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  1. Papa Green

    Yep sounds good! @DJ_JoozBrorg
  2. Papa Green

    I can do 6pm @DJ_JoozBrorg
  3. Papa Green

    Sure i'm up for a test dummy job just message me on teamspeak. @DJ_JoozBrorg @Gotenks
  4. Papa Green

    I'm not new just thought I would post one lmao. @Leopard
  5. Papa Green

    ~My Member Introduction~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, My name Is Papa Green I get called Papa G but anyways I live in Brisbane and love going to the beach. As a sport I play basketball competitively and love kicking a soccer ball around outside along side sitting in my room playing ARMA 3. I'm 15 this year and have a great time playing with my friends and gang my gang name Is "The Royal British Marines" If you see me don't be scared to say hey i'm friendly and I don't bite!