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    1. Woolie

      Please Teach Me To Be Good At Osu!
    2. Woolie

      Took me what felt like the time it took for straya to wipe there AL but worth it. Well done mate
    3. Hey everyone Woolie here, I've been away from the community for a little while now, So I've decided to pay for a gang's gang skins for 3 months. It doesn't matter if your already has gang skins i'll pay for a new one for you or if you don't have them already i'll pay for them. There's only 2 requirements for you to be entered into the draw. comment a picture of your whole gang taken from in-game Upload a 1 minute video of funny moments which has happened with your gang And there you go you'll be entered into the giveaway. This will end and been drawn on the 5th of December. And best of luck to everyone
    4. Woolie

      @Chadd good lad to talk to, love the overuse of bus stop memes
    5. Woolie

      @Red A staff report a ****ing staff report, your actually a brain dead c/unt ain’t yah. YOU should be the ones dealing with that shit Fusionable is an admin. No wonder a majority of people hate you.
    6. Woolie

      SUBSCRIBE 2 Woolie Straya 4 40 Second Frag Montages !!SUBSCRIBE!!
    7. Woolie

      Ayy it’s not gay if you say no homo
    8. Woolie

    9. Woolie

      I’m thinking of doing a retired staff or a part 2 with retired staff
    10. Woolie

      Nah I believe your inferior to James. Yeh rank is the same but qualities, yeh nah James’s qualities are much better
    11. Woolie

      Nuu Rushean: hmmmm I’ve got a lot of things to say about you but I’ll keep it to one sentence..... Only good at combat because Asian.
    12. Woolie

      you read my mind
    13. Woolie

      Oh and I forgot someone @Joshua_ : From the bottom of my heart I believe you should be s Straya Lead, You care so much for the community and if you had a bigger role in this community you could change it for the better, Thanks for everything in BRF, NATO & QWERTY much love man. Best of luck for your future endeavours Edit: @Connor. : Thanks for everything you have done with old and new StrayaGaming there always will be flaws with the servers but with some with your knowledge and skill set you’ll easily be able to work around them thanks for everything, And good luck with all your future endeavours. P.S GG Anti-cheat guess it doesn’t like a meme.
    14. Woolie

      Thanks @Lachlan. For Everything You Have Done For The Community. I’m Going To Miss You Heaps Mate, Please Don’t Leave Like Pezza Did. Love You Lots Good Luck For All Your Future Endeavours xoxo
    15. Woolie

      Go to Woolie Straya on youtube to watch my under 1 minute frag montage of me spraying a Mk200
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