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    1. StrayaGaming

      As of Sunday (7/7/19) at roughly 6PM, StrayaGaming will be launching an ARMA 3 KOTH server. At this stage our plan for the KOTH server is to run it as an infantry only server, meaning that only unarmed helicopters (no jets) and unarmed MRAPS (max) will be available as well as a limited selection of launchers. The server will use the Sa-Matra mission file, and the anticheat handling will be done in accordance with their guidelines. We will be looking for feedback regarding the weapons and vehicles restrictions as outlined above. Should you wish to have your say in the direction of the server you can post your suggestions in the new suggestions sub-forum for KOTH. Staff applications for the server will open shortly to all members of the community for anyone who wishes to help moderate the server. For our initial staff intake you will not be required to have helpdesk experience but it does always help your application stand out amongst the rest. Current staff are welcome to apply to join the KOTH team. We will have a series of giveaways and events running over the course of the next few weeks in order to promote the server and get players engaged. The first will be on the night of the launch for the player who is atop the leaderboard as 9pm AEST, with information about further giveaways to come.
    2. StrayaGaming

      Server Rules StrayaGaming Exile has these rules in place to ensure the enjoyment of all players while on the server. Please also see the community guidelines for additional information that is broadly covered on all StrayaGaming Services. https://strayagaming.com.au/topic/16076-community-guidelines/ Server Admins always have the final say. General Rules 1. StrayaGaming Exile is a PvPvE Server! (Player vs Player vs AI Server) 2. Abuse or Exploitation of any known glitches is expressly forbidden. E.g. Wall glitching, duping 3. Do not Combat Log. This is a punishable offence. You must accept your fate. 4. Intentional VDM is forbidden. This also goes for bases. 5. If you gain access to another players base, Leave the area before logging out. 6. Do not block access to traders and safe zones. 7. Do not park vehicles inside the traders as they will be removed. 8. Abusive behaviour will result in a wipe or ban at admins discretion. 9. Trading with other players is perfectly acceptable however they must be conducted in the safe zone. 10. All issues are to be logged via support and evidence provided. Building Rules 1. 1 flag/territory per player. 2. All flags must be placed on the ground. 3. No building in towns or cities. 4. Any Vehicles or buildings that impede other players will be removed. 5. No buildings to be constructed on roads unless the structure goes above the road and doesn’t impede other players. 6. No buildings are to be constructed on the North West Island. 7. No buildings to be at military sites. 8. No buildings at Spawns. 9. No buildings at concrete mixers. 10. No buildings at Airfields. Safezone Rules 1. No shooting into safezones 2. No ramming vehicles or running over other players. 3. No camping or waiting outside safezones for players to leave. 4. Do not abuse the god mode system at traders, walking in and out to kill other players. Building Regulations Flags and payment of protection money is available at the trader’s office. Below are the levels for buildings: 1. Level 1 is free at 20m/100 objects 2. Level 2 is 10k at 40m/200 objects 3. Level 3 is 15k at 60m/300 objects 4. Level 4 is 20k at 80m/400 objects 5. Level 5 is 25k at 100m/500 objects This is subject to change should the need arise. Lifetime Limits Objects or items that are not interacted with in these periods are removed automatically. Protection paid at the trader is required for your base to remain intact. If you require an extended time frame, please contact support and provide a valid reason. Valid Reasons are at the admin’s discretion. Territory Lifetime = 30 days Vehicle Lifetime = 7 days Constructions outside of territories = 3 days Containers outside of territories = 7 days Safe Abandoned = 14 days Mods Below you will find the mods both required and optional for the Server. Mods outside of these are strictly prohibited. Required Mods: ExileMod CBA_A3 Zombies and Demons Optional Mods: Enhanced Movement JSRS Soundmod Advanced Urban Rappelling
