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  1. BigRed

    Player of the Week 22/8/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Congratulations Almond Almond – Took the role as the Mortar Gunner and from BigReds perspective did a damn good job at it, strategically placing his mortars in large groups of CSAT preventing their advance to the HQ. If you look up the Joint Fires doctrine for any western military, you’ll find good communications in the first couple of chapters. This is true for Almond, the whole time communicating with the forward line of troops, and getting those mortar tubes hot as hell! Honourable Mentions: @Jason – a medic who is hell bent on ensuring he gets as many up as possible that have fallen victim to CSAT. Noted in several defends to do whatever is required to ensure players are patched up while still engaging the enemy and to those who were down. Has an attraction to gold having collected 31 gold teeth this week. @Deagle– Plays several roles although generally a medic and one that has been with IA for a while. A player that knows the objectives and what is required and one that can be relied upon and has earned the respect of players and staff alike. Has a sweet spot for levelling CSAT radio towers with 14 taken down this week alone. Great job Deagle. Lt Toad– Frontline player who is not only good with a gun, but handy behind the sticks of a Blackfish or heli. Making a great impression on the server, fair, helps where he can and knows the order of objectives and what is required. Nice. Again congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  2. BigRed

    Player of the Week 23/5/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Congratulations . @BiscuitBob – This one was rallied by all the staff on at the time and all the troops on the ground, and feels more like I’m nominating someone for a Victoria Cross. On the 23rd May 2035 (probably), the HQ in the South Eastern town of Dorida came under heavy and sustained counter-attack from no less than 5 companies of infantry, augmented with combined arms elements including armour and aviation. The 30 odd troops there unfortunately were lacking skilled medics, except for one man, Biscuitbob! Over the period of 40 minutes, Biscuitbob was either the last man standing, or one of few left standing, reviving anyone he could see to prevent the enemy from overrunning the HQ. In that 40 minutes he killed no less than 25 enemy, but the real battle was won by reviving around 30 players in the space of 40 minutes. That’s almost one a minute. At the conclusion of the HQ defend, all the staff were in harmony in thinking this was a POTW display, and many in group chat were claiming he “carried the team”. Well done mate! Honourable Mentions: @VladiZarth - As a pilot on the server myself I take big pride in giving an honourable mention out for this one. This week, a huge childish rivalry between myself and ChipsDubbo to be the highest on top was completely dwarfed by the rising star himself, Vladi Zarth. Push those PCLs forward and pull up the collective, this guy has been killing it this week, with a continuous shuttle run going back and forth to the AO, helping the troops get in. May your skies be smooth and the Tigs look the other way, well done mate. PRORock – A player with plenty of experience and the right set of skills to get you up when you come off your skateboard fighting CSAT, PRORock has amassed the most medic points this week, constantly putting himself in harms way, and putting the team before himself. Well done mate, and I look forward to seeing you out there this week! On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  3. BigRed

    Player of the Week 9/5/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Alisha2002 – Having only joined the IA Straya sever in early March 2021, has left a good impression with her heli flying and also her role as a UAV. She has managed to gain a good understanding of the roles, objectively communicates to ground troops and is successful in engaging the CSAT armour with a lase and elimination of the enemy armour marked. Great effort and result and good to see a player who is strategic and decisive in her role. Congratulations Alisha! Honourable Mentions: @Felopher- Another player that has come to the attention of both players and staff regarding his role as a UAV, and his ability to do a damn great job at leveling the enemy armour, allowing the advancement of ground troops. @ron– Previous POTW and continues to shine through with not only the top medic for the week with 490 revives, levelled 28 towers, collected the most gold and had enough time to fly a large number of players and deliver logistics to those in the frontline as well. In his spare time managed to grab 5 HVT and prisoners for Gitmo, Good display of exceptional game play and damn finely tuned management skills. @Deagle– Deagle maintaining his cornerstone approach as a frontline combat infantryman. Always leading the charge, taking the fight to the enemy, tactfully approaching to ensure he has the upper hand. Definitely a player that tackles the objective with gust, and can be relied upon to continue regardless of the odds and this has earned him the respect of both players and staff. Jackl – Come to the attention of a number of staff this week for his ability to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to applying his medic skills. Observed to switch between the towers in a defend, and was strategic in getting a number of players up continuously as CSAT attempted to gain advantage of the HQ. And was seen weaving across the frontline, seeking those who need medically intervention On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  4. BigRed

