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  1. Easteregg helicopters will despawn after taking off roughly 25m into the air, This bug started when the vehicle activation script was added
  2. Goose_

    Just gonna add one more thing, The reward for the top 3 people. Is they get to use IDAP skins on their vehicles.
  3. Goose_

    A dedicated hellcat spawn would be great, Adding Laser designator would also allow for some interesting jtac gameplay +1
  4. Goose_

    Leaderboard for most civilians killed in a week.
  5. Pretty simple request to allow for Fast Roping to be enabled on The Xi'an, To allow for some more adventurous drop zones, Instead of landing or a simple para drop such as this test which i did in editor https://i.imgur.com/rj0acfd.mp4
  6. Goose_

    The one annoyance i have with that spreadsheet is it requires 10 figure grids, which is a pain to get with ace map tools However having a spotter to help lead you onto your targets is great
  7. Goose_

  8. My idea was to do away with the teamspeak channel queue channels all together And have a script manage the queue ingame, It would help simplify the process of joining a queued slot, As well as the need for staff to deal with people who skip the queue.
  9. Simple suggestion to Integrate the CAS/Pilot queue into the new Role selection menu. They can enter the queue through the role menu and when a slot opens up, it gives them and option to switch to the new slot or giveaway their position in the queue.
  10. Goose_

    We currently have mobile artillery with the Mk6's as you can load them into the back of trucks and offroads and shoot out the back. Personally i think the AAF mlrs with Limited ammo and no rearms as a rare side machine reward would be nice though
  11. Goose_

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pMha5DuYz_yygxNwB8Q5MNpLZ2HjpD8n9BPNnuoVmk8/edit?usp=sharing Use this for non line of sight targets then (still functions for vanilla)
  12. Goose_

    For those who don't know you can Tow mortars with Pickups or the small civie truck and have a mobile mortar position that way.
  13. The 5.7 Suppressor for the ADR-97 is not enabled in the gear whitelist.
  14. Goose_

    I Believe a vote night/day system would work well if this was implemented.