    3. StrayaGaming Staff Application Changes Hey everyone, Hoping to make the process as smooth as possible, there has been an update to the way staff applications will be managed here on our forums. Gone are the days of manually copying a template over into a new post, as our new system will make use of a format similar to that of our current support system. Now you'll simply be able to fill in a simple easy to use form to put your application in! To the many applicants waiting on the status of your submissions, we highly recommend re-applying through the new system as applications will not be carried over. Additionally, you may notice various tweaks to the content of our applications, which should assist management in keeping the staff team great . For those interested in applying for the Community Team, the previously three applications have been merged into one, with those interested in branching off into either graphics or video production now required to submit any accompanying media directly to a Community Team Leader. For those re-applying, plenty of the questions on the application should feel familiar, and as always, if anyone does have any questions or issues regarding either the new application process or the applications themselves, please feel free to contact a staff member. You can find the new application forms here Or by clicking on the above link in the top menu Below is a diagram of Application System page;
    4. StrayaGaming Altis Life - Shaping the Path Forward Hi all, As you are undoubtedly aware, our Altis Life server has just undergone a full economy wipe. With the wipe, a variety of changes were applied to help balance all factions, and to reduce the daily occurring chaos in Kavala (Sydney). You can read more about the wipe in the changelog here. Altis Life is perhaps the most successful StrayaGaming server, and as such we owe it to the players to ensure that their voices are heard on the direction we take the server moving into the future. We acknowledge in the past that people have felt like they were unable to have a direct say in the direction of the server, so through this new initiative we hope we can correct this and allow everyone to feel like their voices are heard and they're able to contribute in a positive way. The Polls To ensure that the changes being made and features being added align with player interests, a series of polls every fortnight will be held on the forums to determine what features are being added, removed or changed. The poll content will be determined by the staff team, based on commonly received feedback and suggested changes covering all areas of AL gameplay. How can I get involved? Getting involved is quite simple, all you need to do is make your voice heard! Talk to those whom you play with, and share your thoughts on the forums, discord or with a staff member. If a staff member hears a good idea they will propose it for addition to the poll. What will be in the polls? At the end of every fortnight in the lead up to the each poll staff will culminate the best ideas they've heard over the previous 2 weeks for use on that fortnight's poll. The questions on each poll could be on everything from the location of a bank, to what guns are included at the gun store! They will be entirely based off of the suggestions put forward by the players. Do I have to vote, and are they anonymous? You are not required to vote, however if you wish to have your say counted in the direction of the server we suggest you do! All polls are anonymous, so feel free to vote honestly. Are previous forum suggestions being taken into account? Yes. Any good suggestions we have already noticed from the past will be taken into account. If you're unsure if your previous suggestion was taken into account and feel it is still necessary then feel free to make the suggestion again on the forums or talk to a staff member. How long will this be running? In the beginning we will be trialing this idea to gauge how it works and the contribution it makes to the server. If all goes well we hope to continue with the polls indefinitely. I have more questions. Who can I talk to? Altis Life Staff would be more than happy to answer your questions.
    5. Sometimes when you craft an item it will take the materials but the crafted item doesn't go into your inventory
    6. StrayaGaming

      Losing money when impounding vehicle

      When impounding an offline player's vehicle, it takes money from you.
    7. StrayaGaming

      StrayaGaming - Forum Rules These rules may be changed at any time without warning. These rules are subject to the discretion of forum staff. Rule violations may result in content moderation and bans. If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to message a forum staff member: @James32 @Slep. @Hope @Kat. @Joshua_ 1. All content posted on our forums must adhere to our Community Guidelines. 1.1 Flaming or trolling, especially with ill intent of any kind, is prohibited. 1.2 Malicious links are prohibited. 2. Abusing the 'Report Post' feature is prohibited. 3. Only one forum account per user is permitted, unless explicitly approved by management. 4. Content that is not substantive (e.g. replying with a single word or emoji to a post) is not permitted. Please react to the post. 5. Replying to applications is prohibited. If you would like to show support, please react to the post. 6. Advertising is prohibited throughout our forums, unless approved by a Forum Administrator or higher ranking staff.
