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  1. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 28/2/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Glory501 Congratulations @Glory501: – pilot and also likes to play in the field. Great skills to be able to diverse between the two, so his perspective of what ground troops rely and require from a pilot is definitely an advantage. A pilot that does his utmost to get you to you AO, with a good overall result in succeeding. Continues to provide a fantastic job, gets involved in the discussions in the TS channel and group chat and willing to help anyone who needs it. Honourable Mentions: Clockie: – Continues to come to the attention of players and staff with his overall approach to the game. Solid playing style as a medic and overall a good all-rounder in carrying explosive as well as his excellent dental skills in managing to extract gold and add to his financial portfolio. Definitely a medic that can be relied on and more importantly a player who is always there willing to do what he can and help those who need it. Did I mention the 19 towers he bought down this week, rumour has it CSAT are seriously considering revoking their cheap imported steel and buying BHP. Styx: – Fast approaching a Veteran player on the IA server, well respected and knows exactly what needs to be done to reach an objective. Definitely a force to be reckoned with plays as a medic and is always leading by example and getting in-capped players up and back into the fight. Gets on very well with players both new an old. Has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to strategic approaches and the way to approach the objectives to gain the upper hand and along the way leave a trail of CSAT that tried to defy his tasks. @Appu:– Still holding his ground and playing well on the server, early morning and sometimes comes on again late into the evening. Plays a multiple of roles in the front line and targets all the objectives which include the mortar pit and AA. Has had several honourable mentions over the past few weeks, very well deserved and is still on the radar as a strong candidate to take out the top position. Cookies: – Generally plays as a medic and a pilot but as of late has been flouting his abilities in a tank and doing a fairly good job overall. Steep learning curve but is getting ahead inch by inch. Communicates well in game with his fellow Blufor team. Keep up the effort Cookies your doing a great job. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  2. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 14/2/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Lewes Congratulations. Lewes – Been a constant player on the server as a pilot getting troops where they need to go and generally a good success rate. Also playing in the UAV role lasing enemy armour in the AO and calling in CAS to engage enemy assets. Considering he has only been with Straya I&A a short time has definitely left his mark and continues to learn, improve and engage with the other pilots and players. A player with a good attitude, Polite and willing to help where he can. Engages well with players and Staff. Top stuff Lewes, good to have you on board. Honourable Mentions: The Tank Guy – As the name suggests is a Tanky has been extremely helpful to the advancing ground troops with his armour support in both advancing on the frontline and more importantly in the middle of a heated defend. Does a fantastic job and is always up there doing whatever he can to disrupt CSAT by reducing their fleet of armour and cutting them off at the knees. Considering the effort to drive to some of the most distant locations, doesn’t complain, drives and gets the job done as best as he can with the assets he has. Keep up the support and great to have a player who knows the role well. @Appu– Another solid week for Appu, as a medic, sniper and plays both roles well. Engages with other players well and always prepared to assist them with whatever he can do. Still likes to carry explosive and targets enemy assets, towers, vehicles whatever is needed to even the playing field and giving the BluFor team an edge. Keep it up Appu your achievements and efforts are not going un-noticed. Venom – Another player who enjoys the armour side of playing driving a Marshal. Very handy with a laser designator and was seen to lase two AA’s, and two CSAT tanks from a hill 1.3 km away and successfully was able to call in and achieve 4 direct hits from a T140 Friendly tank. Very impressive and all done within the first 15 minutes of the AO commencing. Nicely done especially for the ground troops and pilots having to slog their way through knowing they have a better chance of gaining the upper hand without being slaughtered in the first wave. Stephen – Known for his abilities as a Tanky achieving some good solid results in ironside however has of late traded the tracks for rotors and is flying the helis and dropping of troops, cargo and providing an air service where needed. A fast learner knowing that success is based on being able to fly low at times to avoid those AA and still be able to get your troops in within striking range of CSAT. Continues to improve and engages well with other players and pilots and providing advice and assistance to new players if required. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, well done to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  3. