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  1. StrayaGaming

    StrayaGaming Squad Server Rules All rule breaks are up to the server staff's discretion. What staff say is final. Report rule breaches via the Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life Recently changed rules are in yellow. This server is governed by the Community Guidelines 1.0 General Rules 1.1 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules. 1.2 Squad names and player names must not contain language that is offensive to the average person. 1.3 No Teamkilling, if you do please say sorry in chat to inform them of your mistake. 1.3.1 No revenge killing the team mate that killed you once you have respawned or been revived. 1.4 Players must join a Squad and be an active team player - those who do not join a Squad or participate with the team will be kicked. 1.4.1 Squad Leaders must play using the Squad Leader kit. 1.4.2 Unarmed role is not to be used. 1.5 Do not create a Squad unless you intend on leading it. Squad Leaders are also required to use a microphone at all times. 1.6 No ghosting - communicating outside of the game, giving game knowledge that would affect game-play to the opposite team through a third party chat such as Discord. 2.0 Ingame Rules 2.1 Do not abuse vehicles or the role of the vehicle. For example, leaving armored artillery vehicles abandoned away from areas of usefulness. 2.2 Team stacking due to being in a clan must stay to a minimum. Stacking will result in team changes. 2.3 Do not shoot emplacements or vehicles out of main, unless you are being camped at main and need to do so to leave. 2.4 Do not waste, deliberately damage or misuse team assets such as the following. 2.4.1 Using a vehicle for yourself and not to benefit your team. 2.4.2 Leaving Vehicles behind after use in mission. Please drive it to an active area or send it back to the main base. 2.5 Squad Leaders may kick you for any reason they wish, do not retaliate if they do so, either come see an admin (If you have an issue with it) or join another squad. 2.6 MBTs, APCs and IFVs must have a minimum of 2 Crew manning them to be used. 2.7 Squad Leaders should not use vehicles which require Crewman Kits if they are leading a squad of infantry. 3.0 Seeding Rules: Below 30 Players (15 per team) 3.1 During Seeding Phase, players must fight over the center objective. This will be broadcasted during seeding by a Staff Member. 3.2 No FOB or HAB is to be built within 150m (not within the inner ring of the hob build marker) of the centre control point. 3.3 No pushing, camping or attacking enemy HABs in any form during the seeding phase. 3.4 Armed vehicles are not to be used during seeding phase, logistic and transport vehicles are allowed. 3.5 No emplacements cannot be built during the seeding phase.
  2. StrayaGaming

    Space Engineers We are excited to announce that StrayaGaming will now be offering an additional modded Space Engineers service, as well as our current unmodded survival server to the community as permanent fixtures in our service line-up. Connection Information: Server 1: se.straya.life or by searching Strayagaming | SE Vanilla Survival Server 2: se2.straya.life or by searching Strayagaming | SE Modded Survival Staff Team: At the time of launch, there will be 4 dedicated staff members for Space Engineers. @bodyboarder2528 has been appointed to the position of Administrator @Humaine @Noskire and @cherpychicken have been appointed to the position of Moderator Applications are now open and can be accessed via our application center here. Server Rules: A complete list of the server rules can be found here. iAwards: These forum awards are designed to encourage positive and skillful play, and to offer a challenge at the same time for people who want to go the extra mile and gain recognition for their achievements. The following iAwards are now available. If you believe you have met the requirements for one or more of the awards, you can either submit a ticket on our forums or by contacting a support staff member in TeamSpeak. Please ensure you have any applicable evidence ready to prove you have met the award requirements.
  3. StrayaGaming

    StrayaGaming – Space Engineers Rules The use of common sense should be applied when playing on any StrayaGaming Space Engineers server. All decisions made by server staff are final and should be heeded in good faith. Punishments for any breaches of these rules are at staff discretion and may be appealed to a higher ranking staff member via our forums or discord. General Rules Any methods used to intentionally lag the server are not allowed. Players should ensure that grids are appropriately spaced or stored when not in use. Players are not permitted to use SafeZone Blocks offensively (On Servers where they are available)(ie to raid). Piston/Rotor Head Spam Cannons are prohibited. Scripts that cause too large of an adverse effect on sim speed are forbidden. You will be notified by staff if any running script needs to be removed. Offline raiding is prohibited. If a faction member is online all grids owned by their faction can be raided. If you find a grid with no members of the owning faction online, then you cannot raid/attack it. Combat Logging is prohibited (This is when you log off while being attacked). Should you combat log the attacker will be permitted to continue destroying/stealing the grid in question. You are not permitted to leave an armed grid within 1.5km of a trader safe zone for extended periods of time (ie camp the trader zone) Loading grids from your garage near players following a respawn with the intention to attack without jumping/moving the grid to the location of the player is not permitted. Rules written by the StrayaGaming SE Staff Team. Rules effective 03/07/2020 @3:00PM AEDT If you have any questions about the rules feel free to contact our staff.
  4. StrayaGaming

