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    1. James32

      Altis Life v9.0a

      Bug Fixes for the prior major AL update
    2. James32

      Altis Life v9.0

      Hey guys, Sorry this patch was delayed by a few days, we still had a few things to sort out and test, we hope it is well worth it however as it brings a number of new changes for cops and rebels alike. As always we hope you enjoy the update and please notify us of any bugs you may find or any feedback you have. Moving forward this month I'll attempt to try blocks of smaller follow up updates to see if this method works betetr than 1 huge one monthly Also for gang skin donators due to the 4 day delay your gang skins will last till the 11th of next month, we apologize for the delay
    3. James32

      Hey Everyone, Today I am advising everyone of several changes/additions to the community, across various services which are being rolled out following this post. Changes to our main discord New Categories Upon joining the server users will now get the ARMA3 tag, this allows them to see into all of our ARMA3 categories. (They will be hidden if they don't have a role now.) Users can then remove this role and add themselves to each servers role (e.g '?role Altis Life' to see the AL channels). This is the give users some control over what categories they want to be a part of and which ones they don't. Primary Servers will be setup as an Opt Out system, with additional secondary games/areas of interest setup to be Opt-In. We will keep an updated list of the possible games/roles that have discussion channels in the discord. Currently it is relatively minimal and only includes existing games that we have on the discord, but we are always willing to expand it. If you have any suggestions, let us know. Community Contributors Management and Lead staff have decided on the first batch of community contributors and will be handing the ranks out in the next few days. If you need a refresher on the Community Contributors, see the community update posted by @M9' here: https://strayagaming.com/topic/20766-november-2018-community-updates/ Congratulations to our list of community contributors, decided on based on past/current contributions before this point If you are on this list please contact a member of the management team to receive your tags: Persona (I&A Guides) Kev (Community Podcasts) Chadd (Community Podcasts) Bouda (Made significant contributions to improving the server and worked with staff extensively to represent civillian interests) Nevetos (provided a significant amount of documents and maintains support documents) Ryan King (Made the Rubio staff tool for us) Other Discord Servers We have quite a few Discord servers that various factions and groups on Altis Life use, they are all public and we encourage Altis Life players that are interested to join them. Here is a complete list along with invites to each. Primary Discord: discord.straya.life AL Police Discord: discord.straya.life/apd Gang Discord: discord.straya.life/gangs Medic Discord: discord.straya.life/ems Judicial System Discord: discord.straya.life/judicial Altis Life Veteran Today marks the addition of our new Altis Life Veteran tag. This will work similar to the other servers within StrayaGaming with the requirements for the Altis Life Veteran being listed below. If you believe you meet these requirements please contact the AL Manager and provide your playerID, Teamspeak ID and link your forum account. Your eligibility will then be reviewed and you will receive notification of the decision. Requirements: Have never been Community Banned or Staff Banned for any period of time. Does not have a combined time banned longer than 1 month. Has more than 1000 hours played on the server. (As per BattleMetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/550483/leaderboard?filter[period]=AT ) The Altis Life Manager or Senior Management + can void any/all of these requirements in exceptional cases at their discretion. Changes to Some Staff ranks and Responsibilities Discipline, Punishment & Appeals Policy Senior Moderators and Administrators can authorise bans for up to 3 Months, they must acquire approval from the Management team for any ban above 90 days (3 Months). Additionally, Senior Moderators and Administrators can place indefinite bans that are to be reviewed within 1 week of placement by the Management Team. Senior Moderator Senior Moderators are the senior point of contact for ban appeals, and other issues relating to their server. Senior Moderators are responsible for designing and managing server rule-sets and procedures with the guidance of the Server Manager. Senior Moderators are also expected to assist Trial Moderators and help them out in helpdesk. Lastly, Senior Moderators are responsible for dealing with appeals relating to bans placed by other non-management server staff members. Server Administrator Server Administrators are the senior team members for their server and work closely with the manager to discuss and agree on changes to the server. Additionally they work closely with Senior Moderators to ensure that other staff perform to the best of their abilities. Server Administrators are also responsible for the organization and hosting of server events and faction events.
    4. James32

