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  1. BigRed

    No idea mate, just someone around here who has standards and isn't a washed up clown.
  2. BigRed

    Totally inappropriate
  3. Red was here 2020

  4. BigRed

    From my memory the helicopter spawns are like this due to direct requests from long time players. Take Persona for example requesting the Taru, or SNAFU requesting the Hellcat.
  5. I had a few ideas (and had a chat on TS with a few people) about incorporating the FOB into side missions. 2 examples would be a full fledged defend of the FOB, where there could be a timer until the attack starts and then it's on. Another example could be "An AT team has positioned itself overlooking the FOB to take out anyone leaving with a vehicle, search the area, take them out and destroy their missile cache" I figure it could give the FOB a bit more purpose.
  6. BigRed

    Had a chat with a few players about making a dedicated hanger where the fixed wing UAV will spawn. Upsides to this are that it allows the slower UAVs to get into action faster. My big selling point however, is that it helps the UAV pilot feel more like a part of the team, having to talk with pilots, and use the Runways and Taxiways.
  7. BigRed

    Vehicle blackfish vs van

    Might be a Bohemia issue, but Aussie Dave and Myself found that whenever transporting a van in the vehicle blackfish it'll start to smoke (but not show damage) and explode. Makes me think its the van inside taking damage.
  8. BigRed

    Artillery inert

    I've been working with some players, and every time we call Arty onto a target (using guided rounds with a laser active), but even when observing through Zeus, no rounds ever impact. My thinking is maybe the round is made inert by some bug with the weapons safe on base, or perhaps its not firing a round at all. This may take a fair bit of testing to find a solution.
  9. BigRed

    Fob anzac issues

    It may have been reported, but we have some issues with FOB ANZAC. Essentially the FOB activation terminal and some vehicles will spawn inside the warehouse/factory looking vehicles. The building is not enterable so the FOB cannot be activated.
  10. BigRed

    So there's been some discussions about Side Mission rewards. I think it might be a good idea to introduce a rule that the players who complete the side mission get dibs on the reward. The tricky thing is actually putting it in writing. For example, it's all good if it's a recent claim, but what if there's a T140 sitting there for 2 hours, obviously it should be fine for anyone to take at that point. Any ideas from the floor on how it could be worded to allow this flexibility?
  11. BigRed

    @Fitz , probably something for you or Quicksilver. Last night we noticed that if you take a whitelist slot, then a standard player DCs, you'll drop out of that slot and into a standard slot. This means that a new player joining who is Whitelisted can't join, even though a whitelisted player just took that slot. The example was me disconnecting so someone can take the 5th slot, then I jump back in to take the whitelist slot. I then noticed 10 minutes later that someone asked me to do it again. (I'm assuming it works by only allowing the whitelist players to get in the last position, so if you do, and someone leaves you're no longer in that position) It might be a solution to separate those slots out again, but the downside is that we lose some of the streamlined nature that comes with the new system. @Joshua_
  12. BigRed

    Other than the issue of having the DLC to play, we'd also need Quick and Fitz to put in a lot of hard work to build the mission. If that comes to fruition, I'd happily spruke it for the event server, but I'd still be worried about the overall numbers. Time will tell I guess.
  13. BigRed

    The two things I want from this: 1) Quicksilver to make a I&A version in that theme with things like iron sights only, and; 2) A rebel/dystopian realistic single player game in this setting. No zombies or shit, but a few guys trying to survive in a crappy European region thats been ravaged by a non-nuclear cold war conflict. Creeping through old destroyed Bosnian cities sounds awesome.
  14. BigRed

    It's been a pleasure mate. Thanks for all the mentoring.