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  1. Captain Ratso

    Player Of The Week 13/09/2020 Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Kanedogg Kanedogg; a long time player who consistently works on the frontline with a tactical approach seeking to bring down that tower, then provides assistance to other players in targeting the AO and additionally as a medic. Damn fine all rounder and supporter of newer players and old alike in getting the job done. Kanedogg ….and we hope you enjoy the month whitelist! Honourable Mentions: @Mittons You not only have been consistent with your flying getting the troops in, but also your on ground front line medic work getting the players back on their feet has been outstanding. Good all round player and great effort. @JBOB Another solid performing player who supports and assist those in the frontline. Always there and in the front leading the charge. Tactful, and driven he is a player that works well with new and older players, always willing to help and lend a hand. @WIZZ Another long term player always in the heat of it supporting the leading charge. stands his ground and is solid in the front line, very supportive of other players and a good role model @Guppy Also a long term player, doesn’t say much but is polite and providing a solid overwatch for advancing troops in the heat of the battle. Tends to work solo, but manages to get into places that angels fear only too, decimate the opposition as shown by his score with his gun skills. His overall kill rate is always up there and his kill rate is solid. Sex Goblin Another medic who makes a solid effort to get to you. Does tend to raise the eybrows when you see the Sex Goblin coming towards you, but comforting to know his hands on you are because you are unable to take care of yourself and you need that extra bit of attention when your down. And he will go the distance to get to you. Great effort Sex Goblin.
  2. Captain Ratso

    Player Of The Week 9/8/2020! Following on with the successful and well received awards for player of the week, this being our second week since its inception and the Player of the Week for this week the I&A staff have identified @Mama Bear as the recipient! We believe Mama Bear has shown tremendous dedication to her role as Medic, throughout the past week, I’m sure you have all received medical attention in the heat of fire. A long serving player, reserved, doesn’t say much, but actions speak louder than words. Always makes the effort regardless of distance and the obstructions of the AI to get you back up on your feet. Hopefully you enjoy your months whitelist Mama Bear! Honourable Mentions: It was a close pick between 3 players again this week the following players coming to notice as potential recipients. @Will22, One of our younger pilots, since he became a member of the Straya community. A no nonsense pilot who always strives to get you to your LZ safely. His ability always improving the more he gains experience. Definitely one to watch Sgt Paddle, who although has been a long serving player, is more than happy to guide and assist players with regards to general operations, logistics and tactical approaches. Usually partaking in non-rewarding tasks, he gets it done, and does it well. We've taken absolute notice of how much of a positive influence you've both been and want to show our appreciation for it, thank you both for being valuable members of SG. Congratulations to all of you, thank you for being involved in the StrayaGaming Community, your support to the players, Staff and the community has been outstanding.
  3. Captain Ratso

    Guys, Just something I have seen and heard from both senior and new players. The difficulty in playing against the AI is getting a little ridiculous. An example is being shot down in a helo 6.5 km from the AO by a jet with endless supplies of missiles. 6 lock ons and down we went for the 7th time. Today 6.5 km out, three helo rides, 3 deaths due to missles that appear out of fckin nowhere. No where Near the AO in the middle of nowhere. Rolling up to the AO finally and seeing 5 ****ing tanks again we were all slaughtered before getting any shots off. The other obvious example is the defending where you get three tanks rolling in at once, where finally you get the tanks down only to be bombedby an enemy jet, 4 times. Yesterday I was bombed in a house not once, I was already down, but 7 more times in the same location. We were laying there watching the same bullshit jet drop bomb after bomb on the same location. 6 MAWS HEAT missiles to destroy one tank. Yet our tanks get destroyed when they get hit by a stray 7.62 round from the enemy. 5 snipers on one hillmanaged to snip 16 people in a matter of seconds. And also one managed to fire of 4 rounds in less than a second and gained himself 4 kills. Amazing talent. No AI wound up to the extreme. I'm not the only one raising this. Several other senior players have also commented it's becoming unplayable and is losing its enjoyment. As said before alot of new players who have invested in Arma 3 since the free weekend is great but they are leaving in droves to play on another server because of the unplayable, unfair and seemingling biased playing field. I understand that if you become a viable competitor in killing the enemy, sure krank it up. But the new players are suffering and leaving the server to play another. Not sure if it can be toned down, haven't seen the script or code but if the server and this game is to survive, it may need to be looked at. Anyway just needed to raise this because even I am starting to get annoyed with the way in which the AI seem to almost learn. And if the senior players can't get ahead, what chance have the newplayers. Anyway I'll keep playing or now but I'm getting annoyed about the intelligence of the BOTS as are many others. Ratso