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  1. Hello, everyone! We are excited announce that our Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server is officially being added as a full and permanent fixture in our service line-up. We have been blown away by the rapid growth of the server over the past month, with the server filling all its slots by the early afternoon every day without fail. Owing to its full service status, RS2 will now be fully integrated into our support and staffing systems to ensure any issues are swiftly dealt with. You can now request assistance from our staff by making a ticket on discord and the forums, or by asking our friendly TeamSpeak support staff. I would like to thank @Josh_ua for spearheading this initiative, as well as @AidanC, @Tyler..... and @Purgey for their ongoing support seeding and moderating the server. Tyler and Purgey will continue in their moderation capacities moving forward. Find us in-game by searching "StrayaGaming" or by directly connecting to
  2. Welcome, Engineers of StrayaGaming! We have some exciting changes to our Space Engineers server in the pipeline which we cannot wait to share with you. Hi all, Since the full-service launch of our Space Engineers servers late last year, we have been blown away by the creativity, passion and commitment the community has poured into the various game-modes we have offered - it has been truly awe-inspiring. Our journey through the Space Engineers ecosystem has not been without its challenges; persistent simulation issues, server crashes and grid losses have tested our resolve and are likely to remain as ongoing challenges until such time as the game developers can implement some definitive patches and updates. We also acknowledge that in recent months, our playerbase has condensed as a result of these issues in conjunction with shifting player dynamics, and our current server's inaccessibility to new players. Moving forward, we will be modifying our service offering to a minimalistic, modded server to bolster player accessibility without losing the advantages acquired through some of our core mods. The drill/fill, build/repair, radar, hangar market and factional safe zone mods will be retained, allowing us to drastically reduce our mod footprint from 4GB to less than 200MB while also improving server simulation speed. The server will officially switch over on Monday 20/07, with the server to be down from Monday morning until Monday evening. We strongly encourage all engineers to join us over the next week in some final epic battles with the incredible grids you have created. Your feedback greatly assists in defining the direction of our server, and we strongly encourage you to reach out to a staff member if you have any suggestions or concerns. Revised mod collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2163524525 - SG Space Engineers Team
  3. Lotza

    Evening All, As you are likely aware, our donation goal for our brand new dedicated server has recently come to a close. We originally set a goal of $2000 for this server. We are truly amazed by the amount of support this has received, as we have not only achieved this goal, we have surpassed it by nearly $1500. With the goal coming to a close and the $2000 target met, we are operating the 4th tier of our giveaway as seen in the original post. Congratulations to the following individuals who have won: 1 Month of Donation Perks - @Keldon111 @DJ_JoozBrorg @Sable Crow 2 Months of Donation Perks - @Keldon111 @MiniMutes Lifetime Donation Perks - @cam 1 Month of Discord Nitro - @Plompis @Unconformed @Zarco 3 Months of Private Server Hosting - @Captain Ratso Congratulations also to those who additionally won one month of Discord Nitro for donating more than $100 @bodyboarder2528 @Agentthumb @XSV Sam If you have won please contact @Lotza or @Nevetos to claim your rewards. Rewards must be claimed within 72 hours of the draw, if they are not claimed within this period they will be redrawn.
  4. Lotza

    Evening All, First and foremost, We are truly humbled by those who have contributed over the past month, surpassing our final goal of $2000. We hope that you will enjoy the new server as much as we do. The winners of the giveaway will be announced over the next 48 hours in a following post and via our discord.
  5. Lotza

    "The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers."
  6. As you are likely aware, on the 25/5/19 we implemented a number of changes to the reporting of rule breaches for Altis Life, as can be seen here. As of today we will be updating these to be as follows: You may now initiate a helpdesk report for situations where you are directly involved and may not been seen as a third party. You may still bring in other who are not directly involved to provide evidence or testimony. Being directly involved means that you fit into one of the following categories: Be directly impacted by the incident and did not solely observe an incident. Be reporting an incident which impacts all members, such as illegitimately impacting the server economy through duping/exploiting, hacking/scripting etc. We will also be implementing a time limitation to the use of evidence in a helpdesk report. Any evidence for a report must be submitted within 3 days of the issue occurring for it to be considered valid and current. Any evidence submitted after this time will not be considered without extenuating circumstances
  7. The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
  8. I could have gone on floating through space forever. ^ I like this man.
  9. Hey All, As you are most likely aware, StrayaGaming opened an Exile Server in December of 2018 This server was a project run and managed entirely by @webbie At its launch, the server gained a small, but regular playerbase. However over the past month there has been a visible decline in the playerbase, with an average of 1-2 players. As such, we have made the decision to shutdown the Exile Server, effective as of 6PM AEDT 5/4/19. We would like to thank Webbie for the time and dedication he put into this project, and the community members who supported this project.
  10. Lotza

    The sky is the limit
  11. Hi All,In the coming week on Wednesday (6/3/19), we will be going over the current list of Private Teamspeak Channels and cleaning out any that are currently unused or incorrectly formatted.To confirm if your channel is correctly formatted you will need to contact a member of Senior Staff, who will be able to assist you.Any channel that is not confirmed to be active will be removed as of the above date.To confirm the use of your channel, please comment below with the following information: Channel Name and your forum ID.To find your forum ID, please navigate to your forum profile and look at the URL. The string following /profile/ will be your forum ID.E.g https://strayagaming.com/profile/1482-lotza/ from this the forum ID is 1482-lotza
  12. Lotza

    Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness
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    Use Internet Explorer. Its not associated with google so it should be perfectly fine
  14. Hey all, Please be aware that we are closing helpdesk for a short period of time over the Christmas and New Years period. The helpdesk and issues channel will not be accessible for two periods over the course of the next week. The first closure will begin as of 9PM tonight (24/12/18 AEDT) and will remain closed until 5PM Boxing Day (26/12/18 AEDT). The second closure will run from 7PM New Years Eve (31/12/18) and will end on New Years Day at 5PM (1/1/19 AEDT). We ask that if during this time you experience any issues or require assistance that you submit a ticket via the forums here. Or you may create a ticket on the StrayaGaming Discord by using the command '?ticket' in the #open-support-ticket channel and providing a reason. If you have not yet joined the StrayaGaming Discord, you may do so by using this link here: http://discord.straya.life
  15. StrayaGaming Exile As many of you are already aware, over the past few weeks we have been running a private beta for an Exile server, being developed by @webbie. Strayagaming is proud to announce that as of the 22/12/18 we will be launching the Arma 3 Exile Server in its first stable build to the public. We hope to provide an enjoyable and unique Exile experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the Oceanic Arma community. The Exile server will be a PvPvE experience, and will be running on the Malden map with a total of 40 available slots. The server details: Server Name: Strayagaming | ExileZ PvPvE Server Connection URL: ex.straya.life:2302 Server Join Link: exile.joinstraya.com Available Slots: 40 Server Restarts: Every 6 hours at 12:00 and 6:00 (AEDT) Staff Details: On launch we will be having 3 members of staff for the Exile server. @webbie will be appointed as the server developer and administrator. The server will also be moderated by @Jereleet and @pkisbest Server Rules: The server rules can be found here. They can also be accessed by clicking the link in the Exile sub-forum or navigating to them via the support menu on the menu bar.