    Rust Server Rules All rule breaks are up to the server staff's discretion. What a moderator/administrator says is final. Report rule breaches via the Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life Recently changed rules are in yellow. 1 - General Rules 1.1 Please read and follow our Community Guidelines. 1.2 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules. 1.3 Any form of hacking, aimbot, duping, exploiting or cheating is prohibited. 1.4 Spamming in chat channel and noise spamming in voice is not allowed.
  5. StrayaGaming

    NEW RUST SERVER We have opened a NEW Rust server! Read the rules here Connection Info: Search “Strayagaming” in the modded section of the browser or use: client.connect rust.straya.life:28015 General Information: Biweekly map wipes and Monthly BP wipes Resource Gathering Rate : 3X Resource Pickup Rate : 3X Scrap gathering rate : 3X Electronic components : 3X Day Time : 45min Night Time : 15min For reporting ingame issues please use the Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life Project Team Members staffing the server will be @Asnee & @iamjack
  6. StrayaGaming

    Garry's Mod TTT Pop-Up Server We will be hosting a Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town pop-up server for everyone to come enjoy. Bring your mates, deceive them and pretend you're their friend and then stab them in the back and kill everyone else because F*CK The LAW! Connection Info Under TTT in Multiplayer, search Straya or direct connect via console (~) 'connect' Server opens 7:00 PM Friday 13th (Tonight) Rundown of the Gamemode The game mode is about a group of "terrorists" who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who's not a traitor. A small number of players is selected as Traitors, who have to kill all the Innocent players (ie. the rest of the players). Those innocents know they are in the majority, but they do not know who is Traitor and who is not. The Traitors must use the element of surprise and their special equipment if they are to succeed. The Innocent just have to survive, which means finding out who the Traitors are and killing them before they kill you. Of course, everyone is holding a big gun, and everyone looks suspicious... For the Innocent, knowledge is power: who is acting strangely? Who can be linked to evidence found on corpses? Who is still alive, even? How to Play? You need to have Garry's Mod (GMod) installed on Steam. You need Counter-Strike: Source installed. In GMod, join a TTT server. This link here will explain the game mode more in-depth for those who want more information on how to play. RULES WILL BE ENFORCED. THEY WILL BE POSTED ON THE MOTD HERE!
  7. StrayaGaming

    Unfortunately the trial with starting a KOTH server has not worked out how we would have hoped. Due to this we will be closing the server at the end of this payment period. The server will be turned off around 6pm on the 06/09/2019. Thanks, SG Management
  8. StrayaGaming

    As of Sunday (7/7/19) at roughly 6PM, StrayaGaming will be launching an ARMA 3 KOTH server. At this stage our plan for the KOTH server is to run it as an infantry only server, meaning that only unarmed helicopters (no jets) and unarmed MRAPS (max) will be available as well as a limited selection of launchers. The server will use the Sa-Matra mission file, and the anticheat handling will be done in accordance with their guidelines. We will be looking for feedback regarding the weapons and vehicles restrictions as outlined above. Should you wish to have your say in the direction of the server you can post your suggestions in the new suggestions sub-forum for KOTH. Staff applications for the server will open shortly to all members of the community for anyone who wishes to help moderate the server. For our initial staff intake you will not be required to have helpdesk experience but it does always help your application stand out amongst the rest. Current staff are welcome to apply to join the KOTH team. We will have a series of giveaways and events running over the course of the next few weeks in order to promote the server and get players engaged. The first will be on the night of the launch for the player who is atop the leaderboard as 9pm AEST, with information about further giveaways to come.
  9. StrayaGaming