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 7/2/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is ProRock Congratulations. ProRock – What an awesome effort overall, playing as a medic and getting down to business and getting those in capped back on their feet back into the fight. Still doesn’t say that much but his actions speak louder than words. Plays the role exceptionally well, very handy to have in a defend and distance or obstacles between him and the inured make no difference. Great effort overall and if he is playing you can pretty well accept that if you are in need of a touch up, medically that is, he will be on his way to you to make sure you get the attention you deserve. Top job ProRock. Honourable Mentions: @Appu – Another great week’s effort to Appu who is a relatively new player to the game but has made up a lot of ground and has really come on board. Decisive player who plays the front line up the front doing whatever he can to support the advancing troops. Plays as a medic and likes to carry the odd explosive just so he can leave a lasting impression on the enemy leveling the radio towers when he gets the chance, which last week he made a considerable effort and achievement. Fantastic effort Appu and great to see you having fun doing what you enjoy. Rex12 – Plays as a medic, Has only just recently joined Straya gaming I&A but has left a damn fine impression of his attitude and playing ability in his tole. Was instrumental in reviving downed players in a defence of the HQ during a defend and was noted to weave across the terrain, making every effort to get to those who were down. Nicely played Rex2, we hope you continue with your chosen field, as we are always on the need for medics who are prepared to go the distance when the heat is turned up. Patrick – Pilot, very new to the server and with very little experience, he has faced his errors, learnt from his mistakes and has pushed forward in becoming more confident and gaining more experience by the day. Still may have a way to go, but in any case, has accepted the challenge, knows the aviation rules and is certainly improving and willing to give it his best shot. Great effort Patrick. On behalf of Straya Gaming , Well one and Congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable mention
  4. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 31/1/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @CPT iNSANO Congratulations. @CPT iNSANO – Another long-term player from across the waters outside Aussie. Never the less a great ally and formidable asset to have on your side. Strategic player who is always leading and advancing forward on the enemy regardless of the role he plays. Knows what to do and in what order things need to be achieved to take charge of the HQ. Great communication in game and always willing to help others out where needed to achieve the desired goals. Glad you’re on our side Cpt iNSANO. Honourable Mentions: @rd_sp– Frontline player who plays well under fire and has been playing with Straya I&A for sometime. Constantly up the front with a laser on enemy armour, AA and anything else that is preventing the advance of BluFor. Has a tendency to carry explosive and loves taking the radio towers down to ground level thereby preventing the enemy from calling in reinforcements. Well done Appu – A relatively new player to the game but has made up a lot of ground and has really come on board. Decisive player who plays the front line up the front doing whatever he can to support the advancing troops. Plays as a medic and likes to carry the odd explosive just so he can leave a lasting impression on the enemy levelling the radio towers when he gets the chance. Keep doing what your doing Appu, your leading by example. ProRock – Plays as a medic and damn fine set of stable hands he has got. Doesn’t say much, way to busy reviving and treating the advancing troops as they succumb to the enemy. Plays the role exceptionally well, very handy to have in a defend and distance or obstacles between him and the inured make no difference. Great effort overall and I can guarantee its comforting to know if you are one of those down, and Pro Rock is on the server, you have a damn good chance of getting back into the fight, without having to re spawn. Top job ProRock. On behalf of Straya Gaming congratulations to the Player of the Week and those players receiving an Honourable mention
  5. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 3/1/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @YeomanMaple Congratulations. @YeomanMaple – Previously mentioned several weeks ago as an ISTAR powerhouse that provides not only the most pertinent information on high-risk enemy asset locations but also goes the extra mile to designate those targets and even then goes on to provide a fantastic Air Surveillance Operator service to the friendly fixed wing assets. Extremely effective in the CAS Jet providing support for advancing ground troops for those armoured targets. Has continued throughout the past two weeks and has been a very valuable asset who is more than happy to pass on help and assistance to nee players in the JTAC and UAV role. Outstanding job, YeomanMaple. Honourable Mentions: @Scandar - A frontline rifleman who has been noted to be right up the front leading the charge on CSAT. Plays his role well, always in the thick of it and is strategic in his approach to the targets, polite and gets the job done. Nice job Scandar. Sgt Boisen – Another good example of a player who knows the UAV and JTAC roles. Noted by a staff member have done a stellar job. Really good to see players taking these specialist roles and are not only capable but are willing and happy to pass on their knowledge and experience to new players who try these roles. Well done Sgt Boisen. Steve – Ironside player and has provided exceptional support to our advancing ground troops. Very effective in the role and plays right throughout the day. His kill ratio is impressive and he manages to evade the CSAT anti-tank guys pretty well. Definitely a thorn in their side. Great effort and glad to have you on our side. A great effort this past week and many more to come with a large influx of new players to the server. Once again on behalf of Straya Gaming and Staff, Congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving Honourable Mentions.
