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    AREA 51
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    Limitless Circa December 2017
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    There. The general idea that you @BigRed wish to achieve is not easy and requires policing on the part of staffers. It can and probably will get annoying but the language of the text must be sufficiently vague for you to " play " with and make decisions, thus I used " if distinguishable " and " reasonable duration ". So if there's contention, one can deem it indistinguishable and move on, or if 25 min was too long, it'd be unreasonable without having to constantly verify condition after condition based on X min and past time T did Y player join Z group.
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    Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion.
  5. Persona-non-Grata

    A brief but very productive tenure. Ever since, what? June 2018? The genesis of the Sunday operations, development of the Exile server, moderation duties and event organization on I&A, the whole 9 yards. Your departure will be met with a great deal of regret. Thank you for your contributions and your service, especially for liaising with me on the I&A guides. You'll be missed. - ??????? ??? ?????
  6. Persona-non-Grata

    It is with profound regret and a heavy heart that I see you step down from your post. I thank you for your tenure as an I&A moderator, you made the experience better by a significant margin be it through fair disciplinary action or judicious Zeus interaction. I'm pleased to say that as the first staffer I interacted with you left a good impression on me through your patience and good work ethic, and I thank you for liaising with me on the I&A guides.You were and always will be a credit to the organization. You shall be sorely missed. With my sincerest regards and wishing you great success in all your ventures, - ??????? ??? ?????
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    Let Me Out!!!
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    Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness
  9. Persona-non-Grata

    Veritably false. Jets have far greater kill chain completion times and poorer OODA loop management. Phase Fixed Wing Rotary Find Radar / EOTS / TGP / IRST Radar unreliable with detection because ARMA 3 and really good reasons. Soda straw aperture flying over a small area at high speed without any thermal imaging. Radar / EOTS /IRST Wide FOV, gunner can simultaneously look through a thermal imager and refer to radar screen. Fix Painfully cycle with assigned key while trying to actually fly the jet whilst attempting to avoid possible AA fire. Gunner selects target, pilot hovers comfortably (division of labor is fantastic isn't it). Track Correlating position on subsequent passes until strike authorized, an annoying matter itself w/o TrackIR and all jets notwithstanding the F/A-181 need to see the projections through a HUD not an HMD. Target tracked, gunner may keep camera locked if necessary. Allows simultaneous multiple target monitoring and position correlation. Engage Hard targets necessitate lase, infantry ones are typically just terrible. Reliance on a decent UAV Operator for a reliable lase. SDB onboard targeting is iffy at best on the server because ARMA 3 and really good reasons. Pain in the arse follow up capability as major time lag is necessarily incurred when next pass needs to be initiated which requires good spacing and high energy. Paradoxically, if one wants to maintain high energy for AA avoidance this reduces the window of opportunity in terms of completing yet another (partial) kill chain. Difficult to assess prudence of danger close occurrences. Multi - mode tracking missiles, either SACLOS or thermal imaging. Kill chain completed within helicopter without external interference or assistance. Incredible effectiveness with follow up engagements as time lag is present only due to limitations of gunner awareness and speed of weapon cycling and follow up firing. Infantry eradication easy owing to a stationary position and cannon. Easy to assess prudence of danger close occurrences. So, rotary CAS completes kill chains faster, independently, and the division of labor means OODA loop chains are finished with higher speed, even if one acts under the assumption of an (impossibly) perfectly coordinated UAV Operator and CAS pilot. Avoidance of AA with helicopters is not a complex matter, it's simply a few klicks of standoff. Of course this comparison acts under the assumption of no enemy CAS jets as a fair test. Exclusive rotary CAS without the removal of enemy jets is a lousy prospect for obvious reasons. Rotary CAS is a good idea, it's far more engaging, less boring, and one can have tea while waiting without having to touch the actual stick.
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    Transport Pilot UAV Operator (Op) Fighter Pilot
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    Forward Operating Bases ( FOBs ) Logistics Side Base and Objectives Air Defense System ( ADS )
  12. Arsenal Motorpool Ironsides ( Tank Crew ) Artillery and Mortar Joint Tactical Air Controller ( JTAC ) and Squad Leaders
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    Server Rules Rules of Engagement ( ROE ) Robocop
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    Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war
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    We are now in this war. We are all in it, all the way.