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  1. Seshwan Saucy

    Hey all, I just wanted to say that my time in the Straya Gaming community has been an absolute delight! What the staff and casual players are doing around here, creating this wonderful and fun atmosphere has been such a relief during the trying times of 2020. Even if I haven't had the chance to meet everyone yet, I really look forward to it. I hope everyone has a blessed and lovely Christmas! Much love, Saucy
  2. Seshwan Saucy

    Hey Guys, Another small suggestion here, which in no way will change the gameplay or improve quality of life in the server... However, it will improve the quality of fun Now we all know that the I&A server is basically a big old meme, and I've asked a couple of people including admins if they would find it pretty fun to add dancing "emotes" to the game. Like I said it wont make life any easier for us but I reckon that it would be a great way to make our own fun. For myself and many others, we find fun in the silly interaction and smartassery on the server and a think a cheeky dance or two would make it that much better. Plus a lot of us like to get some music cranking for the guys standing around us, would be pretty cool to do more than butt scoot on the floor and bob our heads to the bangers. A bit of a silly suggestion but I think everyone could have a lot of fun with it. Cheers guys. Something like this:
  3. Seshwan Saucy

    What's cracking homeslices, Just a small suggestion in regards to locking bags. After having a couple issues with and being an overly forgetful person myself, I'm suggesting that a more permanent solution of bag locking. Perhaps in the form of a new script adding a setting in the menu (if possible) that allows players to keep their bag locked even after a leaving server and rejoining. The primary reason for my suggestion is I have, and others, on many occasions gone into the AO been clapped from 600m away by the Jason Borne AI and left there waiting for a medic. In our time of vulnerability we have forgotten to lock our bags (and while downed you cant access inventory to do so). So, at times some sticky finger buggers raid our belongings whilst the gangrene infects our wounds and we cant do anything. I've lost med kits, explosive charges, first aids, ammo and more. Once again, I'm not sure if its an option but it would be a pretty good quality of life addition. Thank you for your time.