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    In my opinion about all these big guns being added why don't we think about compromise or meet up in the middle some want big guns being added why dont you think about adding the KOS Gun store or another gun store outside rebel zone that you have to capture so its similar to the gang hideouts and when you capture it grants access to the the gang to be able to buy All the LMGS currently in Arma 3 that are 7.62 or bellow. So on one side there's no access for rebels to buy guns that have a Massive caliber like .338 or 9.3 ad rebels could gain access to better weapons but not higher caliber.
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    SP will never be forgotten
  4. Right so we all know that KC are complete ********* maybe not all but most they have way too much power and I think someone should do someone thing about so I'm going to stand up to KC and maybe if we get enough votes the admins will see nobodys likes or wants KC on the server so comment +1 if u think KC should be disbanded from Altis life or atleast restricted to what they can and cant control