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  1. Holski.

    shut up sean
  2. Holski.

    you had me at increased fps
  3. Holski.

    > posts a thread that will achieve nothing rather than just going up to command to try and get attention > complains about a perfectly fine 'combat restrain' > babyrage
  4. Holski.

    whole squad laughing
  5. Holski.

    cop to civ ratio always gets shit when pop goes bad... introducing a ratio would prevent certain officers, senior sergeants+ and divisional officers who quite literally can't play civ (with the exception of runs and other boring things) without leave or approval. divsional officers alone take up 17% of the total APD officers not to mention all the Snr Sgts and above. personally if i saw that many cops on id get some guys on rebel and have some fun, you have the cop force to fight for yourself.
  6. Holski.

    "AoW best gang" bruh
  7. Holski.

  8. Holski.

    We're altis police not sg police. Personally think the suv skins look fine as is.
  9. Holski.

    now it looks like the rest of the map, perfect.
  10. Holski.

    These look great to be honest, like lenny said i suggest a redo of the syd market; its atrocious atm and leaves little space for anything.
  11. Holski.

    +1 good officer on GD. Active & more than capable CO.
  12. Holski.

    Consistently works to better his area within academy. Fedora matches perfectly with aviation and would suit Sergeant very well as not only does his academy work excel but his performance on GD is amazing as well. Fedora has gone out of his way to teach me how to fly numerous air vehicles and performed the training as well, he is the best candidate for the position and has the seniority from his last time within Academy. Although he had a hiccup he is working extremely hard to return to his previous position which he would suit well. - Superintendent Holski
  13. Holski.

  14. Holski.

    if you added some stuff to the last one would be a cool cap point with the pole in the middle -- perhaps could give you tokens or something each 2 hours or smth. second one seems a bit dull 1st one looks ok but change some of the barriers to other objects and spice things up.