    8. StrayaGaming

      SQUAD RULES We reserve the right to adjust these rules as we see fit. Any changes to rules will be posted in our discord and edited into our official rules page. 1 - General Server Rules: 1.1 - Do not abuse any other community members, this can include but not limited to racism, sexism, discrimination, hateful and any other grossly offensive speech. This includes within player names and squad names. This is also a breach of our community guidelines and may lead to a community ban. 1.2 - We reserve the right to ban any member community banned from our community from the squad server as well.1.3 - Strayagaming is an Australian based community and all communication is to be in English for the convenience of all players and staff.1.4 - Cheating or exploiting on any of our servers may result in a ban from our community, including all services.1.5 - Trolling/griefing is strictly prohibited and will be punished.1.6 - Do not AFK in the server for longer than 10 minutes.1.7 - Players are required to follow the instructions of staff without question (except where such an instruction would violate Squad or Strayagaming community guidelines). Refer to 1.8 for issues with staff members. 1.8 - Staff are not always monitoring our chat/servers ingame. If no staff are in game join our teamspeak at ts.straya.life and join the squad issues channel and a staff member will be with you shortly (note that evidence will be required for action to be taken). Less urgent issues can be submitted to our forums or discord.1.9 - Staff complaints and ban appeals can be lodged via the support system on our forums at https://strayagaming.com.au/support/create1.10 - Imitating staff members is strictly forbidden and will result in a kick or ban from the server. 1.11 - Staff are responsible for ensuring that the gameplay is fair for all parties and may alter teams if they deem it necessary. 2 - Communication & Squad Leader Rules: 2.1 - Spamming or otherwise disrupting communications channels (voice/chat) will not be tolerated. 2.2 - Squad leaders are required to have a mic. If you do not have a mic you may be asked to remove yourself from the role. Additionally squad leaders are permitted to require mic usage in their squads but this must be noted in the Squad name to warn players. 2.3 - Squad leaders reserve the right to remove any members who are not following instructions or being disruptive to the squad. 2.4 - Squad leaders are expected to lead their squad as best they can, including helping new players and setting a good example. 2.5 - You are not to create a squad at the start of the match only to immediately promote someone else. 3 - Gameplay Rules: 3.1 - You are expected to cooperate with the other players in your squad/team. This includes the expectation that you follow the instructions of the Squad leader unless it would breach a server rule or go against staff instruction 3.2 - Metagaming is strictly prohibited. Metagaming can be defined as gaining information outside of the game (TeamSpeak, Discord or other services) and using it in-game to your advantage. 3.3 - Intentional team killing is strictly prohibited. We know accidents happen but any teamkilling found to be intentional will be severely punished3.4 - Camping main bases (non-captureable points) is forbidden unless all other points have been captured. If this becomes excessive staff reserve the right to ask you to stop or force the end of the match3.5 - Wasting assets is not permitted and any abandoned vehicle/s may be used by other Squads.
    9. StrayaGaming

      StrayaGaming - Wasteland Rules General Expectations General guidelines for playing on our WL server You are expected to treat all members on the server with respect. Please be honest when it comes to completing missions. If you did not help don't pouch yourself a share in the reward. It always pays to have some form of video recording software running while playing on the server. If an incident happens, and you need to report it to staff, video-evidence will give you the strongest ground. Represent your classes. If you're a medic, your job is to revive and treat other friendlies, as an engineer you repair friendly vehicles etc. If you encounter any issues ingame, or catch someone breaking the rules, come directly onto our teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and ask for a moderator / admin/manager’s assistance. Do not take matters into your own hands. Server Rules In order to assure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone in our Wasteland community, these are the rules that must be followed at all times. Trolling On StrayaGaming's Wasteland server, trolling is heavily frowned upon. Trolling includes, but is not limited to: Shooting around / at allies (see: Teamkilling), destroying friendly vehicles (see: Team Asset Destruction), failing to exit a vehicle after being instructed to by the owner, stealing gear/money after they died while you were in close proximity, etc. As trolling is a broad spectrum of different acts, punishments may vary. Admin Decisions Complaining in chat or speaking rudely to an admin on Teamspeak will only make your situation worse. If you think a staff member's actions are unjust, please send a message to the current wasteland manager &/or the Staff Manager. Or file a staff report on the forums. These messages are kept strictly confidential. An admin's decision is final, if you believe the decision was in error put in a ban appeal. Spamming Spamming chat after being asked to stop by others/a staff member may result in a kick or your access to public chat channels being rescinded The Don't be a dick rule Being a dick includes, voice changers, childish, grieving, are all considered being a dick. (can also be counted as breaking any of these listed rules) Offensive Language StrayaGaming is a community with a variety of all genders, races and ages, please respect that. Repetitive directed abuse towards other players is entirely unacceptable behaviour, and may result in disciplinary action. This includes any community guideline breaches Hacking, Cheating and Exploiting Hacking the server in any way will result in a permanent ban. Glitching/Exploiting will suffer long term bans at staff discretion depending on severity. Meta gaming Metagaming is the act of using outside or previously gained knowledge within the server for personal gain or advantage. (Simply put, under no circumstances do you relay any information to any members of an opposing team.) Being abusive/Racist Being abusive to other players is not on, by definition it's the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Keep any thoughts which may be deemed offensive to other players to yourself! Teamkilling Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you ever teamkill, If you are caught intentionally team killing another player