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    1. Holski.

      people have suggested this at least a dozen times but its never been put in or worked on from what i remember. good suggestion tho
    2. Holski.

      Blastcore and JSRS if i remember correctly.
    3. Holski.

      Name: Holski Callsign: S11E Assignment: Special Response Team Training Completed By: FarmerGeorge Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min): I've been with the APD for a year and my time in SRT has by far been the highlight of my year, I get to do fun operations with my team and now, with my promotion to team lead, have been given the opportunity to lead my own team. I would like to change the team in a positive manner and establish an ever lasting footprint within SRT, Divisions and the APD as a whole. I feel that by being promoted to Senior Sergeant this will better equip me to improve the division. I have undeniable experience within the APD having been here for so long and understand the ins and outs. I've built a rapport with the community, the apd and my team which I also hope to further broaden. Not to mention, me being promoted to Senior Sergeant will also provide further expansion for the rest of my team, and allow me to move up the ranks of the division which again, will be beneficial for my team. I am certainly ready for the position and hope that DIVCOM/CAB see that too. Do you have any gang affiliations?: no Are you willing to accept the roles and responsibilities of a Full Time Officer? (Y/N): yes, i've been a full time officer for a long time, as detective, gd snr sgt and again as srt. I'm well aware of the responsibilities. Who would recommend you for a promotion: anyone who likes my eoi.
    4. Holski.

      "Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus"
    5. Holski.

      yeah a developer who can work in conjunction with james would certainly help with pushing updates which will contribute to server pop a lot..
    6. Holski.

      good co on gd and one of apd's finest
    7. please dont do ghost hotel
    8. Holski.

      its not working bro
    9. Holski.

      can you cant
    10. Holski.

      +1 promote him please @divcom
    11. Holski.

      u linked the wrong montage
    12. Holski.

      Name: Holski Callsign: K21W Assignment: Special Response Team (SRT) Training Completed By: FarmerGeorge List all Recruit Inductions you have done: greeny | Saracastrophe | JP98 | AJAY Anderson | ole | Jage | dGUT | Kaino | Fatboi | Pozzy | buck | PowerAsian | ItzWayz | Hank | kruse | Nitro | coconut | Isaac | Peanut Butter | LAC Bullock | Daniel | NS3047 | Jacob Mchairyyy (newest - oldest) Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I've previously been in a senior position within the APD before and would be ecstatic at the opportunity to shift back into the Sergeant role again. Previously been a Senior (Sergeant) I've had endless experience in commanding officers during operations efficiently, however with the added combat experience from SRT this will only improve. I will no doubt be able to undertake the duties of an SRT Sgt and am willing to do the smaller tasks such as adding charges etc. I'm very familiar with both the divisional and regular protocols which will further assist me in enforcing them if need be. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Fraz @Citric @jack the fat snack @Harry.Wasabi @tonic @PowerAsian @AceWinchester and anyone who likes the post.
    13. Holski.

      is he 2ic or commander bro
    14. Holski.

      bring food and water the bomb thing isnt bad tho
    15. Holski.

      haven't got my flushot yet on the real tho +1 tp epi-pens/defibs for cop and rebel
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