  6. Captain Ratso

  7. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 6/12/2020 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @BuffyAU – Congratulations. Plays on the front line and also known to fly the helis and handy behind the stick. Carries a .308 and knows how to use it well. In fact rumours coming to light from other players mention that he is one of the best long distance snipers on I&A. Considering he uses the nightstalker scope and shoots well outside the maximum distance with pinpoint accuracy and that info from comments of players in the game who have watched him. Enemy snipers even feel the brunt of a .308 round as it passes through them as he searches for them lying in wait for the heli drop-offs in the hot zones. Generally up the front punching his way through the flood of CSAT as they try to stop the BluFor advancing. Likes to play with explosives and is well known to decimate a number of radio towers when he gets near them. Strategic player targeting the tasks in a good order, hence never having to re-engage the enemy twice on taking the HQ. Plays early in the morning until the wee hours. Nicely played BuffyAU, a great asset to I&A. On behalf of myself and all the Straya Gaming Staff, it is my honour and pleasure to award BuffyAu with the award of Player of the Week. Honourable Mentions: Ron – a Medic on a mission, covers all bases and plans well ahead. Has adapted to his role perfectly and goes well beyond. Has come to the attention of Straya Staff both on the Altis and the Tanoa server and a comment noted was “a really good trooper”. Not only does he go to whatever distance required to get to you, along the way he has time to blow radio towers, capture HVT and other Commanders but also able to use his medic skills (Field Dentistry) in relieving CSAT of their gold teeth. Definitely an all-round player who is a great attribute to his teammates and a thorn in the side of CSAT. Well done @Seshwan Saucy – has come to attention of Big Red with his killing skills. Noted in a session to clock over more than 300 kills prior to a restart and is always in the front line leading the charge ploughing through CSAT like a jack hammer going through a duck. Definitely a player who knows tactics and works his way through the barrage of oncoming enemies in a strategic clockwork action leaving behind an endless trail of destruction for CSAT. A great asset and player to have with I&A Straya Gaming. Well done and we are glad to have you on our side. Aidan T-M – A new player to I&A but this player has time to light for his unselfish actions in the heat of a gruesome defend on a couple of Altis locations. Actually watched him as did several others and supported by several players who made positive and supportive comments about his actions to run outside and carry those outside the walls of the HQ, back into the safety of the HQ to be revived by the medics. He did this through the entire defend, only stopping to momentarily heal himself. He’s not even a medic yet this doesn’t deter him to take the risks regardless of his own safety. He goes the distance and makes sure those down are able to get back into the fight. Welcome to Straya Gaming I&A, your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and a worthy of an honourable mention. Awesome effort this week and congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention. Thank you for making the Straya Gaming I&A server a great place to play, your support, attitude and overall involvement in the game has been well received and truly noted.
