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  1. Holski.

    man knows how to use google sheets +1
  2. Holski.

    Add a 500m kos zone to the truck don't understand why you wouldn't. Half the rebels don't bother deccing anyways...
  3. Holski.

    Just make it so your gun doesn't despawn when you alt+f4 and cops get the bounty, that eliminates any reason to be taken up for clog unless you evaded an rp sit or processing etc which should be dealt with differently.
  4. Holski.

    @Asnee just incase u didnt see the post bro
  5. Holski.

    Sick! Myself and a few other boys from the community are picking this up in 10 minutes
  6. Holski.

    Det. Maverick o7
  7. Holski.

    I will drink from your skull
  8. Holski.

  9. Holski.

    One of the more active Sergeants and is a decent CO, with the right grooming from JdawgZ he'd make a great Snr Sgt.
  10. Name: Holski Callsign: [D07M] Assignment: Special Response Team Command Training Completed By: FarmerGeorge Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I have been dedicated towards the APD and SRT for a long time now and have sunk countless hours into improving my division and the people inside of it. In my recent promotions to both team lead and 2iC I have been actively playing the server and observing the members of my team and have additionally been promoting members of SRT and enforcing the high standard we, as SRT, are to uphold. As I mentioned in my Snr Sergeant EOI I would like to establish an ever lasting footprint within Divisions & the APD which is something I would like to further expand on; I believe that as an Inspector I will be far better equipped to manage my team and give my officers the best possible opportunity for them to excel in both the APD & SRT. Again, a promotion to Inspector & Command will provide myself more autonomy than ever, being able to make executive decisions based on my experienced and tested judgement with or without the assistance of DIVCOM. This will not only further develop my ability to command but with push the members of my team to their limits ultimately rendering the best version of themselves. I've already proved my dedication to the division, previously leaving SSGT and going down to Senior Constable only for me to work my way back up the ranks with further determination and again, going for Inspector. However, with far more experience and wisdom gained in the months it took me to make my way up. I know I am ready for the transition to Command and believe both George & Executive agree. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Anybody that likes my EOI or reacts positively, however, these following people would recommend me: @Fraz @RiseAvATAR @Ashes @China @Haz @Archie Poland @Harry.Wasabi @Greeny @Asnee @James @Johny [email protected]@Jewbacca & Kmart approves of this EOI
  11. Holski.

    do a tanoa wasteland
  12. Holski.

    that's 10 right there, more than fegget and martyn combined.
  13. Holski.


    this is actually a pretty good idea, would just be like 2 banks. perhaps slightly increase the stuff you get from rnd as it may be a little more difficult.
  14. Holski.


    current one is as cancer as the old rnd which sucked i like the idea of not making it a office building with a tower but ghost hotel is shit imo.
  15. Holski.

    people have suggested this at least a dozen times but its never been put in or worked on from what i remember. good suggestion tho