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  1. MattyB

    Sparks of the future
  2. MattyB

    The decision to disable the default economy was not done lightly, but we believe it’s in the best interest for the server moving forward. Economy is one of the more exciting parts of the game, so perhaps we can look into adding a mod that will allow players to trade like the old days. I always enjoyed contract missions.
  3. MattyB

    The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers.
  4. MattyB

    With each passing year, the shadows take their toll. But you remain. And so does hope for Middle-Earth.
  5. MattyB

    Hello Engineers! It's finally here! StrayaGaming is pleased to announce the release of our revamped Modded server. This server has a very custom planetary system along with a handful of exciting new mods. All grids have been saved and will be ready for you to load in from the garage. Loading your grids During the transition, all players grids have been saved into their garage, spawn them into the new server using the !g commands. ( !g list, !g load ) Please note this is a one-way transfer, you cannot store grids into this garage. Server Info We are taking this rare opportunity to really spice things up for our players, adding additional Mods and carefully selecting some exciting new planets. Along with this we will be looking at the current rules and adjusting them to suit the direction we want the server to go with PVP and PVE. The new content will include (but not limited to) Mods Planets - Moons - Teired Tech Blocks - Bylen - 20.0g - Stronger Ore Detector - Demus - 1.27g - SE MiniMap (RADAR) - Hyperion - 1.0g - Relative Top Speed - New Eden - 0.9g - MWI - Weapons Collection 2 - Terra Prime - 1.0g - Midspace Clean Crosshair Camera - Dwate - 0.27g - Cloaking Device - Europa - 2.5g - Atlas Superlaser - Kharak - 2.7g - Colourful New HUD - Kor - 0.41g - Radio Detection And Ranging - Muon - 0.6g - FSZ - Faction SafeZones - Spatat - 0.25g - MA Designator Turret - Totht - 1.9g - Modular Encounters Spawner - Unlir - 0.36g - More NPC Encounters - Xie - 0.37g - Reavers - Ziro - 0.34g - Perpetually Peturbed Pirates - Moon - 0.25g - NPC Programming Extender
  6. MattyB

    Love it Munk! I have thought up a similar sounding race with fighters and obstacles but I am definitely pinching a few of your ideas here.
  7. MattyB

    Money doesn’t really matter when you have Zeus
  8. MattyB

    james maybe I will take you up on that fight request... Introducing the Mk2 Chariot
  9. MattyB

    Hello Engineers! Post your Screenshots here and if I am utterly amazed I will gift you one of three prizes. $20 Steam Giftcard 1 Month of Discord Nitro 1 Space Engineers DLC of your choice (Screenshots need to be from inside StrayaGaming Space Engineers Servers) ( follow my forum profile @MattyB so you don't miss out on future giveaways)
  10. MattyB

    One of the comments has a great suggestion, making the cloak effect go to 98% would make it a little more realistic. Seeing a slight shimmer or haze should make it fairer then totally invisible.
  11. MattyB

    Hello Engineers! While StrayaGaming staff have a wide selection of ways to test our players skills in events, we are always open to suggestions and feedback from the community so we can keep our events relevant, fresh and fun. If you have an idea then this is the place to put it into words so staff can see the vision and potentially recreate it in-game. Suggestion Criteria Be as descript as possible so staff can understand and visualise the event. Sever settings will not be altered for the event (adding a mod just for the event is highly unlikely). Link any relevant blueprint that would be needed for your event. Have a clear and fair set of rules, with winning conditions that wont prologue the event past 90 minutes. Suggest a reward for the event that is enticing but not game breaking. We look forward to hearing your suggestions and encourage others to give feedback on the events players put forward. If you have questions regarding server settings or would like to speak to staff directly contact @bodyboarder2528, @cherpychicken or @MattyB.
  12. MattyB

    My suggestion would be to alter the Drill and Fill mod, I feel like a 10km range is way too much and has more potential for griefing rather then increasing QoL. We just came from having to only drill something that’s contacting the ship ( vanilla ) so having a 5 or under km range would still be plenty :)