    Player of the Week 2/5/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Congratulations Weary Dig Weary Dig – Previous weekly mention as gamer who has been playing in the Straya IA community for some time and has achieved a damn good reputation at being consistent and a team player. Albeit very professional and rarely speaks but his tactical approach and reasoning to gain the advantage and his demonstrated efforts to lead from the front really stand out. Generally, a player who strategically and chronologically will take the objectives in order to prevent CSAT gaining the upper hand. Rather than getting bogged down in the infantry fighting or running towards gunfire, he’ll push objectives. Well played. Honourable Mentions: @Badger, - This week Pvt. Badger has been flying helos and has managed to top the list for the most transport points. Not only can he pay a great frontline role taking the battle to CSAT, but has the added ability to get troops in successfully. Badgers ability to respond to requests from the AO is of considerable note, whether updated situational awareness requiring a change in tracking, and request for ammo or a special LZ, Badger remembers the key to being a good pilot on this server, Service to the troops. Us pilots are there to support what they need! Well done, Badger! @Deagle – Deagle is a cornerstone of most infantry combat on the server. Always up fighting fit and taking it to the enemy. Often quiet, but communicates when needed, he’s the silent professional type, like a highly skilled grey man. If you need an objective taken and he’s on the way, chalk it up as a win. @JFE – Medic – Another well seasoned gamer who plays his role as a medic with dedication considering the amount of players incapped by CSATS defence. Another great asset to have in a defend or when charging froward in the frontline trying to gain whatever advantage over CSAT. Always makes the effort and goes the distance and a player who deserve the credit for his efforts. @Chris – Been a long-term player and balancing work with play time however plays as a medic and one of the players that follows the objectives, gets the results and never complains. A formidable asset to have when you need medical intervention and he is in the game. Very handy with a rifle and always makes the effort to get you up if he can, with a total disregard to obstacles. Plays at all different times, morning, afternoon and late into the night. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  5. BigRed

    Player of the Week 18/4/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Shaunuss Congratulations. Shaunuss is a player whose charisma has put him solely in the spotlight. Taking charge and unifying friendly forces to take and hold ground. There are many tenets to a good leader, but some include mentoring and compassion. One thing Ratso and Myself have seen, and absolutely want to thrive, is Shaunuss’ display of both mentoring and compassion, helping out new players and providing wisdom to those who aren’t as experienced. This type of player helps reinforce what a good community is, and helps bring in new players, giving us the great player base we all enjoy. Beyond this, there’s his soldiering, which is exceptional. Mate, we’re happy to have you here! Honourable Mentions: Weary Dig – a gamer who has been playing in the Straya IA community for sometime and has achieved a damn good reputation at being consistent and a team player. He is the quiet professional, rarely speaking, but the way he uses tactics and zest to gain the advantage leading the troops up the front to take the desired objectives, speaks for itself. 11 Towers reduced to scrap metal, a feat in itself, and one player who definitely knows the advantage of a mine detector. Noted by several staff members over the past several weeks to be always somewhere up the front, venturing into the obscurity and always pushing forward to conquer the objective. MA This player has highlighted his natural leadership skills, using his communications and charisma to bring troops to bear upon the enemy, staff have been alongside to witness and it’s good to hear someone who is willing to take charge, initiative, and lead by example. Thinking outside the square, MA brings a tactical mind to the forward line of troops and helps overcome problems that would often bog down our players. We look forward to seeing you develop and lead going forward. Pvt Badger, much like our good vet Weary Dig, is a quiet professional. When you’re pinned, he’ll cover your retreat, when you’re down, he’ll get you up, and when you need a bigger weapon, he always seems to have it. He has a knowledge of what is required to take and hold ground, and without doubt is a fantastic asset to us! Bad Moon Boss – Still making his mark following on from his previous honourable mention for his frontline works and approach to providing assistance with medical pods, ammo, JTAC role and lasering ground targets for CAS. This week he has played the role as a medic and was very successful in managing to take 8 HVT prisoner’s and have them incarcerated at Gitmo. Your approach and multi skilling in your roles and your ability to overcome, modify and adapt to the role you chose has certainly come to the attention of other players and indeed the staff. Personal – Another awesome week for Personal with over 432 revives and well gauged to take out the top medic of the week. Your ability and prowess to get to players in their time of need is nothing short of remarkable. Having seen this player weave his way across the field regardless of distance or obstacles to get a player on their feet is unbelievable. You have earned yourself a notch as one of the best medics and you play your role perfectly. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  6. BigRed

