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    1. Dizzy

      u know navids were removed almost a whole year ago yet it still being brought back up this is true honestly cba doing heli runs or gem runs because its repetitive and so ****ing boring something needs to change but honestly this suggestion was hard to read as u dont play as much anymore
    2. Dizzy

      keen bro keen lets go quick before my parents wake up !!
    3. Dizzy

      go outside
    4. Dizzy

      +1 best thread on the forums get more ai pls i need rubio frags
    5. Dizzy

      proves his point doesn't it bruz Constantly complain about us zerging but thats the point of banks you're supposed to defend something hard not rip out ai driving at you.
    6. Dizzy

      "AREA 51"
    7. Dizzy

    8. Dizzy

    9. Dizzy

      very pog
    10. Like bonked said you're pointing shit in every other direction. The thing is it seems like you want to turn this server into darkside. Like go play darkside smh A while ago there was 7.62 allowed in city limits w/ a rp reason for a short while and then they changed it to 6.5 as oldmate sun could tell you and as you could imagine didnt work. I also need to say with the whole thing Matthew the SF fella said, rebels can buy level 4 vests, and you don't need them when you can buy csats and level 1 vests and tank as much as a cop. Just an idea put yourself in gd constables shoes for a sec and think about 9 SF syd rats with stings under syd bridge vs the suv... I see where yous are coming from but you needa think of your ideas from all perspectives, not try and suggest ideas that "balance" the server to just your liking.
    11. Dizzy

      hello i need help with my abcs
    12. Dizzy

      We have an option to go on SRT GD so we are expected to go on GD thats why we have the role. I am unsure of the specifics but I believe your rank is chosen because of how you apply yourself and act in all areas of cop, where as in the division you have specialty roles and they are chosen off of your interests in game and how you act in the division. So GD does actually play a big role in SRT, so I don't think its wise calling us out for supposedly choosing not to do GD. end of.
    13. Dizzy

      divisions are largely based on the operations we do so we are doing shit as a team 99% of the time that's why you see us only doing stuff with our division. 2.6.1 Don’t be a dick. (Don't do anything which could be seen as purposely annoying or interfering with the Roleplay of others. Things like baiting police, destroying vehicles and targeting certain people). If you literally want to keep someone restrained for almost 12 hours you're just being a major dick. As far as I've seen over the two and a bit years I've been on the server this rule doesn't come into play very often and its more up to the mods discretion on the issue, so yes I agree it needs a proper definition. Side chat does not reflect RP as far as I've been told so you can say anything that isn't metagaming which includes while your dead.
    14. Dizzy

      Bit of a late reply but as the server is setup that sydney is the main city so it should have the highest police presence, and if you force half of the GD cops into Melbourne or Brisbane (mainly Brisbane) it will be not very entertaining for them as only a few random civilians stop by at a time. However I like the idea for server content civ side. +1
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