it will result in disciplinary action. If you believe someone has broken the rules do not team kill them come and get staff to deal with them, taking it into your own hands may get you punished as well Red triangles symbolize friendly mines. If you deliberately / accidentally step on a friendly mine, you are the one at fault. (If you witness someone placing mines around friendlies, in order to cause friendly injuries, screenshot and show a staff member). Team Damaging / Stealing Damaging friendly assets and / or stealing from your teammates is not allowed, if you are caught damaging or stealing friendly vehicles you will receive disciplinary action. Body Looting Once you have died, and your items are on the ground, it is officially free for anyone to take. It is however considered polite to allow friendlies to retrieve their gear should they ask. However, if you were already in close proximity to a fallen ally and couldn't help them in time, you are not to touch their gear. Doing so will result in disciplinary action. Waiting for a friendly to die in order to collect their loot is a punishable offense. Indie group hunt Independents that use the group system to locate people then kill them will result in disciplinary action. Using objects to block missions Do not under any circumstance place objects on top or around a mission to stop it functioning. Do not fully obstruct roadways used by missions, always have gaps in any barriers/walls for mission vehicles to pass through Abusing Staff If you have been banned/kicked etc, please do not abuse our staff members for doing so. Jump into our TeamSpeak and sit in our Wasteland issues channel and one of our staff will come and resolve your issue. Sky Bases Sky Bases are, hence the name, bases built up in the sky, out of reach and/or view of other players. Skybases are permitted if and only if they are connected all the way to the ground with base parts or are below 150m above terrain level. Money Missions If multiple parties finish an AI mission, you are required to share the money with everyone involved. If the money is not shared and both parties cannot come to an agreement, the money will be removed by an admin.
    10. StrayaGaming

      Monetization to Altis Life and I&A start officially tomorrow. The changes for AL have already been release and I&A will be release tomorrow. I&A vets and past donators will have 1 month as of tomorrow with their skin perks. For I&A each $10 = 1 Month... so eg. $50 = 5 months of perks Anyone over $120 in total will have lifetime perks in I&A If you are donating for gang perks in AL please send a support request with your skins. For anyone who has donated in the past 2 months please your details below to receive your perks: When you donated: Server: Username: PlayerID: If AL what tier is the breakdown (eg. $30 = tier 3 for 1 month or tier 1 for 3 months): Donation details https://strayagaming.com.au/supporterinfo/ Altis Life Player Tier 1 ($10 per month): 13 vehicle skins 12 vehicle colours 7 kill messages 4 death messages 6 respawn messages Player Tier 2 ($20 per month): All Tier 1 perks 11 vehicle skins 17 vehicle colours 9 kill messages 5 death messages 7 respawn messages Player Tier 3 ($30 per month): All Tier 1 & 2 perks 13 vehicle skins 11 kill messages 6 death messages 8 respawn messages Extra Information: The month starts at the exact time of your rank being applied in our database and will expire 30 days later Gang Tier ($15 per month): 1 gang themed uniform skin 1 gang themed backpack skin 2 gang themed vehicle skins Extra Information: The month starts on the 7th of the month and will expire on the 7th of the following month You must provide the skins for us to put in the mission file Skins are to be themed for your gang and conform with our community guidelines Skins must be for clothing and vehicles you already have access to in stores (we can provide default textures to skin over if required) Collectively, skins must not be larger than 1.25mb file size, if your skins exceed this limit they will be compressed to fit Skins will be locked to your gang, giving you control over who does and doesn't have access to them After the first month, your skins will be removed from the server unless you renew this tier Vehicles with removed gang skins will revert to a default skin Server Wide Discounts: Discounts will be applied to all stores for all players (supporter or not) after we reach the following milestones on the monthly goal 50% of the goal will activate a 5% discount 100% of the goal will activate a 10% discount 150% of the goal will activate a 15% discount 200% of the goal will activate a 20% discount Invade & Annex Life Time ($120+ in one hit): Player Tier ($10 per month): 8 whitelisted slots for popular roles 1 pilot, 2 medic, 1 engineer, 1 autorifleman, 1 AT, 1 sharpshooter, 1 sniper A range of custom vehicle skins as well as access to some BI ‘hidden’ vehicle textures A few custom uniform skins as well as access to some BI ‘hidden’ uniform textures A range of custom shoulder insignia as well as access to default Arma 3 insignia Community Wide $10 - $60 total: Supporter group on forums VIP tag on TeamSpeak (different tags depending on amount donated) Private teamspeak channel (one per person) $70+ total: Advanced donator group on forums Advanced donator tag on teamspeak $100/$200/$300 in one hit: Super donator group on forums Super donator tag on teamspeak (different tags depending on amount donated) $1000 in one hit: Ultra donator group on forums Ultra donator tag on teamspeak
    11. StrayaGaming

      Hey, We've been able to reapply for monetization and now we have it back. Why why why? This means we can can upgrade some servers or get A++ graphics for servers like we did in the past for I&A. This community will also be able to create new events with prizes.This will give you all the chance to put your arma 3 skills to use and win something. This also includes random small give-aways. So Lucky what happens now? In the up coming days we will be updating the missions. Skins will be return to a tiers for AL skins and I&A will be only be one tier. This will be a monthly subscription. This gives all players in I&A the ability to use custom skins again. AL will be getting some new updates and new skins added including the ability to have custom gang clothes and vehicles. Keeping it simple: $10 per month for I&A (All Skins) $10-$30 per month for AL (Tier 1-3) $15 per month for Gangs (Total 5 gangs) Once a supporter always a supporter on forums and TS We will give all past I&A supporters + The Vets 1 month before we make this change. We will give all AL members these few days head start before the change. We will also honor any member who has supported us in the last 2 months for AL and I&A When Lucky When is this all happening?? In the near future... oh and WL there is no change...
