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  1. Eisenjays

    Hello! My apologies I could not find the correct place for this thread. I am on holidays from the 6th of July (yesterday) to the 9th of July. Just wanted to let you know, as I hadn’t been active for a bit prior, and did not want to be listed inactive :) I’ll be back at it again next week
  2. Eisenjays

    A policeman stopped me and literally asked why I was just picking peaches. He said something along the lines of 'why aren't you in a gang?' I enjoy roleplaying as an ordinary civilian, but I have to agree with you, it's not exactly well-paying, and hardly enticing to new players. Any sort of bolster to the economy for ordinary civs, I would think, would make a large (positive) difference.
  3. Eisenjays

    daddy Nigel can sniff my glue anytime he wants
  4. Eisenjays

    IGN: Praefectus or [OR-5] Praefectus Player ID: 76561198119214337 Player itself:(Including Licenses+Prof) N/A Money:(All Money will be transferred): http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/178286983338939158/5DEEDFA1CCEF43DBD06B418F0A34475AE6C22ABC/ Vehicles(All Money Will be transferred): N/A Extra Information: None Thanks in advance!
  5. Eisenjays

    By far the most helpful Texturing Tutorial I have come across! Keep up the awesome work DJ
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  7. Eisenjays

    I'm keen to be an extra! TS me if I'm on. Available most of the time for the next week, weekends after that
  8. Eisenjays

    Loved the jet flyover