottom as a public officer, if not accepted back in as a Probationary Officer. Also, I would like to add to this: I would like to apologize to any officer that I disrespected. I apologize for disrespecting Mitch, I was not thinking about what I was saying that day, I hope my actions can be put behind me, I believe 1.5 years blacklist is sufficient enough and I have learned from my mistakes, I really miss the APD. Any other information: I hope to be accepted back in, however I understand why, if I am not accepted back.
  2. AlecJohnson

    Isnt it a different life? When changing from cop to rebel
  3. AlecJohnson

  4. AlecJohnson

    Has anyone had a baddass moment they can share, let's see who has the best moment
  5. AlecJohnson

    Not only the drug dealer, but the processing areas as well, one time SRT camped cocain proc, when I landed my buddy was sniped in the head as soon as we exited the vehicle. I put my hands up and then restrained me for "suspicious of trafficking drugs" but what was the reason to snipe my buddy? He didn't even have Rebel gear on
  6. AlecJohnson

    I remember when I first started, low on money, spent all my money on a boat to go fishing... yet to find there is no fish but then I discovered drug runs lol
  7. AlecJohnson

    Thanks jeb
  8. AlecJohnson

    Name is self explanatory, need this for my character RP story.
  9. AlecJohnson

    I think he was taking about the sever crashing, but if not then I don't think you get comp
  10. AlecJohnson

    Thanks Connor, I have lost like 10+ choppers from getting kicked and lost like 3 from the "hack attack". I don't really care about comp, I just do an extra run to earn the money back, it makes the game more challenging in a way, If you know what I mean
  11. AlecJohnson

    Noice time fighting y'all at bank
  12. AlecJohnson

    I forgot to add, It is impossible to get comp since it was "my problem"... just thinking, is there any possible way for compensation? thankyou
  13. AlecJohnson

    So this is a problem that a few users have been facing, I'm not sure why but some of us are getting kicked way too regularly, like every 5 mins... And it Happens when my internet is just fine. I was wondering what the max ping limit was for the server just so I can make sure it is safe for me to fly. But the main problem is that sometimes people's internet gets a quick spike of ping (like to 900 for 1/2 a second) and it kicks them, but of course I understand that if the ping reaches a max limit that the user will be kicked. - Alec
  14. AlecJohnson

    Great, thanks guys, since I have been away my data should be fine, looking forward to coming on soon
  15. AlecJohnson

    I have been away for 6 days and am pumped to get back into straya altis life, I hear hackers have deleted player files tho and am paranoid that my 8.9 million dolla is gonnna be gone, I have no screenshots that I got that money but will it be gone?