    12. StrayaGaming

      First and foremost, enjoy your time with our community! These guidelines are put in place to keep the community an enjoyable and fun place to be. Use your common sense and best judgment when posting any content, ensuring it follows along with the rest of the guidelines. Community: StrayaGaming is an adult, mature community; mature content and gameplay is to be expected. We, however, do not require members to be over the age of eighteen. We expect all of our members to act mature and be responsible for their own actions. Content: Content intended to bait other members and cause trolling or flaming is not permitted. Content that is excessively sexual, obscene, or explicit is not permitted within our community. Hate speech, racism, discrimination and bullying is strictly prohibited within our community. Privacy: Content that breaches any of our members right to privacy is strictly prohibited, this includes but is not limited to; email addresses, postal addresses, IP addresses, contact details. To report such content, please submit a support ticket with the relevant service. Here Cheating and Hacking: All our services have a zero tolerance policy for exploiting, scripting, cheating and hacking. Upon discovering an exploit or bug, members are required to report it through the forum support ticketing system, or via the private report section of the services bugtracker Members caught exploiting, scripting, cheating or hacking will be severely punished, regardless of their history. Advertising: Advertising non-StrayaGaming services is strictly prohibited without permission from our Management team. (Contact us here) Trading: Members are permitted to trade and offer trades for in-game items and currency only, trades must not include other currency or products that are not part of our game servers. (Cross server trades are allowed) Accounts: Members are permitted to use multiple accounts for our game services. Using alternate accounts to evade any punishment or discipline is forbidden. Members are limited to one account on the forums, additional accounts will be banned. Lead Staff: Our Lead Staff members reserve the right to remove any lower ranking staff member or community member from the community at any time, regardless of the above guidelines and/or other service rule-sets.
    13. StrayaGaming

      StrayaGaming - TeamSpeak Rules These rules may be changed at any time without warning. These rules are subject to the discretion of staff. Rule violations may result in client restrictions and bans. If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to message a staff member. 1. All content shared on our TeamSpeak server must adhere to our Community Guidelines. 2. Soundboarding is prohibited without the consent of all users in the channel. 3. Voice changers are prohibited without the consent of all users in the channel. 4. Malicious links are prohibited. 5. Advertising is prohibited.