    Player of the Week 21/3/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Monkhead This week Monkhead has collected 27 Gold Teeth for a sweet street value, and revived over 208 players. This is the battlespace dominance we love to see here. Monkhead is the guy to push forward, and take names. That kind of consistent multi-role play makes you extremely capable and a true asset to the team. Stellar work mate! Congratulations MONKHEAD. Honourable Mentions: Black – Our rising star of a Medic, Black this week got 217 revives! The medic role is one of the most demanding, but also feeds back the best into our overall warfighting capability. A true force multiplier. Such a score shows a level of courage and dedication that speaks volumes to the players character, one who values others, and the mission, above their own self. Next drink is on me mate! Weary Dig – A true veteran player, we have all seen Weary Dig going above and beyond. If there is a recurring theme, playing the objective is one that keeps coming back, as it’s the fastest way to take an AO. This week Dig took down 8 towers, more than anyone else. Considering the risk of approach and the challenge due to mine density, this lad is down to destroy. Legend! @tissh820 – Tisssh was a HM last week for all the same reasons. He has accrued 137 pilot points this week and filled a number of rolls. A true all-rounder. I have personal experience of rolling with him side by side, the two of us, in Livonia. He’s competent and dedicated. A calm temperament and a smooth gunshot release. Can’t wait to raid some more Polish forests with you! @Stephen – At the time of writing, Stephen had 365 transport points, which is nothing to shake a stick at. What we love here at SG is that Stephen is a veteran player, who’s come over to the aviation side. The aviation element in IA is a huge hurdle, there’s lots of rules and skills to learn, and you have the responsibility to do your job well and not kill everyone onboard. Both myself and Ratso are stoked with your development as a pilot on the server, keep it up, I'll see you on the pads.
  7. BigRed

    Player of the Week 7/3/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Appu Congratulations @Appu @Appu:– Constantly leading by example, Appu has been in at least 4 honourable mentions for POTW, and thus has a stellar track record. Plays early in the morning and anytime he can get on. Interacts well with all players, is respectful and does a fantastic job in a variety of roles. Medivacs, HVT apprehensions, as well as targeting Mortar pits, AA and a wide variety of frontline ground force objectives. Has been on our radar for a few weeks now, but now its time to acknowledge your efforts. Mate, it's the dedication, the effort, the leadership and the mentoring that all of the staff here at SG really admire, you're an absolute credit to the server. Congratulations Appu, well earned and rightfully deserved. Honourable Mentions: @Ozzy: - Now as far as players go, Ozzy has certainly excelled in his latest role as a medic, 879 revives in a week (Just crunching some maths, if he played every day for 3 hours, that's 41 people a day, 14 people an hour, or one person every 4 minutes). I’m surprised the pilots haven’t got together to organise a hit on this guy as he has managed to get those requiring his help back onto their feet and robbed the pilots of their highly sought after transport points. Outstanding effort Ozzy and one that you should be proud of. Your interaction and chosen role has put all medics on notice to improve their bedside manner, laying down a benchmark that I hope will instill other lacking medics to shape up, or find another profession. This is the bar ladies and gents, lets uphold it. Clockie – Another great effort and play this week by Clockie as a medic and another dedicated to the role and knows what is required and applies it to get the job done. As stated previously, he loves to carry the odd explosive and loves throwing it in the faces of CSAT in their feeble attempt to build a stronger tower or add extra mines in an attempt to stop him. 19 towers in the previous week as well as a huge amount of revives. This week he has even managed to capture 14 poisoners. Serious time management planning. We all appreciate your efforts Clockie, keep leading the front and we will try to keep up with you, just look out, because with those stats, I'm sure CSAT will put a bounty on your head. @Venom: - Good to see a fellow JTAC in the field, sometimes underused, but under the handy 9-lines of Venom, you'll see bomb-on-target within 15s of TOT. A role that hasn’t yet been looked at with much detail until over the last few weeks seeing Venom lase targets for CAS. He was seen to laze two T140 Angoras and within minutes, 2 successful CAS strikes that left nothing but debris, scorched earth and a diesel fire you could cook a spit roast on. This has been reoccurring during the week and is welcomed by those foot soldiers in the frontline having to endure the relentless CSAT armour, and a pleasure for CAS pilots that want to flex their GBUs. Nothing ruins your day more than getting within striking distance of a major objective, than being mowed down by the 30mm cannon from an Angara. The man with the laser, Venom will save your ass. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention. Congratulations to all, myself and all the SG staff look forward to working with you next week.
  8. BigRed

