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  1. Brad

    Yet again it was time for the APD to ensure our health and fitness meets the standards set out by law. Was really fun for all involved. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918762022 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918762005 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918761983
  2. Brad

    lol doesnt happen anymore.. Civs are allowed in
  3. Brad

    As snowwiee has said, it is very hard to change the attitudes of many people amongst a whole server (especially in a few days), with the APD being only 1 faction, we're just scratching the surface. What you describe is some terrible roleplay and I couldn't disagree. The APD and all officers should ensure the safety of civilians and other officers to the maximum extent possible. In saying this it was only yesterday that there were 3 simultaneous hostage situations occurring which was further complicated when a bank situation was initiated. Much change has happened within the APD of the past couple days and issues like this one are on the top of our agenda. I encourage you and Altis life as a whole both as the commissioner and with previous staff experience to record your gameplay where possible or have backup recording possible (shadow play etc) so that we can assist you in the goal of maximising roleplay amongst the server. There are many members of staff with extensive knowledge and experience such as snowwiee who may assist us all, however, this forum thread should help to shed light on the progress we are making. Anyone with any concerns please contact me via teamspeak or the forums with or without evidence. Alternatively, contact a member of the internal affairs department.
  4. Brad

    Meme material out of 10
  5. Brad

    Get hyped!
  6. Brad

    [UPDATE] : The second server has been released under the following IP:
  7. StrayaGaming has officially released 'BlackWake'!! Today is the day! BlackWake has gone live and ready for you all to enjoy! We encourage you all who to get in, get active and enjoy the services that StrayaGaming offers! The game is currently on special for $ 17.99 USD so get in before its too late! Simply filter 'Straya' or direct connect via the following I.P:! [UPDATE] : The second server has been released on the following I.P: As usual, if you have any issues joining, please contact us via TeamSpeak under the following I.P: ts.straya.life http://store.steampowered.com/app/420290/?snr=1_5_9__205 Have fun! 3/03/2017
  8. Brad

    Welcome to the community mate! I hope you enjoy yourself and feel welcome. If you have any issues feel free to message with any concerns or questions and ill be sure to help you out. Would be nice to sit down and have a to chat get to know you! Enjoy and have fun. - Brad
  9. Brad

    Welcome to the community mate! If you need anything feel free to leave me a message or hmu on TeamSpeak and ill be sure to help you out. - Brad
  10. Brad

    I would like to clarify that OSG was placed (on creation) a one week trial. OSG is working well and is here to stay. If anyone has any suggestions or things they think would work let myself or orgog know and we'll get back to you asap. In relation to the other points made I do not have a definitive answer, however, I will get back to everyone. Let's keep this a discussion, if anyone has anyone has any suggestions please direct them to an appropriate thread or create another thread.
  11. Brad

    Thanks for your time and dedication moz. I always looked up to you man. Hopefully talk soon, best of luck in the future!
  12. Brad

    I love this idea aswell..
  13. Brad

    THANK YOU! Strayagaming has developed over a very long duration as the result of hard work and dedication from the entire community. However, it wouldn't all be possible if it weren't for our loyal community members and staff, who have contributed their time and funds to further develop strayagaming. I would like to thank, all players, and staff who have contributed whilst giving a special mention to our donators! VIP Level 1 - $10 Donators. C.Whiskey Eazyfrags MadHackz Kooks TheRagingChicken Roberts Prillor TeacupofDooM Lucifer Prillor Cake Roger Purple Captain Alad Boeyy Skyfise Kristiankar67 Overlord23 Moygstar Molten Nclem Brodiee VIP Level 2 - $20 Donators. Webnebular Aidan Leopard Nivea Wolfe Jack Ryan Nex. TheAmazingBurger Matsozetex SmO Coen Aussie Dave Mozkelby Lewis Unemployment Benefit K9. Mozzie Humber MrDripzelz Steve Raven dohdoh64 Sparky Colishere ChristmasLunch Illume Jaxon Stirling GarlicBread Jeesus Bravo Rogmantosh VIP Level 3 - $30 Donators. Bow d0nk Lewis Sills InfamousNova Kane McKendrick (Sylver) Lcpl. Whitts Ninja Prophet John Ox (princeruff) Doa Marquez Zac Smith Dean CheesyMantis72 VIP Level 4 - $40 Donators. John O'Conner BRUCE iTzFluxii CingDingXingXang Vallenx Wilson Pizda Kiwimagic021 VIP Level 5 - $50 Donators. Seal Marc_R Yottahertz. Axle_Tiaky GarlicBread DJ_JoozBrorg Dickler Magpie Falkohh 22a Greedz GreyMan James122004 Deluxe VIP Level 6 - $60 Donators. GoldenElm Ali (Quantum) Suzaku pkisbest (John Walker) DarkAngelSnipes Zachh =S.N.A.F.U= Advanced Donators - Over $70 Donations. ReaganB Gotenks Nolan Envy Links Greedy J. Rambo CringerFinger David Alex O'Connor Viole Snowwiiee Dusty_Stone Unit_3397 Bonez/Masinite Larry Brad MOONMAN Fitz Jack Fire (Sirgeneralj) Thermal/Brad Super Donators - (Donated $100 or more in one hit). Tiggati Busker Jay (IAA) Recon Dropbear Littleblacksheep Lasou1 NightWing UltraNoob (EZRA) Ya Mum Spectral Spex Blackfox TrueBlue [rppk]Mav3rick98 RiddimWise Dat WuckPhit EggsDooley Yuri Jared Kennyboo Lt. Lery Martin Temprite Excelforce Super Donators - (Donated $200 or more in one hit). Excellent26k Itzspex JD3246 Red Super Donators - (Donated $300 or more in one hit). J17 LuckyB33f Il_troy_li If your name has been left out please hmu with a private message so I can fix it up for you!! We have also featured your name on our facebook! https://www.facebook.com/strayagamingaustralia/ While you're there hit us with a like! (Get one step closer to your social butterfly tag!) https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/10614-social-butterfly/
  14. Brad

    I'd just like to give a special mention and appreciative message to vizzN for his hard work and dedication and as a community manager, for not only supplying his own money to fund this giveaway but for continuously supporting the community. Thanks man.
  15. Brad

    Social Butterfly So I have had many people request to receive their social butterfly tag in TeamSpeak and others asking what it is. The social butterfly tag is a way of supporting the community by engaging in our social media platforms and online content. Why did we make this tag? We know everyone loves their TeamSpeak tags! So to show our appreciation for the members who support the community we are offering a tag in TeamSpeak! Thank you to everyone who currently has a tag for your constant support! So, in order to receive your tag please ensure you have; - Liked our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/strayagamingcommunity/ - Followed our Twitter: https://twitter.com/Straya_Gaming - Joined our Arma 3 Unit: https://units.arma3.com/unit/strayagaming - Subscribed to our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVnY9Na7vBwgzgHiTvRWPfQ - Joined our Steam community: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/strayagcommunity Once you have met all these requirements please send me a private message on the forums or join our "General Issues" channel in TeamSpeak to receive yours!