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  1. .Scorpion

    I think I've got something north of 120 hours on Invade and Annex, collected over four years. I've got 3,200 hours in Arma in general, so it doesn't make that much out of my collective time in-game.
  2. .Scorpion

    Hell to the **** yes.
  3. .Scorpion

    Coming from a balancing perspective, if you are running an RHS event, remove all vanilla weapons, uniforms, armour sets and vehicles. The base Arma 3 stuff is far superior to RHS in just about every way; the armour is more tanky, most weapons will do a lot more damage than their contemporaries (SPAR-16 vs HK416 for example) and are easier to handle, most vehicles are more mobile, have heavier-hitting weapons and fire quicker unless you have a loader (for tanks anyway). On a more positive side, I would personally love modded Wasteland.
  4. .Scorpion

    Not an update per se, but maybe run an event for a week or two on another map? Stratis has gotten a little stale over the years, a change-up (even if it's only temporary) would be nice.
  5. .Scorpion

    We need a new quote
  6. .Scorpion

    About bloody time.
  7. The Admin Convoy Hello again gamers, the next weekly event comes to to you from the WL staff team. This time, you will have to stop a column of trucks driven by staff members and kill the individual members. The convoy will start at Kill Farm, and the mission will be considered a failure if at least one of the trucks makes it to Jay Cove. 150K and 2 tokens per kill are up for grabs! The event will take place at the customary 7:30PM AEDT, 30/11/2019. Have fun, see you there.
  8. .Scorpion

    Ingame Name - Scorpion Hours on Arma3 - 2,600 (400-ish on AL) Age - 17 Short description on your play style - Either I outflank other players and hammer their sides with high ROF weapons, or I will hide in concealed positions and wait for someone to put themselves in a place where I can shoot them from concealment. Basically a roach.
  9. This was brought up by Ethan in Discord so I thought I'd share the idea with everyone else. Make a new bot to tell gang members and the like how many cops are on at the time to see if they can hit a bank. Could even add the function to the existing bank bot. Opinions?
  10. .Scorpion

    I unironically don't disagree with this list.
  11. .Scorpion

    I'd like to see some of the shenanigans that happen with faulty vehicles. Add this shit.
  12. Demolitions Derby... With a vengeance Good morning USA folks, Saturday coming brings another event from us in the staff team! Like the last event, this one is simple. A demo derby at the aircraft carrier USS Freedom, three rounds, using quad-bikes, cars and boats, with a tie-breaker round of Go-Karts at the end. First place in each round will earn 300K, second place gets 150K. Let the games begin! The event will be hosted this Saturday, 16/11/2019, at 7:30PM AEDT.
  13. .Scorpion

    Added some life back to the server, and doing things is much easier now.
  14. Pillage and Loot Evening folks, this Friday's server event comes to you from the Wasteland staff team! The gist is simple. Five staff members will be holding the gun store at Camp Maxwell, each holding 500K for a cumulative total of 2.5 million. Yes, that's right, 2.5 million in-game dollars! The objective is simple. Successfully kill the five staff members (they CANNOT come back to the event), that 2.5mil is yours. The event will be hosted this Friday, 1/11/2019, at 7:30PM AEDT. Hope to see you all there!
  15. .Scorpion

    IGN: Scorpion Hours: 370 if BattleMetrics is to be believed. Age: 17 I aspire to be a meat shield.