  8. Captain Ratso

    Good to have you on board Watchy, your medic role has come to my attention. Well done mate enjoy, have fun and welcome to the Straya I&A community mate
  9. Captain Ratso

    Oooh yeah, started with Krishna music then ramped up the 1960's best hits
  10. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 8/11/2020 Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Old Chopper - Congratulations! OLDCHOPPER –Been front and foremost the past several weeks as an honourable mention and persistence has certainly paid off. Early morning player and extending way into the night and even early morning. Has the experience and understands not only how to spell tactics, but works by them. Plays as a medic, rifleman and of late even getting behind the sticks of a heli and transporting troops into the AO. Known to carry an arsenal of rockets, explosives and the like multi skilling at its best. Good tactical approach to the objectives in a specific order rather than blindly rushing in and hoping for the best. On behalf of myself and all the Straya Gaming staff, it is my absolute pleasure to award Old Chopper with Player of the Week! Honourable Mentions: @Matteus – a second week as an honourable mention. Another great effort and well-deserved recognition. During several defends this week, Matteus stayed at the ammo point and prepared all the specific ammo and weapons crates for those members stemming off the enemy in the defends. Every player benefited from this unselfish act by having ample ammo during the defends when needed the most and an abundance of FAK’s. Seriously a great effort this week Matteus and with your tactical skills, pre-planned logistics and approach, and planning forethought getting gear done and organised for the ground troops prior to a defend, was a huge help this week. @Hetwan - you back into the action. A great attitude, tactical and still very handy with a weapon. Good to see more medics getting involved in their roles and making the effort Kryto – Another relatively new player but has chosen his role well as a Medic. Another of those who is gutsy, and makes the effort to get you up on your feet when incapped by the enemy, takes lots of risks and generally manages to somehow pull it of even getting a few shots into him from the enemy whilst he revives you. Good all-round effort, handy with a gun and another good example of a player who enjoys the game and plays well. Well done Kryto
  11. Captain Ratso

    Player Of The Week 18/10/2020 Cpt Insano - An ironside player and on occasion a medic. Both roles he plays well at. Always anxious when you hear that T140 crest the hill and satisfying when you realise that the tank is a friendly with Cpt Insano at the sticks. Another solid effort this week, and considering the short life span of a tanky, he comes back again and again ripping up terrain as he barges an attack on an AO, or supporting the HQ in a all out defend. If your unlucky and incapped, He will protect you with the side of his T140 whilst he revives you. Definitely a good operator to have on your side in a full bore advance into enemy front lines. Well done Cpt Insano and well deserved for Player of the Week from the staff here at I&A. Honourable Mentions: @Guppy-_- – (referred to by one admin as “the small fish”. Definition describes as a playful colourful, non dangerous creature, our Guppy is far from this and armed with a 7.62 or 9.3, can only be defined as “death on a stick” - A long term player who is very handy with his gun, Likes to wear a ghillie suit, never stops in one place to long and tends to lurk in the shadows watching for those elusive Vipers not too mention the snipers that prey upon those who tear in. Plays as a medic which is damn handy especially after being revived on several occasions this week and then says, its time I paid you back. Good player, polite, decisive and always reliable, keep him in your sights and be thankful you’re not playing on the CSAT side of the pond. Old Chopper – A boomer but like all boomers, has experience and understands not only how to spell tactics, but works by them. Early morning player, gets in early making the enemy think twice about having a sleep in. Plays as a medic and makes the effort to get to you no matter the distance or odds. Known to carry explosive and a MAWS if needed, Multi skilling at its best. Good tactical approach to the objectives in a specific order rather than blindly rushing in and hoping for the best. Great effort this week Aussie _cowboy – Easy to find, runs around with a 5.56mm Machine gun drum mags loaded spraying anything that looks unfriendly. Good frontline player who is up the front, polite and willing to get his hands dirty yet, provide guidance and support to new players alike. Definitely one to have on your side in a full blown assault or a HQ defend. Honourable Sushi – Another great week indeed with a second honorable mention in as many weeks. Continues to push the boundaries and definitely a good role player and as a medic, goes the distance regardless. Good solid effort again and continues to improve week after week. Hard to find good reliable medics however honourable Sushi has just joined the team of medics that go far and beyond, distance not even considered a factor. Also keeps his eye out assisting the pilots and staff alike with ensuring pilots use teamspeak. Good attributes to fair play on the server all around.
  12. Captain Ratso

    Hey there @UpNatom good to see you on board.
