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  1. FedoraTheExplora

    Or because rebels have a cry when they get tazed- and it's in protocols to prioritize lethals at banks/major robberies. Plus it's no different for rebels when they kill cops to take the weapons and store them (yes, cops have more numbers). Plus tazing rebels at banks is considered toxic, so you hardly see people doing it. There should be more locker checks but items like mk1s are a common tool, so idk why you'd be complaining about taking them? I'd understand a zaf, mk200 or something along those lines but mk1, bit weird.
  2. FedoraTheExplora

    This would be a top notch addition into the gang system for AL, along with other things but this would certainly attract people back to the server/gang life.
  3. FedoraTheExplora

    What's a dev haha
  4. FedoraTheExplora

    Plus it's a VERY crowded market to break into
  5. FedoraTheExplora

    Gang's need an actual reason to play on the server, because at the moment it seems as if the only benefit is being able to not get clapped by cops at major robberies- and contesting gang bases. There needs to be a lot more reasons for gangs to stick around: Drug runs need to be revamped again to make them more attractive (generating more profit) Other forms of missions need to be added besides drug shipment and airdrop (perhaps some missions that reward money, clothes, vests, scopes, tokens ect) Dedicated gang bases that are purchasable and can be upgraded to include better storage, vehicle spawns, drug processing areas, ect. Cops should be able to conduct raids on the bases but some form of notification system should be added so that the gang has a chance to respond and fight the cops Or other gangs too? An evidence locker should be added onto the server as another major robbery, so in the event that gang members are arrested, gear is seized and sent to jail- they have the ability to later get that gear back as well as more items. Gangs get to participate in bi-weekly/monthly competitions that have the change to obtain rare and valuable gear (or vehicles). Like Rise said, gangs or server dies. Gangs used to form a large chunk of the dedicated AL player base and it's a shame to see that slowly transfer to a majority of police (nothing wrong with dedicated police, just the lack of rebels and the recent ratios is a pain to see). This is a big issue so it should be taken seriously and into heavy consideration.
  6. FedoraTheExplora

    +1 Being a new addition to the Aviation team, Metallic has adapted to his new duties fantastically- being diligent in his work and performing high quality trainings. His performance on GD as an Aviation Member and a CO is to be commended, particularly his knowledge about situations, how to best use POLAIR vehicles and guiding recruits and prob. constables with great skill. Metallic would make a fantastic Sergeant and be of great benefit to the APD.
  7. FedoraTheExplora

    +1 Seeing Dredal as a Senior Sergeant, especially within SRT would be of great benefit to Divisions and the APD. His activity in game, knowledge and ability to lead others on operations is to be commended.
  8. FedoraTheExplora

    +1 The work that Nuggy has done over the last few months for Academy has been phenomenal. His attitude and work ethic is to be commended, as well as his in-game activities.
  9. FedoraTheExplora

    Get some colour in there- plain white is a bit boring
  10. FedoraTheExplora

    Have a look at NSW Police cars- and draw some inspiration from those, they look pretty sick.
  11. FedoraTheExplora

    Sergeant Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not entitled to the rank Sergeant and it can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your EOI, if you do it will be denied. Name: FedoraTheExplora Callsign: K16W Assignment: Academy Training Completed By: @Michael Phelps List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Stubbo, Michael S, Crossley, Chad, GemGem, Archie Poland, Lachhunter, Loo Loo, Lucky, Irondeagle Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) Having worked my way back up from recruit following my blacklist, I have approached the APD with a renewed attitude and sense of maturity. This has enabled me to enhance duties over the last 2-3 months to incorperate the feedback and advice I have gotten in order to become a better officer, and person. My involvement within Academy and Aviation is still on-going, and with the rank of sergeant I believe that the ability to make changes within Aviation- and lead others on GD and during operations will be greatly increased. I feel as if I've got my head screwed on correctly this time and I am willing to take on the added responsibilities of a sergeant and ensure that I don't fall victim to the same mistakes that got me blacklisted before. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Holski. @AceWinchester @Sterling @Weaver @Benno @Dredal @RiseAvATAR @Valence @China @deadpool21 @Jot& anyone else who likes it.
  12. FedoraTheExplora

    Some SCP type shit here
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    h a h a
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