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    1. MattyB

      Hello Engineers! While StrayaGaming staff have a wide selection of ways to test our players skills in events, we are always open to suggestions and feedback from the community so we can keep our events relevant, fresh and fun. If you have an idea then this is the place to put it into words so staff can see the vision and potentially recreate it in-game. Suggestion Criteria Be as descript as possible so staff can understand and visualise the event. Sever settings will not be altered for the event (adding a mod just for the event is highly unlikely). Link any relevant blueprint that would be needed for your event. Have a clear and fair set of rules, with winning conditions that wont prologue the event past 90 minutes. Suggest a reward for the event that is enticing but not game breaking. We look forward to hearing your suggestions and encourage others to give feedback on the events players put forward. If you have questions regarding server settings or would like to speak to staff directly contact @bodyboarder2528, @cherpychicken, @MattyBor @Noskire.
    2. MattyB

      My suggestion would be to alter the Drill and Fill mod, I feel like a 10km range is way too much and has more potential for griefing rather then increasing QoL. We just came from having to only drill something that’s contacting the ship ( vanilla ) so having a 5 or under km range would still be plenty :)
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