    14. StrayaGaming

      StrayaGaming - Altis Life Rules All rule breaks are up to the server staff's discretion. What a moderator/administrator says is final. Recently changed rules are in yellow. 1 - General Rules 1.1 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules. 1.2 Any form of hacking, exploiting or cheating is prohibited. 1.3 Any form of racism or derogatory comments will not be tolerated. 1.4 Any use of macros are not allowed when on the server. 1.5 City limits is defined as anywhere inside of the Purple Ring around Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane. 2 - Fail Role-Play (Fail RP) 2.1 You must at all times, stay within the narrative of your roleplay character. 2.2 Aborting the server while in restraints, roleplay, combat or while incapacitated/downed will be considered ‘Combat Logging’ (you must wait the timer out and respawn before, leaving the server). 2.3 Any form of evading role-play such as killing yourself, being team killed to evade or breaking character will be seen as Fail RP. 2.4 Storing or impounding a vehicle during an active declaration will be seen as Fail RP. 2.4.1 This also includes storing money, items and other amenities during an active declaration. 2.5 Any strategy, method or actions that are obtained by out of game means will be seen as meta-gaming. 2.6 Any actions that are done with the intention of interrupting or interfering with role-play or the actions of other people is trolling and fail role-play. 2.6.1 Don’t be a dick. (Don't do anything which could be seen as purposely annoying or interfering with the Roleplay of others. Things like baiting police, destroying vehicles and targeting certain people). 2.7 Civilians may not enter city limits with / or use any of the following ; concealing clothing (balaclavas, face masks), assault weapons (anything that cannot be purchased from the red civ gun store), armoured apparel (clothing with armour rating, vests that cannot be purchased from a civ store) or rebel vehicles (any vehicle not able to be purchased from civilian stores). 2.7.1 Civilians that enter city limits with any of the above mentioned items may be met with undeclared lethal force from the police. 3 - New Life Rule (NLR) Classifications: Dead / Died / Killed / Death means you have been incapacitated and then respawned. Incapacitated / Downed means you have been shot, crashed, etc and have the option to request a medic or wait out the respawn timer. 3.1 All information / knowledge / memories gained prior to respawning is lost unless revived by a medic. 3.1.1 The exception to this is owned houses and server marked map locations. 3.2 You cannot return to the situation which caused your death. 3.2.1 Even if the situation has ended, you are not allowed to go back to retrieve weapons, gear or vehicles. 3.3 If revived, you cannot attempt to kill anyone involved in the situation leading to your incapacitation until the situation is complete. 3.4 You cannot be engaged in combat by any party involved in the situation leading to your incapacitation. 3.4.1 You can still be taken hostage or detained by police after being revived so long as the opposing party member has not themselves, been revived or respawned. 3.5 NLR does NOT apply only within the KOS zones of all three capture points. 4 - Value Life Rule (VLR) 4.1 Putting yourself in situations where the risk of death far outweighs the odds of surviving is considered to not be valuing your life. 4.1.1 Not complying with demands of a hostile threat where your life is at risk will be considered fail value for life. 5 - Declarations 5.1 All declarations must be done via email or direct communication, this includes voice. 5.1.1 Enough time (30 seconds) must be given to acknowledge a declaration must be given. 5.1.2 An acknowledgement must be a noticeable change in behaviour. 5.1.3 Direct communications cannot be used to declare on any vehicle regardless of the vehicle’s speed. 5.2 A declaration ends when all ingame/online members of an opposing faction are incapacitated or 10 minutes after all hostile actions have ceased. 5.3 A declaration on one member of a gang/faction is a declaration on all members wearing the same gang tag/faction map wide. 5.4 Declarations on police must be done by either direct communication (this includes voice) or by text to police dispatch. 5.4.1 Declarations via police dispatch must state a name and a vehicle (if applicable). 5.4.2 If a name is not applicable, a location must be used instead. 5.5 Civilian contractors must declare via text message before responding to a bank and fed. 5.6 If the player has acknowledged your declaration and complied with your demands, you may not engage and must continue roleplay. (If you decide to kill them while they're complying, this will be seen as Fail RP). 5.7 All declarations must include the following: 5.7.1 A statement of intentions e.g. This is a robbery! 5.7.2 An action for the person being declared on e.g. Hands on your head! 5.7.3 A consequence for failing to comply e.g. Or you will be shot! 5.8 You cannot rob or hold up EMS personnel. 5.8.1 You cannot steal an EMS vehicle. 5.9 If you are outside city limits you cannot declare on any players that are within city limits. 5.9.1 If a player flees into city limits during a declaration you may follow them and continue the engagement. 5.9.2 If you follow a player in during declaration using rebel gear, you may not start a new declaration until you leave city limits. 5.9.3 After concluding a situation pursuing a player into city limits in rebel gear, you must immediately make all attempts to leave city limits. 