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      Welcome Member's of StrayaGaming. For This Giveaway giving away a copy of, #1 Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ How To Enter: To Enter The Giveaway all you need to do is comment, "With each passing year, the shadows take their toll. But you remain. And so does hope for Middle-Earth." This Giveaway will end on 29/2 If you would like to get more info reg this game you can visit the store page found Here So your support by giving this post a
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      In-Game Name: [OG]JoozBrorg Items Needed: 30k Gold Ingots Willing to offer: (Open) for offers by the seller. Completed
    3. DJ_JoozBrorg

      Welcome aboard to "The Salvation Federation" About Us The main core of "The Salvation Federation" is a trading corp, from trading resources to materials to buyers all over the system. The profit made from our trades are spent to build more trade stations to building more ship, to produce more income. ====================================================== We would like to Buy & Sell across the galaxy, If you are wanting to make a trade with our faction please fill in this form below in the comments or message me via Forums: @DJ_JoozBrorg Discord: DJ_JoozBrorg#7878 ====================================================== In-Game Name: Name Here Items Needed: 50k Gold Ingots Willing to offer: 10k plat - Type (Open) if you are open for offers by the seller.
    4. DJ_JoozBrorg

      its pretty much same range give or take 500m but the Azimuth ones do look nicer to look at
    5. Theses are the mods I'd like to suggest and why. 1. - Hydrogen Density 8x - Found Here Hydrogen Density changes the rate on which Ice is used (Making Ice last longer) ====================== 2. - Midspace Clean Crosshair Camera - Found Here Removes the fuzzy lines when viewing a cam/turret (Making a better view) Nothing is worst then looking down a cam and only see a 1x1 view. ====================== 3. - Azimuth Overclocked Ore Detectors - Found Here This mod adds better ore detectors giving a max range of 1.5 km's, and tells us what ore it is... I am always having to get within 30m - 10m from a roid just to see the type of ore thats on it even tho I can see it from 2km away. ====================== 4. - More Solar Power [x4] [x8] v2. - Found Here More Solar Power adds better solar panels giving x4 and x8 power but also costs alot for x8
    6. Welcome aboard to "The Salvation Federation" Our Back-Story "The Salvation Federation" was co-founded many years ago by an ancient space race (Xak'od) that once lived on titan the moon of what we all call the "Alien planet" They once lived in small colonies over the surface until one day war broke out (No one is sure with whom/what). Many of the ancient space race died that day and the ones that did live, fled to neighbouring systems. They traveled 10000s of km's to find safety, they made their way to the out-a system ring called Deep-Space. This is where we found them drifting in their ships, after weeks of contact we was able to fund this Federation with one goal. "Take back what is ours and give to the ones that hold no ground" (The War of the Rebellion: v. 1-53) ====================================================== About Us The main core of "The Salvation Federation" is a trading corp, from trading resources to materials to buyers all over the system. The profit made from our trades are spent to build more trade stations to building more ship, to produce more income. (En-coded Message) XYZ % of all profits made are spend in black-book (un-official) activity's all over the system, this inc Defense systems, security and radar scanning, to collect Intel to then sell to the highest bidder. ====================================================== Recruitment Info We are looking for new recruits to join our small but efficient crew, to expand our boarders and our trading corp. We have 3 main areas that a member can join, from being a miner to being a captain of a battle ship. Role Ranks T.S.F Mining Corp 1. Miner (A person whom job will be to collect/mine ore at xyz locations) - Noob 2. Mining Operations Manager (A person whom job will be to find ore & lead the miners in daily tasks) - Advanced 3. Head Of T.S.F Mining Corp (A person whom job will be to control the ore facilities and keeping a stockpile up to date) - Elite T.S.F Building Corp 1. Builder (A person whom job will be to build stations/ships) - Basic Builder. 2. Building Operations Manager (A person whom job will be to make sure that the building is done correct) - Experienced Builder. 3. Head Of T.S.F Building Corp (A person whom job will be to control the building sites and keeping stockpiles up to date) - Pro Builder. T.S.F Federation Fleet. 1. Flight Crew/Engineer (A person whom job will be to repair fatal damages to the Ship/Station and/or control controllable guns ) - Basic Crew Member. 2. Flight Operations (A person whom job will be fly/operate selected ships from point A - B ) - Experienced Crew Member. 3. Captain (A person whom job will be to control & man their own ship provided by T.S.F) - Elite Crew Member. If you are interested in joining our federation please send a message to myself via forums/discord message with the following app. Forums: @DJ_JoozBrorg Discord: DJ_JoozBrorg#7878 ========== IGN (In-Game Name): Hours played in Space Engineers (Total): What area within our corp are you applying for: Why do you want to join us:
    7. DJ_JoozBrorg

