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    Interesting reading what others have to say, For me, I personally think the cops have been a bit stinky, Cap points ruined any roleplay (if you want to kos or play that style play on a KoH server). Also the mass banning has not helped out, Maybe these bans could be lifted and accounts reset and the people given another chance. Lets be honest whats worse, Having 1 or two players who may glitch ect that you can always reban or having a empty server? Like alot of people here I have been around Arma life for years and have seen this happen time and time again. I don't belive its because of no updates ect, I firmly thinks its due to ammount of bans and because the last update that ruined it for alot of people. I say- Unban all low level cheaters with a final warning, Remove Caps Rethink how police is ran Roll back to how it was before the last update (the one that nerf'd runs)
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    Rightio lads, Honest feedback, No trolling, No hating on others opions, be stright up and no dirty deletes.... What killed Straya Life for you , or what do you think killed it for others.... Go.....
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    Change restarts to 6 hours, clean up scripts, change despawns down, bring in a towing faction under the unused faction that can go around and get money for impouding cars, give medics ability to impound. Encourages clean up.