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    1. Dizzy

    2. Dizzy

      Name (Found in the roster Database): dizzy Rank: none ig Badge Number (If applicable): none Player ID (SteamID64): 76561198256912421 TeamSpeak UID: Oa7D61NOn8tjKa4JFLH4k+58XA8= Reason for being disciplined? (If unknown, ask a Command Member): toxic to dr pepper in medic discord + changed my name to com-420 sole Why did you do what you did?: I was talking to the lads in the discord and dr pepper did not like that so I told him to **** off or something like that. just did it to make him leave us alone aye Why should the discipline be reduced / removed, given what you did? (Min 75 words): I don't think I really did anything wrong its just a snowflake got cut about me messing around with the lads. I mean it should be removed seeing as the person that gave me this unjust blacklist has left the community because of some irl shit or sumn. If theres anything else I can say ig im sorry for hurting yall feelings with my medic post on the forums . All jokes aside it should be removed as it was a bad punishment for something not that bad. What can you bring to the APS? (Min 100 words): I'm insane medic guy that knows the medic handbook inside and out. Everyday before I go to sleep I dream about driving around in my whip reviving the incapacitated. I can bring my roleplay abilities to conduct all kinds of surgery as this medic force be really slacking recently and not doing that much. In the future you will see that I'm the best medic and the aps only needs the best. I'm someone that people can talk to so that's why the aps needs me as no one talks to medics when they get revived if they get revived coz again yall slacking. chur
    3. Dizzy

      and thats why ur still here trying to get unbanned how longs it been? a year maybe even more, get over it smh
    4. Dizzy

      everytime people make posts like this it hurts to read. keep digging yourself deeper holes
    5. Dizzy

      I've been playing as long as you have and I literally don't know who you are sorry b
    6. Dizzy

      Blastcore is a mod that is allowed on AL but it should be removed. For people that do use the mod they can see through smoke grenades and I believe they fade faster aswell. So for people that don't use blastcore it is a massive disadvantage. This needs to be changed so everyone has to use it or it just gets removed so no-one can use it as it is stupidly unbalanced. Feels Equality Man.
    7. Dizzy

      ayo bro just wait im setting up my tent at R&D while I contemplate my life decisions for an hour while I wait to get roached boring pls fix xoxo +1 to bomb thing
    8. Dizzy

      probably one of the best replies on this thread. there needs to be something done about medics and yes, having DNR on certain gangs is ****ing stupid. if there is a dnr there needs to be another way to be revived other than just waiting 20 minutes for a medic to then get restrained by a cop as soon as you get up.
    9. Dizzy

      ahh yes was expecting this comment. Never said I was demanding to get rid of medics, might have seemed like that but something needs to change. Either make rebels and cops able to revive each other or actually wake up the medics so they do something. Also if you say "maybe you should get some knowledge of the server" you sound like an imbecile, and no I don't give a **** about your feelings or medics feelings in this discussion, maybe they should do something other then sit in kav, whole reason why I made this See this guy actually has a brain, he sees the problem with the medics and no, I don't believe medics should be completely gotten rid of, sure they are basically the only faction that roleplays but they are also the most lazy faction. Also I would say if rebels and cops could revive, they would only be able to revive the same faction like cop reviving a cop, civ reviving a civ etc. Fairly easy to control that way. Also this could be a viable idea if population was good and people were actually fighting caps
    10. Dizzy

      u say this yet you bring up an example of someone in sydney being dead and not pressing the button. that just proves my point, medics wont even bother to come if you're dead outside of sydney. Fairly sure there would've been more than one person dead on the map. Also you hold powerful ranks in ths community, commander of medic and altis life mod, im sure if you were more passionate about the issue of people having to push the button to be revived you and/or the whole medic force would've been pushing it to be implemented everyway possible. And no, I don't bother to request medic outside of sydney, because we all know they will not fly out and revive.
    11. Dizzy

      anybody seen dco dr pepper @iamjack insane that the medic commander dont care about medics doing shit all, obviously the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
    12. Dizzy

      Ight so im here starting this insanely important discussion about strayagaming altis life the best server ever, about medics. Basically I'll cut to the chase, sure, every faction has a reason why they exist and for all of the factions there's a fairly obvious meaning to it. For medics, they are supposed to be out reviving people but instead they prefer to wear armour and tickle each others nuts or try and date some e-girl medic in kav square? They don't need armour as they're not supposed to get shot, and they prefer to talk to each other then driving further than 1km to revive someone, so something needs to be done about this issue because, if you aint in sydney no-one is reviving you. If you do anything to a medic like threaten them with a gun or kill them, you will get banned, they are the god of this server. Basically invincible, you touch them, straight to HD bro they don't **** around. So they earn their paycheck like everyone else except they get 10k from a revive and more in a paycheck then a civilian. Bearing in mind as a civilian or a cop you can die and lose money and gear sets, as a medic sure if you die accidently or on purpose another medic will revive you and you can get that person banned because medics are untouchable, remember? Made this discussion so that me and people of the community can express how they feel about medics, do you think they need a nerf? I mean I do, they sit there and farm their paycheck while talking to each other while reviving the odd person. Seems slightly unbalanced. I think we need something like a weekly purge so medics can actually be set back properly for once, instead of being able to live for ages without dying.
    13. Dizzy

      thank you @China very cool
    14. Dizzy

      uh yes hello im wanting to join
    15. Dizzy

      +1 respek doko aram l8r ring ring
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