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  1. martin

    you will need to make. but if you ask really nicely.... they properly still won't do. IDK
  2. martin

    to help-desk
  3. martin

    nice but i would say to much motion blur and the snap in & outs are a bit to quick properly slow them down. Heres a helpfully video.
  4. martin

    Good Day Base, Martin here. i would happy to help with any type of question you would like to ask. and if your looking for some good mates there are plenty others looking for the same. To first answer to your questions is the difference between us and the other gents - well i'm not sure how dark-side actual does there server but - We have a large population with a lot of activities with more been planned everyday. - We also have a live economy system (so prices changes depends on what happens to buying and selling items) - An active crew of staff and events been done regularly. - An advance ticket system to make sure you get the best and quickest service possible. You might even see me hiding in a bush somewhere. or in trouble said the staff an in-game message or head up to help-desk to be assisted.
  5. martin

    Good day mate enjoy your stay.
  6. martin

    "hire ballsy news reporters" Got it.
  7. martin

    Good Day All. On Saturday 11/11/2017 is Remembrance day. To honour the troops of the past that served our country and lost their lives fighting for Australia, New Zealand and the Commonwealth. At 4:00pm AEST there commence a march and a to travel so keep an eye out for them. and have a moment of silence for them. Everyone is welcome to participate in the march. TIME TABLE 3:45PM AEST Meet at designated position. [Will be visible on the map] 4:00PM AEST March Commences [ Track will be laid out] AFTER A MARCH LATER Silence then Ending. Staff will be present this is a NON HOSTILE EVENT RP I wish every a splendid day. if you have any inquires please message myself @martin
  8. martin

    US AL STAFF NEVER STEP SO LOW! "Do not correct me"
  9. martin

    If you gents are looking for a server to just do a few Zeus missions with the other gentlemen a server called Strayagaming | Fun Box [ FYI No mods] is currently running. the server has 29 player slots with a Zeus slot called Maj. Green. I've tried to focus around the mil-sim idea but the server can be played in any type of mindset. the mission file is custom made which means i'm still working on. but the server is there for you guys to have a fun game with the lads.
  10. martin

    "What happens regularly in escape from missions"
  11. martin

    MEANWHILE IN AL CITY "Martin Thought it was going to be an easy day"
  12. martin

    Hi Chris J, The discussion of law enforcement been retained from rebel gangs is an interesting argument however would not work. The reason behind this would be. With you first argument is the one of the primary reason police and rebel aren't restrained is due to numbers. Restraining players to one faction will only discourage people joining the faction in the first place due to the fear of been "trapped" to one faction only. It will also harshly affect your numbers of on cop due to forcing players to make them pick a side most people will pick the free side. With learning new tactics. All are shared half of the PD tactics came from rebel and vice-versa. And do note people in high ranking position are there for good reason (half the time ) Will that's me its difficult to type on phone.
  13. martin

    During a cold and stormy night, you are enjoying the comforts of your own home. When there is a knock on the door, three knocks in perfect sync, it bumps all the thinking process into action. Your muscle starts to cry has you remove yourself from the couch. Dry eyes as you remove your sight from the television that’s repeating an mafia movie and blackness fills your vision as you approach the door you start to hear the rain drops outside the door hitting the pavement. Thoughts start to enter your head, this late out night whose there, is he armed, someone is outside this door thoughts go through your mind one after another before you realize you are standing in front the door and man is standing on the other side. You grab the door knob with a fierce grip, twist and turn and the door opens wide. A tall black figure stands just before you, clinching a small envelope. Your mind fills with words but your mouth to parched to say them. He lifts his arms to deliver the envelope you look up to the drenched man however the envelope remains like it was made yesterday. Your arm reaches out to take the envelope you grasping the letter taking care not to crease it. The man lets go and his arm flops down to his side his other arm raises and he tilts his hat every so carefully and leaves into the darkness he disappears right in front of you as you rub your eyes and closed the door behind you. You move yourself to the table and you pull out the chair for you to slob on. You open the envelope to a nicely written letter. The letter reads. Will you accept the invitation to the ball on the 27th of August at 5:30 O'clock Western Australian time if you do Respond with I accept. Things to remember STRICT ROLE PLAY – Break it and you will be broken…painfully. Any Gate Crashers will be eliminated from this earth before they get close to the gate. You may only share what you have gain in person I don’t think you have telepathic abilities but neither do bullets. Don’t bring guns because our security has bigger ones and god mode. Also only a selected number of people can come so get in quick. real threatening sorry WARNING This event requires some very good investigation and listing skills each bit of dialogue could help or not so make sure to pay attention.
  14. martin

    ' warning, This post was created for the reports and details of ECHO COMPANY events because why not..." The Government population of Altis have question the ADF and the actions of Echo company. the Unit was relocated to Altis due to Australian government grew worried for the island defense from CSAT forces. These are the reports of the activate officers on the ground in altis. COMPLETE MISSIONS: 4 [TRANSPORT MISSION] [UNKNOWN MISSION] [UNKNOWN MISSION] [SURPRISE INVASION]