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  1. Howdy all here's a few ideas which I've put together mainly focusing on different vehicles to add some more variety to the gamemode. Additional Hellcat Variant *Add a disarmed pylon variant of the hellcat to the heli rotation. This adds some variety to the heli rotation with this variant featuring FFV seats & a different seating layout Mora APC *Add the mora APC into carpark rotation It has the cannon of the kamysh minus the AT missiles. They're smallish and make for good fun running them in teams of two (Could also make a good side mission reward) Battle Tractor And to finish off a battle tractor / shitty technical side reward suggestion.
  2. Goose_

    Tacking on an extra suggestion for fast roping. Make it give a hint to the player when they rope out on what control is used to go down. This fixes the comedic situation of a new player asking how to go down while getting shot at
  3. Put simply you're hovering above your drop zone and you tell everyone to fast rope out but then everyone is unable to fast rope in time because you accidentally hit the tab key disabling fast roping. I believe this option would be much better not being on a keybind but under the home menu in the options. This way the pilots who use fast roping don't need to worry about making sure it's enabled and vice versa for those who don't like fast roping
  4. Yeah that would definitely make it harder to press.
  5. The supply crates at the crate area at base currently feature randomized inventories this causes issues with being able to pick up a crate straight away and send it to HQ in a defend. You don't know what's in it, sometimes they will have guns with only a few rounds for them. and a low chance that everyone is able to use those weapons due to load-out restrictions (Mainly an issue with the large crates but still affects the small one) This proposal would be to use the vanilla crate load outs again which lets the pilots take less time to deliver useful supplies to the AO. The large vanilla crates have a nice range of weaponry which is able to be used by almost all roles.
  6. Goose_

    I think having a choice between the greyhawk and sentinel would be a nice feature It's sort of like cas jets, You wouldn't like being forced to use a Wipeout against several gryphons at once, Just having an option between attack and fighter makes it an all around more enjoyable experience. Greyhawks are friendlier for creating little bush runways just outside the ao with their low speed meaning they can land anywhere. Then you just have an ammo truck and act as a FoB for everyone. And i've gone into a littlebit more detail on the discord on why greyhawks are useful.
  7. Goose_

    Heres a few more ideas Mora APC Shittier Technical Humanitarian Aid Offroad
  8. You can check your stats at https://rubio.strayagaming.com/ It's not as accurate since it seems to only go back as far as 2017 eg. https://rubio.strayagaming.com/invadeandannex/profile/NzY1NjExOTgxNTU2Mjk0MTQ=
  9. Easteregg helicopters will despawn after taking off roughly 100m into the air, This bug started when the vehicle activation script was added Edit: When the helicopter passes 100m altitude it will despawn
  10. Pretty simple request to allow for Fast Roping to be enabled on The Xi'an, To allow for some more adventurous drop zones, Instead of landing or a simple para drop such as this test which i did in editor https://i.imgur.com/rj0acfd.mp4
  11. Goose_

    Just gonna add one more thing, The reward for the top 3 people. Is they get to use IDAP skins on their vehicles.
  12. Goose_

    A dedicated hellcat spawn would be great, Adding Laser designator would also allow for some interesting jtac gameplay +1
  13. Goose_

    Leaderboard for most civilians killed in a week.
  14. Simple suggestion to Integrate the CAS/Pilot queue into the new Role selection menu. They can enter the queue through the role menu and when a slot opens up, it gives them and option to switch to the new slot or giveaway their position in the queue.
  15. Goose_

    The one annoyance i have with that spreadsheet is it requires 10 figure grids, which is a pain to get with ace map tools However having a spotter to help lead you onto your targets is great
  16. Goose_

  17. My idea was to do away with the teamspeak channel queue channels all together And have a script manage the queue ingame, It would help simplify the process of joining a queued slot, As well as the need for staff to deal with people who skip the queue.
  18. Goose_

    We currently have mobile artillery with the Mk6's as you can load them into the back of trucks and offroads and shoot out the back. Personally i think the AAF mlrs with Limited ammo and no rearms as a rare side machine reward would be nice though
  19. Goose_

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pMha5DuYz_yygxNwB8Q5MNpLZ2HjpD8n9BPNnuoVmk8/edit?usp=sharing Use this for non line of sight targets then (still functions for vanilla)
  20. Goose_

    For those who don't know you can Tow mortars with Pickups or the small civie truck and have a mobile mortar position that way.
  21. The 5.7 Suppressor for the ADR-97 is not enabled in the gear whitelist.
  22. Goose_

    I Believe a vote night/day system would work well if this was implemented.
  23. Goose_

    The only real use for vr suits would be for iff as they stand out a lot better than other stuff. (For new people) But other than that there is no use for them.
  24. Goose_

    "In SQUAD we trust"