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    1. Jake.

      *THINGS THAT WERE BROUGHT UP IN MEETING THAT I AGREE ON.* Happy for any kind of responses to this as this is just my opinion on things . Can Rebels actually get the KOS shop back? - I don't understand why it was removed at the first place to be honest i get that admins/managers were trying to make it more gang v gang for gang bases then where did the navids/spmgs go? - if rebels have to craft navids, spmgs and then craft mags for it why don't you guys just remove navids and spmgs from cops aswell? - make it fair. If you want to keep navids and spmgs then give them to both sides not just one. I am pretty sure at the community meeting it was suggested that remove navids and spmgs (from both sides) but instead you guys removed it just from rebel and made it a craft able thing. If you think removing navids/spmgs from rebels will increase the chance of roleplay then - "The second reason is the focus of the mission StrayaLife was going to have a stronger focus on role play. Over time we have observed a clear desire from players for more combat oriented game play over decent role play, so we feel the final product of StrayaLife may not have been to most players taste." If navids/spmgs do get removed i am pretty sure people are capable of driving around quilins and ifrits so just remove strides from both parties Every time Void/NSP/-sN- does a bank a lynx/ navid / spmg is pulled or even multiple at the same time - we can counter these but not with 19 - 20 other cops being there at the same situation. Level 5 blacks ok yes it is a reward thing from cops but can we at least be able to craft the level 5 greens? anyway i haven't seen cops putting there hands up if they are surrounded when they have high tier gear.
    2. Jake.

      If wish that was me who won the give away
    3. @Subnoize what were the outcomes of monday meeting on the 15th i wasn't there for it
    4. Jake.

      best cop to Roleplay with @Jacob Richardson
    5. Jake.

    6. Jake.

      I'll enter this but can't wait for the flip knife doppler that @Reaper is giving away hahahha
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