    Server Rules StrayaGaming Exile has these rules in place to ensure the enjoyment of all players while on the server. Please also see the community guidelines for additional information that is broadly covered on all StrayaGaming Services. https://strayagaming.com.au/topic/16076-community-guidelines/ Server Admins always have the final say. General Rules 1. StrayaGaming Exile is a PvPvE Server! (Player vs Player vs AI Server) 2. Abuse or Exploitation of any known glitches is expressly forbidden. E.g. Wall glitching, duping 3. Do not Combat Log. This is a punishable offence. You must accept your fate. 4. Intentional VDM is forbidden. This also goes for bases. 5. If you gain access to another players base, Leave the area before logging out. 6. Do not block access to traders and safe zones. 7. Do not park vehicles inside the traders as they will be removed. 8. Abusive behaviour will result in a wipe or ban at admins discretion. 9. Trading with other players is perfectly acceptable however they must be conducted in the safe zone. 10. All issues are to be logged via support and evidence provided. Building Rules 1. 1 flag/territory per player. 2. All flags must be placed on the ground. 3. No building in towns or cities. 4. Any Vehicles or buildings that impede other players will be removed. 5. No buildings to be constructed on roads unless the structure goes above the road and doesn’t impede other players. 6. No buildings are to be constructed on the North West Island. 7. No buildings to be at military sites. 8. No buildings at Spawns. 9. No buildings at concrete mixers. 10. No buildings at Airfields. Safezone Rules 1. No shooting into safezones 2. No ramming vehicles or running over other players. 3. No camping or waiting outside safezones for players to leave. 4. Do not abuse the god mode system at traders, walking in and out to kill other players. Building Regulations Flags and payment of protection money is available at the trader’s office. Below are the levels for buildings: 1. Level 1 is free at 20m/100 objects 2. Level 2 is 10k at 40m/200 objects 3. Level 3 is 15k at 60m/300 objects 4. Level 4 is 20k at 80m/400 objects 5. Level 5 is 25k at 100m/500 objects This is subject to change should the need arise. Lifetime Limits Objects or items that are not interacted with in these periods are removed automatically. Protection paid at the trader is required for your base to remain intact. If you require an extended time frame, please contact support and provide a valid reason. Valid Reasons are at the admin’s discretion. Territory Lifetime = 30 days Vehicle Lifetime = 7 days Constructions outside of territories = 3 days Containers outside of territories = 7 days Safe Abandoned = 14 days Mods Below you will find the mods both required and optional for the Server. Mods outside of these are strictly prohibited. Required Mods: ExileMod CBA_A3 Zombies and Demons Optional Mods: Enhanced Movement JSRS Soundmod Advanced Urban Rappelling
  10. StrayaGaming Staff Application Changes Hey everyone, Hoping to make the process as smooth as possible, there has been an update to the way staff applications will be managed here on our forums. Gone are the days of manually copying a template over into a new post, as our new system will make use of a format similar to that of our current support system. Now you'll simply be able to fill in a simple easy to use form to put your application in! To the many applicants waiting on the status of your submissions, we highly recommend re-applying through the new system as applications will not be carried over. Additionally, you may notice various tweaks to the content of our applications, which should assist management in keeping the staff team great ?. For those interested in applying for the Community Team, the previously three applications have been merged into one, with those interested in branching off into either graphics or video production now required to submit any accompanying media directly to a Community Team Leader. For those re-applying, plenty of the questions on the application should feel familiar, and as always, if anyone does have any questions or issues regarding either the new application process or the applications themselves, please feel free to contact a staff member. You can find the new application forms here Or by clicking on the above link in the top menu Below is a diagram of Application System page;
  11. StrayaGaming Altis Life - Shaping the Path Forward Hi all, As you are undoubtedly aware, our Altis Life server has just undergone a full economy wipe. With the wipe, a variety of changes were applied to help balance all factions, and to reduce the daily occurring chaos in Kavala (Sydney). You can read more about the wipe in the changelog here. Altis Life is perhaps the most successful StrayaGaming server, and as such we owe it to the players to ensure that their voices are heard on the direction we take the server moving into the future. We acknowledge in the past that people have felt like they were unable to have a direct say in the direction of the server, so through this new initiative we hope we can correct this and allow everyone to feel like their voices are heard and they're able to contribute in a positive way. The Polls To ensure that the changes being made and features being added align with player interests, a series of polls every fortnight will be held on the forums to determine what features are being added, removed or changed. The poll content will be determined by the staff team, based on commonly received feedback and suggested changes covering all areas of AL gameplay. How can I get involved? Getting involved is quite simple, all you need to do is make your voice heard! Talk to those whom you play with, and share your thoughts on the forums, discord or with a staff member. If a staff member hears a good idea they will propose it for addition to the poll. What will be in the polls? At the end of every fortnight in the lead up to the each poll staff will culminate the best ideas they've heard over the previous 2 weeks for use on that fortnight's poll. The questions on each poll could be on everything from the location of a bank, to what guns are included at the gun store! They will be entirely based off of the suggestions put forward by the players. Do I have to vote, and are they anonymous? You are not required to vote, however if you wish to have your say counted in the direction of the server we suggest you do! All polls are anonymous, so feel free to vote honestly. Are previous forum suggestions being taken into account? Yes. Any good suggestions we have already noticed from the past will be taken into account. If you're unsure if your previous suggestion was taken into account and feel it is still necessary then feel free to make the suggestion again on the forums or talk to a staff member. How long will this be running? In the beginning we will be trialing this idea to gauge how it works and the contribution it makes to the server. If all goes well we hope to continue with the polls indefinitely. I have more questions. Who can I talk to? Altis Life Staff would be more than happy to answer your questions.
  12. Sometimes when you craft an item it will take the materials but the crafted item doesn't go into your inventory
  13. StrayaGaming