5.9.4 If a declaration is initiated by a player inside city limits where both parties are inside city limits, rebel gear may not be brought into city limits. 5.10 The robbing of a house does NOT form a declaration between the robber and owner. 5.11 Looting a dead officers body will automatically create a one-way declaration with the police. 5.12 All rebel/contractor/cartel Groups are to wear the gang tag associated with their group. (Example: [123] YOURNAME) 5.13 You must declare on a person before you can restrain or knock them out. This includes tasing or knocking down. 5.13.1 Police are exempt from this rule when restraining to check licenses or ticketing. 5.13.2 Police may use tasers or knockdowns without a declaration against players who trespassing within Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane PDs. This does not start a declaration between the player / player’s gang and the Police. 5.14 Players that attempt to break players out of prison by any means may be met with undeclared lethal force from the police. 5.15 Any damage or deaths that occur from crossfire will not be considered a form of declaration. 6 - Random Death Match (RDM) 6.1 Killing any player without a valid declaration (see declaration rules) will be seen as RDM. 6.2 The killing of EMS will be seen as RDM, this excludes EMS in KOS zones. 6.3 If you are caught in the crossfire of an active declaration, this is not RDM. 7 - Vehicle Death Match (VDM) 7.1 The usage of vehicles to cause harm, damage or gain an unfair advantage will be considered VDM. 7.2 Running someone over with the intent to evade/flee is not seen as VDM. 7.3 Armour vs. Armour ramming is allowed when you are in an active declaration with the other party. Ramming can only occur when both parties are INSIDE of the vehicle. Players standing outside the vehicle who become ragdolled will gain immunity for a short period of time, until the rag doll animation is over. 7.3.1 Immunity period only applies when the rag doll was caused by the opposition not teammates. 7.3.2 Ground vs. Air Ramming is prohibited. 7.3.3 Unarmored vehicles can not be used to ram other vehicles. 8 - Safe Zones 8.1 There is to be no hostile acts within a safe zone. 8.2 When in an active declaration you can not flee to a safe zone. Police can arrest people from within safezones. 8.2.1 Cop v Rebel declarations are called off when all members of either party reaches to their safe zone (PD or Rebel outposts). 8.2 is void in this situation. Cartels and civilian contractors must also return to the Rebel Outpost over their set outposts. 8.2.2 If a single member of either party returns to the safezone, the declaration is still valid. 8.2.3 All above rules (8.2.1 and 8.2.2) do not apply for when a major robbery is being conducted. Any players that are part of either the gang or police force and are present at the bank within the declaration area of a 2km radius will be considered active in the declaration. Anybody seen withdrawing to a safezone will not be permitted to return and is calling off their individual declaration. 8.2.4 Police may return to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney PDs during a bank only for the purpose of escalation and will not call off their declaration in doing this. Only in this case are they exempt from rule 8.2.3. 8.2.5 Police are exempt from rule 8.2 if they are bringing the individual back to a Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane police safe zones for processing purposes. They may not re-join any active situations once processing has begun. 8.3 You can not steal any items/vehicles from a safe zone. 8.4 You are not to airlift a vehicle from within the city limits. 8.4.1 The only exception to this is vehicles you own or have keys to and can only be lifted from the air garage. 9 - Robberies Major Robberies: Pharmaceutical Factory, Westpac Bank, AGL Office, Research & Development Facility and Federal Reserve. 9.1 Eight police officers must be online to rob the Pharmaceutical Factory. 9.1.1 Ten police officers must be online to rob the AGL Office. 9.1.2 Ten police officers must be online to rob the Westpac Bank. 9.1.3 Twelve police officers must be online to rob the Research Facility. 9.1.4 Twelve police officers must be online to rob Federal Reserve. 9.2 You must declare on the Police when robbing any of the gas stations however, robberies (Pharmaceutical Factory, Westpac Bank, AGL Office, Research & Development Facility and Federal Reserve) are KOS on all cops involved. 9.3 When a robbery is hit off, all declarations which include the robbers or police are called off. 9.3.1 This rule is only applicable within a 2km radius of the robbery area. 9.4 Declarations for all robberies are only within the immediate area of the robbery. Any hostile actions to either the robbers or the police responding to the robbery by an unrelated gang/third party will be considered RDM within 2km of the active robbery. Two gangs (Rebel/Cartel/Civilian) cannot commit to a single robbery at the same time. 9.5 All Major Robberies have cooldowns before they can be robbed. 9.5.1 The cooldown between different robberies is two hours, the cooldown starts at the start of the robbery. 9.5.2 The Pharmaceutical Factory is not considered to be part of the cooldown between different robberies. 9.5.3 Pharmaceutical Factory has a cooldown time of one hour. 9.5.4 AGL Solar Office has a cooldown time of two hours. 9.5.5 Westpac has a cooldown time of two hours. 9.5.6 Research & Development Facility has a cooldown time of three hours. 9.5.7 Federal Reserve has a cooldown time of three hours. 9.6 You may not randomly join in the bank/fed robbery or sneak around unarmed and act as a bystander then pull out a gun and assist. 