      Mission control this is A3_7-30, awaiting lunch cords.
    8. DJ_JoozBrorg

      A rocky start to the day after server restart.
    9. DJ_JoozBrorg

      We need 3 Hunter HMG'S
    10. DJ_JoozBrorg

      Ring Of Elysium (ROE) ╔══════════════════ஜ۩☢۩ஜ═════════════════╗ Welcome StrayaGaming ╚══════════════════ஜ۩☢۩ஜ═════════════════╝ LIVE IT, LOVE IT, PLAY IT, YOUR HOME OF ENTERTAINMENT ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Video Made By: DJ_JoozBrorg Edit By: Video Production Team ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- STEAM GROUP: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SGAUOfficial ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/strayagaming... ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Straya_Gaming ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/SGAU ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Come have a chat to us here at Strayagaming.com | Official TeamSpeak | ts.straya.life --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Comment Below And Let As Know What Type's Of Video's You Would Like To See.
    11. Our new video is now up!



    12. Hello all followers, Keep an eye on our YouTube over the next day

      as I will be releasing a new video.


      also I have more giveaways coming this week and some free keys that will

      be posted here on my page just for you lucky peeps.

    13. DJ_JoozBrorg

      "We need to land this missile in the ocean"
    14. DJ_JoozBrorg

      I'M LOVING IT! Eat Fresh . Game review: Day one: Okay i have just joined a server and I'm spawning in a planetary Lander, its kitted out with a refinery, assembler even a MedBay, to me this was just the starting ship i needed. After flying around for about 45mins I had started to run out of fuel, so i needed to land to attempt to find fuel. After digging for about 30mins i found some uranium about 200m underground in that time the ship lost all power I could not refine my ore i just found. I died shortly after meaning i had to start from the beginning again, I spawned in a new ship then a server message pops up "restart in 10mins" so i knew i had to land ready for the restart. I had decided to jump off for the night and continue the next day. Day Two: I had got home to find that once again i had to start from the beginning just before finding out that on restarts or if a player logs-off the spawn ships de-spawn, so here i was flying my planetary Lander landing every few mins looking for resources I had found some uranium and iron meaning i could start making a small base and had power to do so. I found a nice ice lake to call home. I build a small storage crate and stripped down my planetary Lander for parts. I had some materials to build a small base with the parts i took from the lander I had a MedBay, Power that's all i needed at this stage. Day Three: I finished my starting base kitted with a refinery & assembler. I knew i had to go farm if I wanted to ever make it to space I had no ship so that was my main target, I had built a small mining ship. I farmed ore for about 3 hours I had collected materials to build, I was set for life. Day Seven: By this stage I had built more ships but still no closer to space, my new target was getting to orbit. I failed getting to orbit many times, so i had spent a few days farming, I had my land base I built base defense landing pads it was the life to live for then one night I was looking up into the night sky with my camera zooming in and out then I saw.... A small station falling into orbit it was on fire going around 100m/s I crashed about 5kms from my base. So i went for a small flight and found the wreck at first sight I did not know what i was looking at. There was a big hole and only a few blocks I grind them down and under them blocks was some platinum it was a gift from above I now had the one resource that can only be found in space. Day Ten: I did not know what to do with this platinum i had found, so I traded it to a friendly local for a small rocket that he quotes "This bad boy will get you to space and beyond" I made that deal I now had a space ready ship, I flew both my ships back to base. I was running around taking everything i wanted as i know I would not come back to land. Day 12: Yea Boi, I'm now going to space. I'm a space man now!. I jumped in my rocket I started her up and started the countdown. 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BLAST OFF!!!! she flew 0 -100m/s in just 1.3 seconds she was flying like a rocket past asteroids and many stars. I'm now living over 12,000,000 kms from earth with a base station the size of new york. Even tho this game is a grind I LOVE IT! EAT FRESH!