  13. Captain Ratso

    Player Of The Week 13/09/2020 Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Kanedogg Kanedogg; a long time player who consistently works on the frontline with a tactical approach seeking to bring down that tower, then provides assistance to other players in targeting the AO and additionally as a medic. Damn fine all rounder and supporter of newer players and old alike in getting the job done. Kanedogg ….and we hope you enjoy the month whitelist! Honourable Mentions: @Mittons You not only have been consistent with your flying getting the troops in, but also your on ground front line medic work getting the players back on their feet has been outstanding. Good all round player and great effort. @JBOB Another solid performing player who supports and assist those in the frontline. Always there and in the front leading the charge. Tactful, and driven he is a player that works well with new and older players, always willing to help and lend a hand. @WIZZ Another long term player always in the heat of it supporting the leading charge. stands his ground and is solid in the front line, very supportive of other players and a good role model @Guppy Also a long term player, doesn’t say much but is polite and providing a solid overwatch for advancing troops in the heat of the battle. Tends to work solo, but manages to get into places that angels fear only too, decimate the opposition as shown by his score with his gun skills. His overall kill rate is always up there and his kill rate is solid. Sex Goblin Another medic who makes a solid effort to get to you. Does tend to raise the eybrows when you see the Sex Goblin coming towards you, but comforting to know his hands on you are because you are unable to take care of yourself and you need that extra bit of attention when your down. And he will go the distance to get to you. Great effort Sex Goblin.
  14. Captain Ratso

    Player Of The Week 9/8/2020! Following on with the successful and well received awards for player of the week, this being our second week since its inception and the Player of the Week for this week the I&A staff have identified @Mama Bear as the recipient! We believe Mama Bear has shown tremendous dedication to her role as Medic, throughout the past week, I’m sure you have all received medical attention in the heat of fire. A long serving player, reserved, doesn’t say much, but actions speak louder than words. Always makes the effort regardless of distance and the obstructions of the AI to get you back up on your feet. Hopefully you enjoy your months whitelist Mama Bear! Honourable Mentions: It was a close pick between 3 players again this week the following players coming to notice as potential recipients. @Will22, One of our younger pilots, since he became a member of the Straya community. A no nonsense pilot who always strives to get you to your LZ safely. His ability always improving the more he gains experience. Definitely one to watch Sgt Paddle, who although has been a long serving player, is more than happy to guide and assist players with regards to general operations, logistics and tactical approaches. Usually partaking in non-rewarding tasks, he gets it done, and does it well. We've taken absolute notice of how much of a positive influence you've both been and want to show our appreciation for it, thank you both for being valuable members of SG. Congratulations to all of you, thank you for being involved in the StrayaGaming Community, your support to the players, Staff and the community has been outstanding.
  15. Captain Ratso

    Guys, Just something I have seen and heard from both senior and new players. The difficulty in playing against the AI is getting a little ridiculous. An example is being shot down in a helo 6.5 km from the AO by a jet with endless supplies of missiles. 6 lock ons and down we went for the 7th time. Today 6.5 km out, three helo rides, 3 deaths due to missles that appear out of fckin nowhere. No where Near the AO in the middle of nowhere. Rolling up to the AO finally and seeing 5 ****ing tanks again we were all slaughtered before getting any shots off. The other obvious example is the defending where you get three tanks rolling in at once, where finally you get the tanks down only to be bombedby an enemy jet, 4 times. Yesterday I was bombed in a house not once, I was already down, but 7 more times in the same location. We were laying there watching the same bullshit jet drop bomb after bomb on the same location. 6 MAWS HEAT missiles to destroy one tank. Yet our tanks get destroyed when they get hit by a stray 7.62 round from the enemy. 5 snipers on one hillmanaged to snip 16 people in a matter of seconds. And also one managed to fire of 4 rounds in less than a second and gained himself 4 kills. Amazing talent. No AI wound up to the extreme. I'm not the only one raising this. Several other senior players have also commented it's becoming unplayable and is losing its enjoyment. As said before alot of new players who have invested in Arma 3 since the free weekend is great but they are leaving in droves to play on another server because of the unplayable, unfair and seemingling biased playing field. I understand that if you become a viable competitor in killing the enemy, sure krank it up. But the new players are suffering and leaving the server to play another. Not sure if it can be toned down, haven't seen the script or code but if the server and this game is to survive, it may need to be looked at. Anyway just needed to raise this because even I am starting to get annoyed with the way in which the AI seem to almost learn. And if the senior players can't get ahead, what chance have the newplayers. Anyway I'll keep playing or now but I'm getting annoyed about the intelligence of the BOTS as are many others. Ratso