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    Player of the Week 13/12/2020 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Ron – Congratulations. Ron – A player that has been an honourable mention in the past few weeks and continues to impress with his skills as a medic. A player that also plays well on the Tanoa server is known to many as a damn good trooper and for those who have been revived by him in the forward march upon the AO and also within a defend, know exactly that Ron goes anywhere a player is down and he can help in getting them back on their feet. His medical statistics dictate and support the fact he plays the role exceptionally well and has gained the respect of players and other medics for his dedication to the role. Also as previous his radio tower destruction and collection of gold teeth continue to grow. Well done Ron, great to have you with us. Honourable Mentions: Rocketman – Has been playing as one of the main pilots over the past week, both as heli and CAS. Good safe pilot that has a damn good average in getting the troops into the AO and ensures their safety is not compromised. Also a good pilot in the CAS jet, willing to help the ground troops with armour, requesting a lase then taking the enemy out. @Humaine – Plays as a HAT amongst other roles carries his AT into the battle in search of enemy armour. A great player and always in the front. A veteran player from when this server was in its infancy, we'd like to highlight a very high bar consistently set by Humaine this week which is a standard he's set for years. CSAT of course like to rain down a barrage of mortar on him so if you’re thinking its an easy ride, think again as he seems to attract their mortar gunners albeit, he hands it back to them twofold. A solid effort this week and came to the attention of a number of staff regarding his interaction with players both new and old and the logical order of gaining ground on the AO’s. Well done Humaine. @Seshwan Saucy – Has come to attention of Big Red with his killing skills. Noted in a session to clock over more than 300 kills prior to a restart and is always in the front line leading the charge ploughing through CSAT like a jack hammer going through a duck. Definitely a player who knows tactics and works his way through the barrage of oncoming enemies in a strategic clockwork action leaving behind an endless trail of destruction for CSAT. A great asset and player to have with I&A Straya Gaming. Well done and we are glad to have you on our side. Another awesome effort this week and congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention. On behalf of Straya Gaming I&A and Staff we thank you for your support, attitude and overall involvement in the game, your efforts has been well received and truly noted.