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  1. bodyboarder2528

    do you have a link plus we have alloy armour and metal armour
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    yes but then everyone will have sz and it will be no different to what it is now
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    hey welcome
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    the one we had was teired tech is there one that separate
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    Hello Engineers! The release of ‘Sparks Of The Future’ DLC and update has been a welcome sight for most of us, adding additional textures, blocks and even game mechanics to our survival experience. This has, unfortunately (and expectedly) caused havoc with a number of Mods that we have on the server. As a result, we will be adding/removing the following Mods, players should expect a short downtime at 6 pm on July 2nd. Removed Mods/features JumpDrive Disruptor Turret MWI 2 Added Mods/features Clean Assembler Tab OKI Grand Weapons Bundle Doctor’s Vanilla Voxels Enabling Vanilla Economy
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    Beware the easy path. Knowledge grows only through challenge.
  8. bodyboarder2528

    With the Issues of crashes involving MyPlanet code, I want to get feedback and thoughts on what people feel should happen. This poll is only insight and does not mean it will happen.
  9. bodyboarder2528

    Welcome fellow engineers, We are proud to announce an upcoming Event on our modded space engineers server! The Event will be a "Free For All" using the Modded Hand Weapons. There will be a VIP store at the Event, so be sure to bring some Space Credits with you. (Best thing to do is put all your space credits into an ATM before coming to the event). To enter the event all you have to do is make your way to the "Event Arena" on the time below, and join our discord, at discord.straya.life, and await in Space Engineers Modded (Voice Channel) Getting/Leaving the Event: Base Stargate: (Base-stargate address will be given on Event time) Note: This gate is for Foot-Traffic only (After the Event for players to leave with any loot they won) Med-bay's: Med-bays will be open for the Public at the time of the Event. Event Info:  Date: 29/05/20 Time: 8:30 Pm Event: Free For All Prize: - 1st Prize: 100 Elite Tech, $250,000 (Space Credits) - 2nd Prize: 50 Rare Tech, $150,000 (Space Credits) -3rd Prize: 25 Common Tech, $100,000 (Space Credits) Anyone else that joins the Event gets $50,000 (Space Credits) - (This will be given to players at the start of Event) Other Info: Vip Store/Market, Viewing platform/s (For members to watch the battle) If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us on TeamSpeak at ts.straya.life or through discord at discord.straya.life
  10. bodyboarder2528

    Welcome fellow engineers, We are proud to announce the latest edition of our modded space engineers server! During our downtime, we successfully completed a full rework of the server to provide our players with a more stable and enjoyable experience. You can connect to the newly updated server via se.straya.life or by searching "straya" in your server browser. Effective from the time of this post, we will be running a fresh custom map with the following core changes: Added: Rival AI (Custom NPC Behavior) Air Traffic (NPC's Ships) Armour Ramp Compendium (Building Blocks) No Edges (Building Blocks) Modern Arms Weapon Kit [MAWK] (Hand Held Weapons) HangarMarket (Quantum Hangar - Player ship/grid Buy & Sell) Modified: More NPC Encounters V6 (upgraded from V5) Transporter (1.194) (replaced with working edition) Removed: Reavers Atlas Superlaser Cloaking Device MA Designator Turret NPC Programming Extender Automatic Ore Pickup Radio Detection and Ranging (Radar) You can view our complete mod collection here. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us on TeamSpeak at ts.straya.life or through discord at discord.straya.life I would also like to thank @DJ_JoozBrorg and @Josh_ua for helping with the post and the extra people that helped test the server.
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    The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.
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    Bodyboarder's Channel [DND][DNE] 101933-bodyboarder2528
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    Well, bust my buffers!
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    "The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers."
  15. bodyboarder2528

    With each passing year, the shadows take their toll. But you remain. And so does hope for Middle-Earth.