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    1. Yeet

      So, if you've ever wondered how some of the Straya guys spend there time. We are all quite musical, here is our newest track! @Joshua_ @Slep. @pkisbest @Noskire
    2. Yeet

      Maybe its something else in my loadouts? Even if they are greyed out for me they are completely unloadable.
    3. Yeet

      Aaf uniforms arsenal bug

      So, although you can select and put on AAF uniforms in the arsenal, you can't load any Loadout that has the AAF uniform in it. This is unfortunate for me because I mainly wear the AAF uniforms. If you can't tell what I'm trying to do in the above photo, I'm trying to drag the Combat Fatigues [AAF] onto my uniform slot, but I can't because it is disabled. But you can wear it from the arsenal.. Please fix
    4. Yeet

      I've been on quite a large hiatus from StrayaGaming and also Arma 3, just wondering how its all going. I see M9 has retired from being someone who can abuse and give me Pawnees, just wanting to know if there is anything I need to know before coming back. Otherwise hope to see and talk to alot of you soon.
    5. Yeet

    6. Yeet

      Most effort put into a post for I&A in a very long time! Nice one, Persona.
    7. Yeet

      *cough* Ye, been going on for awhile now.
    8. Yeet

      Ah, when Tanoa Tuesdays wasn't replaced by Antistasi Everydays (for me atleast)..
    9. New RHS Update, lets hope we dont have to start over again. (Liru's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fHX1OFjiwI)
    10. Commander Locking and Unlocking others Vehicles: Just wondering if we can get this changed/removed so only Admins can do this. I had all my vehicles locked by commander (that I had either paid for or captured) and then given out to people as mission vehicles. Thus wasting 2.5k of the money I spent. Can we either just not ****en do this and trust everyone (who are all apparently trusted members of the community already) to use their own vehicles? Seems stupid for us to buy a vehicle, customise it; then have a commander lock it and hand it out like free candy. Edit: Furthermore, it seems that this "commander locking" is glitchy as ****. We just had my BTR80A despawn as Taiga was unlocking it for me to own it again, luckily Slep is a god and spawned one back in.
    11. JSRS SOUNDMOD - Reloading Sounds https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1429098683 Seems pretty mint to add this to the allowed mods. Might fix some of the issues we've been having with Errors popping up every so often (not sure about that though).
    12. Yeet

      Not nearly low enough. I demand you 3 be hung.
    13. Yeet

      - Yes, yes they can. I often take on Secure Radar and Secure Intel side missions solo, these side missions spawn atleast 3-6 squads and have a dozen or so within/near the objectives themselves. - Not quite sure if you know how a debate works, but I can selectively choose what points I want to talk against. Also the other half of that sentence had no correlation to the aforementioned, it was simply a comparison.. You were just comparing the bias of the restrictions.. And I wasn't talking about the bias of the restrictions, I was talking about the example you used within the comparison.. Edit: Also that shouldn't seem "odd".. It should seem like the Grenade Launchers should be locked to Grenadier. If you think something needs to be restricted tell a server manager, I'm sure they can either give you some insight with why its not restricted or if they'll restrict it in a future update.. - I was just on at around 2PM, I believe its the first day of school for the kiddos so the server pop was around high 20's. As soon as we got into new ao we had 3 AT guys blow the shit out of every asset in sight.. - I'd doubt they aren't carrying any launchers, I've never come across an AT soilder without atleast a Launcher.. Sure, some of them only carry HE rockets, but I doubt that they "refuse" to carry AP/AT rockets.. If I play AT I usually grab either a Verona with 1 HEAT loaded, 2 in a backpack. Or a Titan MPRL Compact (or sometimes the longer (aa) variant depending on the mission) with 1 HE in my backpack, 1 AT loaded and 2 more AT rockets in my backpack.. Anyway, to each their own. If you want to continue carrying 7 rockets go ahead. But I don't think they'll fit into a VR suit..
    14. Yeet

      I haven't? The CSAT gear provided more ballistic protection.. Thats it.. It also made you a target for me to shoot at because your dressed like the ****en enemy! If your so hurt that you can no longer hold enough RPG's for an entire AT Team go have fun somewhere else. Whenever I play Infantry, I go sharpshooter, take a SPAR-17, normal fatigues or Starvou fatigues, Kerry Rig and a Leg Strap/Pouch. I get killed in about 1-3 shots.. Doesn't mean I can't storm a town and decimate every enemy in sight though.. If your good enough it doesn't matter what you have. (Side note: I don't think its fair to let 1 guy put on a specific loadout, then be able to wipe out majority of hostiles leaving the rest of the people within the AO to shoot at snakes..) Maybe don't get shot so much.. Sweet, use the Carrier Special Rig, alot of carry space and the most tanky vest. Best part is: it isn't a CSAT vest! A U T O R I F L E M A N, I wonder what weapon system an A U T O R I F L E M A N is supposed to use? Maybe not a "normal assault" rifle or a "marksman" rifle.. - I understand you want to come on and just destroy AI (or so it seems) but you've got to take into account that the providers of this server have to let the other patrons also have fun..
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