9.7 Gangs must rob the banks for the robbery itself and must roleplay an escape once the robbery is over. They can’t wait around for the pleasure of killing police officers. This will be seen as Fail RP. 9.8 Touching off a robbery and running away for the benefit of baiting cops or annoying other players will be seen as Fail RP. 9.9 After the detonation of the Federal Reserve vault, neither party (rebel or police) may have any additional people join in to the active robbery. 9.10 If you leave the server or die for any reason during a bank situation, you cannot return and engage in the situation. (This includes aborting or being kicked). 9.11 During scheduled server events (events with prior notice given more than 24 hours ago), no player may conduct any major robberies (Pharmaceutical Factory, Westpac Bank, AGL Office, Research & Development Facility and Federal Reserve). 9.11.1 Players, regardless of faction, may not rob or raid houses during these events. 10 - Hostage Rules 10.1 Hostage(s) may be ‘employed’ during the any form of robbery / bank. (This includes; Gas Station Robberies, Pharmaceutical Factory, Westpac Bank, AGL Office, Research & Development Facility and Federal Reserve) 10.1.1 A message should be sent to the Police requesting a negotiator for the hostage(s) prior to the start of the robbery. 10.2 If you kidnap a player with less than six police online, you cannot initiate a hostage roleplay scenario with the police. 10.3 All negotiations must be done face to face in game and any money must be done on site NO wire transfers. 10.4 A declaration is formed with the Police & Hostage Taker(s) when negotiations are called off by either party face to face. The Police must wait 30 seconds or receive acknowledgement of negotiations being called off before any hostile action is taken. 10.5 Do not use a hostage that is playing with you. This will be known as fail role play. 10.6 The negotiator of any hostage situation can not be taken hostage. 10.7 There can only be one hostage situation declared with the Police every two hours. 10.8 You cannot take EMS members hostage. 10.9 The negotiator must value the life of the hostage as his own. 11 - Cartel Rules 11.1 Cartels can control 1 drug picking area and one processing area. 11.1.2 This may only occur when the cartel is approved and registered on the forums. 11.2 If a cartel wants to take over a different picking or processing area, that another cartel owns, they must declare a gang war via the forums (https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/forum/251-gang-wars/). 11.3 Cartel gang members are able to conduct the following activities with Police. 11.3.1 Corrupt roleplay e.g: Turn a blind eye to drug trafficking (validated document stating what took place for tracking purposes). 11.3.2 Blind eye to kidnapping of Rebel or Cartel associates. 11.3.3 Cops must investigate if they believe it is civilian personnel (Includes civilian contractors working with police). 11.4 - No more than 15 cartel members are to be online at any time. 11.5 Cartels are all their own separate force, therefore no team tactics between groups or rebels is permitted. 12 - Rebel Gangs 12.1 Rebel Gangs equipped with rebel gear/weapons/vehicles are not to enter city limits under any circumstances (With the exception of a City Takeover). 12.2 Gangs who play as rebel are all their own separate force, therefore no team tactics/cohesion between the groups is permitted. 12.3 Any non civilian vehicle found by police may be destroyed. 12.4 All rebel gangs are to wear the gang tag associated with their group. (Example: [123] YOURNAME) 12.5 No more than 15 members of a rebel gang are to be online at any time. 12.6 When robbing any bank rebel members must be sure that the appropriate amount of time has passed between cooldowns. (See robbery rules). 12.7 Rebel gangs have the ability to take over a major settlement, known as a rebel takeover. More information can be found here: https://goo.gl/uVdFnQ 13 - Civilian Contractors Civilian Contractors will consult ONLY with the Commissioner where a individualized document will be written up with procedures and guidelines for their particular roleplay. Document needs to be agreed and signed upon before that particular group can conduct their duties. 13.1 Civilian Vehicles must be used in city limits. This includes donator vehicles and helicopters. Vehicles purchased from a rebel store are not permitted. 13.2 Contractors can only help the police during bank and federal robberies, they cannot do police activities, unless instructed otherwise by police. 13.3 Civilian Contractors can organize a contract with any faction on the server. 13.4 Contractors must be paid in full prior to any commencement of work. 13.5 Any gear purchased at Contractor Base is considered rebel, unless you hold a valid contract approved by the APD Commissioner. 13.6 Contractors are only allowed to operate with their specific contracts or other contractors, if seen operating with rebel/cartel gangs not contracted with them the contracting group will be terminated. 13.7 All active contracts must be posted in the contractor subforum (Contact a staff member for help). 14 - Police & Medic Protocols - Police Protocols: https://goo.gl/dbybx7 - Medic Protocols: https://goo.gl/e8uriA Contact the respective Command Teams for help regarding protocol breaches. Rules written by the StrayaGaming AL Staff Team. Rules effective 18/08/2019 @3:00PM AEDT >> If any grey area's are found please forward them to Altis Life Senior Staff <<
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