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  1. Dogofwar

    The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
  2. Dogofwar

    i agree with Bread
  3. Dogofwar

    Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion.
  4. Dogofwar

    The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig.
  5. Dogofwar

    Instead of removing it relocated it to a better location in that area, because when it comes to missions up there i can be really handy.
  6. Dogofwar

    Broken fobs

    FOB trenchfoot doesn't spawn vehicles even when fully activated and FOB Monash doesn't activate when crates are dropped at its location added: FOB hopeland doesn't take crates either
  7. Dogofwar

    Hi All, Here's a solution to the topic of CAS Jets to CAS Helicopters is that both do well at there job. i have listened to many arguments on both sides from my time on the server and i feel that this would be the best solution. before we start I like to fly both the Jets and helicopters so i hope to come at this argument from both angles. CAS Jets have the capability to quickly fly in drop it pay load and be out the other side of the AO in a matter of seconds, they have there ups and downs as the single pilot is required to watch for AAA, find their target and fly the jet all at the same time and having a higher chance of dodging AA. Whilst, CAS Helicopters lack in the ability to fly through the AO at speed, they make up with the ability to precisely drop massive payloads and deal with multiple targets, they lack the ability of armor and dodging AAA. All the CAS Helicopters if it was the Blackfoot or the Kajman they both can easily be brought to the ground by AA. Especially the Blackfoot which is made of 'paper mache' and can be brought down by a simple HMG or armed qilin. In total, both assets have have the ability to replace each other in different areas, though it in all comes down to the player and what they want to fly. I propose a simple solution to this topic, when a user loads into the fighter pilot slot they are present with a computer that gives them the option to either select AA Jet or CAS Jet. simply add a option that gives them the option to select CAS helicopter. By doing this would increase team work on the server as if they select CAS Helicopter their gonna need a gunner (AI: take alot of skill to efficiently gun with, and id still leave available for those who want). They still need to be called in by UAV or Infantry on the ground. Now as for the AA Jet, the Helicopters could never replace them they its role can be filled in by and infantry and would be if it was necessary. you see at the moment on the server due to us having Jets infantry don`t need to carry AA launchers or drive the cheetah as they have a Jet. but if they were put in a position on needing to actually carry a launcher to deal with enemy Jets they would. This would again bring more team work onto the server. Thanks and please leave an ? if you agree or an ? if you don't
  8. Dogofwar

    Humaine you should put that as a poet in the guides area
  9. Dogofwar

    great work persona
  10. Dogofwar

    I think even though this is a great idea, it is a bit to much for the IA community. We got to remember that a lot of new players join straya to try out arma and have fun. Putting restrictions that harsh would, I feel severely affect the player base. But if straya was to make there IA a lot more serious that would be an awesome system to implement.
  11. Dogofwar

    Seems that the system for CAS count is working but, still logging off and the jet not despawning is still there
  12. Dogofwar

    Cas jets broken

    CAS Jets dont despawn when pilots dc. they dont count peoples jets, i just spawned a jet in and it said spawning 0/3, this being the first time iv gotten on the fighter pilot role today. Transport points work though
  13. Dogofwar

    i like the idea of being able to change role without having to go back to the lobby. But against the adding limit equipment would take away from the aspect of Straya IA. Plus who doesn't like wookie medics touching you all over.
  14. Dogofwar

    Pumpkin Eater
  15. Dogofwar

    True, though if we could limit it to like one AI a tank and have like only 2 AI could fix that issue