    Losing money when impounding vehicle

    When impounding an offline player's vehicle, it takes money from you.
  14. StrayaGaming

    StrayaGaming - Forum Rules These rules may be changed at any time without warning. These rules are subject to the discretion of forum staff. Rule violations may result in content moderation and bans. 1. All content posted on our forums must adhere to our Community Guidelines. 1.1 Flaming or trolling, especially with ill intent of any kind, is prohibited. 1.2 Malicious links are prohibited. 2. Abusing the 'Report Post' feature is prohibited. 3. Only one forum account per user is permitted, unless explicitly approved by management. 4. Content that is not substantive (e.g. replying with a single word or emoji to a post) is not permitted. Please react to the post. 5. Replying to applications is prohibited. If you would like to show support, please react to the post. 6. Advertising is prohibited throughout our forums, unless approved by a Forum Administrator or higher ranking staff.
  15. StrayaGaming

    SQUAD RULES We reserve the right to adjust these rules as we see fit. Any changes to rules will be posted in our discord and edited into our official rules page. 1 - General Server Rules: 1.1 - Do not abuse any other community members, this can include but not limited to racism, sexism, discrimination, hateful and any other grossly offensive speech. This includes within player names and squad names. This is also a breach of our community guidelines and may lead to a community ban. 1.2 - We reserve the right to ban any member community banned from our community from the squad server as well.1.3 - Strayagaming is an Australian based community and all communication is to be in English for the convenience of all players and staff.1.4 - Cheating or exploiting on any of our servers may result in a ban from our community, including all services.1.5 - Trolling/griefing is strictly prohibited and will be punished.1.6 - Do not AFK in the server for longer than 10 minutes.1.7 - Players are required to follow the instructions of staff without question (except where such an instruction would violate Squad or Strayagaming community guidelines). Refer to 1.8 for issues with staff members. 1.8 - Staff are not always monitoring our chat/servers ingame. If no staff are in game join our teamspeak at ts.straya.life and join the squad issues channel and a staff member will be with you shortly (note that evidence will be required for action to be taken). Less urgent issues can be submitted to our forums or discord.1.9 - Staff complaints and ban appeals can be lodged via the support system on our forums at https://strayagaming.com.au/support/create1.10 - Imitating staff members is strictly forbidden and will result in a kick or ban from the server. 1.11 - Staff are responsible for ensuring that the gameplay is fair for all parties and may alter teams if they deem it necessary. 2 - Communication & Squad Leader Rules: 2.1 - Spamming or otherwise disrupting communications channels (voice/chat) will not be tolerated. 2.2 - Squad leaders are required to have a mic. If you do not have a mic you may be asked to remove yourself from the role. Additionally squad leaders are permitted to require mic usage in their squads but this must be noted in the Squad name to warn players. 2.3 - Squad leaders reserve the right to remove any members who are not following instructions or being disruptive to the squad. 2.4 - Squad leaders are expected to lead their squad as best they can, including helping new players and setting a good example. 2.5 - You are not to create a squad at the start of the match only to immediately promote someone else. 3 - Gameplay Rules: 3.1 - You are expected to cooperate with the other players in your squad/team. This includes the expectation that you follow the instructions of the Squad leader unless it would breach a server rule or go against staff instruction 3.2 - Metagaming is strictly prohibited. Metagaming can be defined as gaining information outside of the game (TeamSpeak, Discord or other services) and using it in-game to your advantage. 3.3 - Intentional team killing is strictly prohibited. We know accidents happen but any teamkilling found to be intentional will be severely punished3.4 - Camping main bases (non-captureable points) is forbidden unless all other points have been captured. If this becomes excessive staff reserve the right to ask you to stop or force the end of the match3.5 - Wasting assets is not permitted and any abandoned vehicle/s may be used by other Squads.