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    1. BigRed

      No rush. I figured it was a valuable discussion point. There are a few out there that have much more assertive opinions on it.
    2. BigRed

      Circlejerk: CAS prosecution authority and ability to seek, identify and neutralise. Unjerk: Had a discussion recently with a few people including SNAF, Decibel and PK, about the issues of CAS rolling into AO with a UAV and essentially being their own first strike wave. As realistic as that may be to a real world campaign, this needs to be all about how much fun the infantry are having (and supporting the numbers on the servers) The suggestion was that the rules be altered that CAS cannot request to strike, and then waiting for ground forces to approve. Rather, they can only engage when ground forces initiate the request. Thought?
    3. BigRed

      To round the whole thing out, almost everything in ARMA is a little off when it comes to aviation combat. Personas talk of OODA loop cycles, sounds all well and good in classroom at 2FTS, but in reality it's broken in ARMA as fixed wing combat, including all of the AA threats, happens over 1/20th of the actual realistic distances, the threats as a whole don't relfext their real world counterparts and so forth. Even in rotary combat there are unrealistic aspects. For example, if there was any form of SPADS such as a Tunguska (or Tig in this case), NO ONE GOES IN. Artillery solves that problem, or infantry. The point of my post if to shy people away from trying to win arguments here with fancy real word aviation combat theory, when it needs to be solved on the level that brings in players to the server because they're having a good time. It's not about us having fun with out favourite helo/plane, it's about whats best for the server.
    4. BigRed

      Thanks to everyone for the great night. Pity Battleeye decided to cut my power streak off at it's peak. I was keen for that final win. Oh well, fun all round!
    5. BigRed

      @Yeet and @Dogofwar finally convinced me to try it out, pity it's 2 days before I'm away on course for 3 months.
    6. BigRed

      I disagree, I have much more fun on a full server.
    7. Away on exercise till Jul 10th

    8. BigRed

    9. BigRed

      Minor Bug Both Hamish and myself corroborate, but it seems that once the FOB is activated, when you drop further medical crates on the FOB it doesn't do anything, they just respawn at base. Cheers
    10. BigRed

      I'm getting the popcorn, Persona will be kicking down the door soon...
    11. BigRed

      Lads Some of you were having a discussion with me re an upgrade I was working on, pissed off because I&A specifically for me was running really poorly. Today I built it. I went from an i7 4790, 16GB DDR3 and an old school HDD to; an i7 8700k, 32GB DDR4 and most importantly an NVME Drive just for ARMA. (I've been running a 1080ti for a while now) The changes I noted were an average jump in from from around the 30fps mark to about 55 to 75 fps. Most importantly though theres no stuttering and it loads really fast. I'm going to chalk it all up to the drive upgrade as both the CPU and RAM before were hardly working up a sweat. I'm not sure the difference between an NVME drive and a standard SATA SSD, but if anyone is looking to upgrade, and they've got a standard HDD, I'd recommend turfing that first.
    12. BigRed

      @pkisbest You've got my vote. Georgetown/Kavala could have a secondary objective. Lel
    13. BigRed

      Stolen from r/arma by u/franbiren Damn civilians in ARMA 3... target practice for Taco
    14. BigRed

      We frequently found old munitions that had been turned into IEDs. The scary part was their RE Factor and yield. We're talking old 155mm rounds. Even some APFSDS tank rounds buried and pointing up to destroy protected vehicles. *Edit to add a bit: In most cases air transport was the best method and would be the chosen on legit about 99% of the time. Normally only vehicles would go out in large convoys and only when there NEEDED to be either gear that could only be taken by vehicle, or the vehicles themselves needed to be moved.
    15. BigRed

      SNAFUs point about the artillery is interesting. Although I agree the point and click mentality of the ARMA artillery system is kinda challenge killing. It'd be great to have things like smoke screens be utilised. However that'd only be appropriate in certain areas where the jungle isn't already too close.
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