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  1. Yeet

    fps Would be cool though.
  2. Yeet

    cuhm water
  3. Title says it all. Antistasi is currently running on the skin of a potato. Majority of the people who play on Antistasi are very invested into StrayaGaming and have donated a large amount of money. Add a new Donation thingo majingo and call it Antistasi, we don't need anything in return for donating, we just want a better ****ing server. Please let us buy a new ****en server thanks.
  4. Yeet

    Seeming that you asked, I shall comply. Some of these aren't even I&A or StrayaGaming, but, I think that they are either funny or just nice photos so I'll put them here too.
  5. @Munk This footage is around 1 year old (think a little bit more than that), and uh, nothing much has changed. Just thought I'd leave this here for Nostalgia sakes, you can see some oldish names that we don't see anymore (Noises, Ash, Hinkley comes on occasionally, SkyRaider, even ****en Raider). Ozzy even appeared for a short amount of time, everyone's favourite German that isn't a robot. THE SOUND IS QUITE LOUD TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME! my skids never touched the ground thus no rule break
  6. Yeet

    cuhm water
  7. Yeet

    So, if you've ever wondered how some of the Straya guys spend there time. We are all quite musical, here is our newest track! @Joshua_ @Slep. @pkisbest @Noskire
  8. Yeet

    Maybe its something else in my loadouts? Even if they are greyed out for me they are completely unloadable.
  9. Yeet

    Aaf uniforms arsenal bug

    So, although you can select and put on AAF uniforms in the arsenal, you can't load any Loadout that has the AAF uniform in it. This is unfortunate for me because I mainly wear the AAF uniforms. If you can't tell what I'm trying to do in the above photo, I'm trying to drag the Combat Fatigues [AAF] onto my uniform slot, but I can't because it is disabled. But you can wear it from the arsenal.. Please fix
  10. Yeet

    I've been on quite a large hiatus from StrayaGaming and also Arma 3, just wondering how its all going. I see M9 has retired from being someone who can abuse and give me Pawnees, just wanting to know if there is anything I need to know before coming back. Otherwise hope to see and talk to alot of you soon.
  11. Yeet

  12. Yeet

    Most effort put into a post for I&A in a very long time! Nice one, Persona.
  13. Yeet

    *cough* Ye, been going on for awhile now.
  14. Yeet

    Ah, when Tanoa Tuesdays wasn't replaced by Antistasi Everydays (for me atleast)..