      Altis Life v8.1b

      Small hotfix for 8.1 issues
    5. James32

      Altis Life v8.1

      Hey Guys, This update is our monthly gang skins update coupled with quite a few changes people have been asking for, hope you all enjoy. As always feel free to offer any feedback on the forums and please report any bugs you find
    6. James32

      You know what i meant
    7. Hey everyone, Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Hope you all had a good day and got what you wanted On Behalf of everyone in staff I wanted to thank you all for helping make this an enjoyable community! So, from all of us; Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    8. James32

      Altis Life v8.0

      ALTIS LIFE END OF YEAR UPDATE This new update introduces three new illegal runs, Blood Diamonds, Uranium and Sulfur, all of which will make you more money than any drug run but each have a new risk to them. With the economy of the island growing new business have opened up! They can be robbed for lower money than the Westpac but will also give you some helpful new items. Cops have also got some new skins for SRT and POLAIR and the Sydney office building has been sold to a manufacturing company who have built a warehouse on the land. The construction site at Sydney is now welcoming people to look inside the completed building and the final building will be completed in the new year. We thank you for waiting for this update and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All house in safe zones - removed Office building in Syd replaced Syd construction site houses have been opened also put in that people effected with the house removal can get the gear lost put into a new house via a comp request
    9. Hey everyone, Today I wanted to share some sad news with everyone, and then offer some insight into the future. Due to personal reasons (particularly centered around ongoing health issues), @Connor. has elected to step down from staff/development position for Straya/Altis-life moving forward. This doesn't mean Connor wont be contributing at all in the future, but he will be moving to doing contracted work on a project by project basis should we need it in the future. As for day-to-day AL Dev and the options as I see it for dev moving forward. In the short-medium term I'll be taking over a large part of the day to day AL Development work such as updating miscelaneous systems/functionality changes Altis-Life senior staff will be doing all the map and a large part of the config changes such as accessibility of weapons ect so that our development cycle can continue in between more major changes that we recruit Connor for! To be very clear AL dev should not stall following these changes, it will just become a bit more diversified/will have an actual structure to it instead of Connor shouldering all the hard work. We are also open to people writing code for the mission however this will be blind (without access to the entire mission file) to ensure the security of the mission file. As such what I'm looking for, for anyone who wants to contribute, is stand alone systems/features built by you to improve AL gameplay, if @Mitch and his staff approve the addition and the code is of sufficient quality I will then work on integrating your standalone content into the existing AL mission file. In order to minimize wasted work if you have skills in this area I would suggest contacting Mitch in order to be given features that are more likely to be approved/that staff want. Even though this news is sad and Connor will be missed greatly as a regular member of our staff team I hope everyone will give him recognition for his years of hardwork and dedication; and from everyone in staff I would like to wish him the best in his future endeavors! He has added a huge amount of quality content to AL, including back end security with a leading anticheat system that has protected us from over 500 hackers in the last year, along with countless performance improvements that allow the server to sustain far more clients at a playable level than it used to! For all of this and more we will always be grateful to him. If anyone has any questions about anything related to how things will move forward in this post i'll leave it open for replies so you can ask them.
    10. James32

    11. James32

      Team PSC gonna come teach the AL Plebs a lesson, Preliminary Lineup; @Fitz - Finally something he cant rely on quicksilver for @M9' - Will he manage to hit anything? @Nova - If shitposts were bullets then we'd be guaranteed the win @BridTheAtl - If only you could afk in arma like OSRS @James32 - Watching this fight people will get to see me suck at yet another thing
    12. James32

      Odd that people like to claim people sucked for a promotion instead of accepting they just did more/better work than other people
    13. James32

      Not even tagging me right We know stuff needs to change, we're working on it
    14. James32

      VPT When?!
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