    Player of the Week 21/2/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is The Tank Guy Congratulations. @the tank guy – Not hard to work out his chosen role from his name and it's one that he excels at. Thundering across the flats and hills, plundering his way into the towns and eradicating the enemy CSAT as they try and oppose the onslaught of BLUFOR. Can’t mistake the sound of the T140 Angara he commands with his trusty AI driver as they take on any formidable resistance to reach the objectives. Played on both Altis and the Lavonia map and on both was a fantastic asset to have on the ground support the ground troops. The staff note he practically saved the day in Livonia during a defend. It was 4 of us with our backs against the wall, hearing a tank we all thought it was all over...but in rolls TheTankGuy with a slammer, and did just that, slammed the CSAT into submission. Please keep coming back Tank Guy, your abilities are welcome. Honourable Mentions: Glory501 – Has been playing for a short time and has made a huge impression regarding his adaption and understanding the roles he enjoys. Ironside, UAV, mortar gunner, rifleman and at times when needed flies a heli as well. An international member of the Straya Gaming family, does a fantastic job in providing help to a number of players, gets involved and helps out where he cans. Communicates well in game on text and is a nice guy that plays in the spirit of the game. A dedicated UAV pilot and a very competent multi role player we are looking forward to seeing what he does next. @Appu – 3rd honourable mention and well deserved. As expected, continues to strive at his role’s medic, rifleman and sniper and is another who engages with all players in the game, likes to help out new players and makes a difference. Targets the objectives and along the way ensures the Mortar Pit and AA are done before moving into the HQ. Even managed to capture a couple of CSAT commanders and get them back to Gitmo on the way. Nice job Appu Clockie – been a regular player for sometime and plays as a medic and has joined the team of medics that strive to get in capped players back onto their feet in the advance against the oppression of CSAT. Appears to also have obtained dental skills whereby he sometimes relieves the CSAT of their gold teeth. Always has room for a couple of explosives so he can level the tower when weaving across the battlefield trying to get to his next victim. Very handy to have around in the middle of a defend and always makes the effort to get to you regardless. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention. Player of the Week 21/2/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is TheTankGuy Congratulations.
  9. BigRed

    Player of the Week 24/1/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Matteus Congratulations. @Matteus – A long serving dedicated player who has fun yet takes his role pretty serious. Plays a lot of side missions with Bohammer and they generally have a good success rate. Handy as a gunner in the armed blackfish and also on the frontline at the AO lasing tanks and other enemy armour that opposes the advancement of friendly troops. Very handy to have when a defend is on, prepares ammo crates with all the right ammo for those in need at the HQ. Also a good asset in Ironside and as a JTAC. Is there any role you can’t do? A great effort overall with tactics and even when things don’t go like they were planned, his attitude and demeanour never seems to falter. Well done Matteus. Honourable Mentions: Gunman - A frontline player who role is a medic and continuously and methodically pushes the front troops up into the target areas, driving forward. Great communication and a great asset to the game. Staff noted excellent communication and leadership skills. Supporting newer players, and encouraging great teamwork all round. We’d certainly hold a trench with you mate. @swampy741 – Another multi role player, rifleman, medic and UAV who over the past week has been noted to adapt and performs his role well, especially in a defend where he stays in the tower healing and reviving players engaging the onslaught of CSAT troops as they advance their way in an attempt to gain the HQ. Nicely done Swampy and a role you play well. @Aussie_Cowboy – A player who has been around for some time and knows exactly what is required from the medic role. Makes the difference and effort to get to any players regardless of the distance. Takes the risks and generally overall succeeds. A good player to have in any situation and especially a defend where he will Criss-cross the HQ area, tower by tower to respond to those in need. Well done Aussie_Cowboy.
  10. BigRed

