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  1. Vallenx

    I'm sure if you made a video for the channel they would put it up there for you.
  2. Vallenx

    Welcome to the forums! Great to have you here.
  3. Vallenx

    I dont know if you are in a position to do the same thing.. But my gaming handle comes from a mixture of different names I've used over the last 10-15 years. Name 1: Vicarious Name 2: Fallen Name 3: Sohirx Just one concept for you to work with.
  4. Vallenx

    Now that's an Intro.. Welcome! There's a competition running for the design of mousepads at the moment that would be right up your alley.
  5. Vallenx

    Aye I've been here haha.
  6. Vallenx

    CS:GO mostly.. But right now the flavour is ArmA3. It changes, but I always come back to the games I love.
  7. Vallenx

    We now have three of these topics..
  8. Vallenx

    Back of a boat in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.
  9. Vallenx

    Hi! Welcome to the community. I didn't know much when first playing I&A but the more I played the more I learnt, keep at it
  10. Vallenx

    For sure
  11. Vallenx

    No, the company I work for won't let me do freelance work. However, something could be arranged.
  12. Vallenx

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums! Might see you on Wasteland one day
  13. Vallenx

    Good work mate, nice video..
  14. Vallenx

    I run a streaming group with a few guys called PixelsForBreakfast. We stream mostly Indie games but occasionally stream AAA games together. Our group channel run by a guy named Hellerphant is here: http://www.twitch.tv/pixelsforbreakfast I run my own channel too, which I stream ArmA3 and pretty much anything I want. Linky: http://www.twitch.tv/vallenx/ Im just streaming when I can at the moment, but I plan to have schedule soon. If you're on Twitch, make sure you give me a follow
  15. Vallenx

    Niiice. Top work my man, even if it is against my team haha.