    This might spawn some clever ideas for rewards, provided we can get some assets made. I remember once we were tooling around when Livonia came out and we built a tractor with a Centurion missile launcher on top. Are you thinking of quirky/funny things like that?
  11. BigRed

    Player Of The Week 01/11! Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is HonourableSushi! Congratulations! HonourableSushi is all over our radar as an outstanding player. He has two previous Honourable Mentions for Player of the Week! This player is consistent, dedicated and selfless, often risking life and limb for others, which are the cornerstone of any great medic. As a member of a team, he is a force multiplier, by efficiently and effectively keeping the team on their feet and in the fight. Over the past months I've seen this player time and time again going well above and beyond the call! On behalf of myself and all the Straya Gaming staff, it is my absolute pleasure to award HonourableSushi with Player of the Week! Honourable Mentions: @Hetwan, Another medic who @Captain Ratso has been keeping an eye on, this player is consistent and capable. It's the hard hours put in over the week which brings up the standard for everyone else and gives all other players a great experience. Of particular note is his disregard for personal safety during defend missions, where he will prioritize the recovery of others over his own well being. Well done mate! @Yuri, yet another Medic. I myself am always proud to carry him into battle (if we actually had a CSAR capability on the server, I'd want you in the back as a PJ!). What really separates Yuri from the rest of the crew is his dedication to cover vast distances to revive a downed casualty, highlighting his selflessness and sacrifice for others. Fantastic work Yuri, I'll see you on the next sorty! Desert, a relatively new player, Desert has shown himself to be an exceptional warfighter. Marksmanship, infantry minor tactics, and a diverse skill-set means this operator can adapt to any situation and win the fight! Plays often in the early mornings and late at night, when the numbers of friendlies are low, thus shows that this is a guy you want up front sending the brass! Solid! @Matteus a long term, very consistent player. (he was amazed when I told him he had over 1000 hours on the server) Matteus is the jack of all trades. Often known for running a side mission team, or rocking an armoured vehicle/tank into the AO, his skills are diverse and his ability to get any job done do him credit. If you're out there and see him on the field tag along, he knows exactly what he's doing. This guy operates both in small teams and solo, and loves to take on tasks that gravely outweigh an average player. What a champion!
  12. BigRed

    Player Of The Week 04/10! Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Deevy! Deevy is a medic more than dedicated to the role and not afraid to take those chances against an enemy regardless of what they throw her way, she covers ground under fire to get you up when you're incapped. Solid effort overall and also known to pack some high explosive among the tourniquets and Israeli dressings just to ensure that Tower goes down. Has not been able to play last few days due to having to work, but when she’s on the game, rest assured if she is within 500 meters of your moaning carcass, she is going to attempt to get to you, and when you see that pink skin coming towards you, more than likely your not going to get the chance to thank her, as shes already off to get the next grunt up on his feet. Leadership skills, and taking charge means this player is a great female example within the community, and the staff here at I&A are proud to award her the well deserved Player Of The Week! Honourable Mentions: Honorablesushi, Prepared to go the distance regardless of obstacles and dedicates himself to the role. A dedicated medic who puts the value of others above his own. A consistent week of hard work reviving people. As the moto of the USAF Pararescue goes "that others may live" @Jnr has been recommended by the players during a defend. Focusing inwards, which is sometimes needed, noted for dragging player after player to the medics while under fire to keep the fire up. CPT iNSANO, Always in the front line, seems to evade a lot of the armour but when he does go down, its generally some distance away. When reviving there are enemy bodies everywhere near him. Good strategic approaches concentrating on the tasks in a chronological order. One to definitely have on your side and a good leader to follow.
  13. BigRed

    No idea mate, just someone around here who has standards and isn't a washed up clown.
  14. BigRed

    Totally inappropriate
  15. BigRed

    From my memory the helicopter spawns are like this due to direct requests from long time players. Take Persona for example requesting the Taru, or SNAFU requesting the Hellcat.