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  1. I still have no clue how to farm in this game, It got so confusing.
  2. AidanC

    Wheres the highlight involving that unfortunate rocket launcher incident you had Jack ;))
  3. AidanC

    Wasteland Team going to take home that prize money; Good luck kids, you'll need it with us out there.
  4. AidanC

    Sorry to revive an old topic; 50 AI kills now provide tokens. Is this a feature that players are finding beneficial? are there further tweaks to be considered? is it an appropriate amount of AI kills per token? Would love to see some community input for this.
  5. AidanC

    Good Evening Wastelanders, In an effort to combat FPS Drops, we are implementing an increase in scheduled restarts from 12-hourly to 8-hourly. The Scheduled restarts will be made at 0000hrs AEST, 0800hrs AEST, and 1600hrs AEST. These changes will take place from 12th May 2020. Please divert any questions to the Teamspeak help desk, or contact staff directly via discord. Regards, The Wasteland Team
  6. Good Evening Wastelanders; The Wasteland Staff team has reviewed the requirements to become a Wasteland Veteran; leaving the following prerequisites: You must obtain 500 Player Kills. You must obtain 2000 AI Kills. You must obtain 200 Captures or Revives (Total cumulative) You must have 500 hours of playtime on the server. If you feel you fit the requirements; please feel free to reply to this topic, Submit a Forums or Discord Support ticket, or contact one of our staff members through Forums, Teamspeak, or discord. Kind Regards, The Wasteland Team
  7. AidanC

    "The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."
  8. AidanC

    Wasteland Update Patch 6.1 FPS Fixes and Store UI Facelift. Included in this Patch will be a 50% off week. Active until 6/5/2020 This update contains a few minor changes to the map layout to increase players FPS, Several UI changes to Vehicle and Gun Stores, and several changes to AI loadouts. See more in the full change log below. Principle Additions and Changes: Vehicle Store UI Changed to allow greater control over vehicle aesthetics. Gun Store UI changed to filter accessories available for equipped weapons. Vehicle Store added to Agios Loannis. Agios Cephas Gun Store moved to LZ Connor. AI now spawn with a wider range of loadouts. Truck Convoys and Armed Convoys may now spawn with faction specific vehicles rather than just the offroad. New Vehicles added to the list of randomly spawned vehicles. Kill Farm Bay General Store design changed. Stratis Bay Gun Store design changed. Number of spawned entities reduced to improve FPS. Modifications and Tweaks: View Distance Quality feature limited to 20 to prevent seeing through mountains or toggling grass. Store AI have updated outfits. Numerous useless map entities removed to improve FPS. APR Masks now prevent toxic gas effects. Bug Fixes: Players on Independent and OPFOR now spawn with the correct UAV terminals. Please share your feedback with us, Wasteland Staff are contactable via Forums, Teamspeak, or StrayaGaming Discord in the Wasteland Channel. Thank-you to the Wasteland Development Team, @Bad_Apl in particular, for all the hard work put into creating this patch. - Wasteland Team
  9. AidanC

    1 month long tease. get an onlyfans.
  10. AidanC

    "Well, bust my buffers!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. AidanC

    'Thanks James32 https://imgur.com/a/vPCKsHG'. ?
  12. AidanC

    Money doesn’t really matter when you have Zeus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. AidanC

    G'day Wastelanders, The Wasteland Staff team will be hosting weekly events on the server; with Cash and Token prizes up for grabs. Each week will be co-ordinated by different staff members to ensure a variety of events are proposed. The weekly event will be hosted on different days and times to accommodate players of all lifestyles; The events will be advertised through the Forum Calendar, and on the Public Discord. If you have anything you'd like to see as an event, please feel free to drop a comment below, or contact any member of the Wasteland Staff team. Happy Hunting, AidanC
  14. G'day Wastelanders! Event night is coming up again this Saturday night, and we're kicking it off with a Close Quarters Combat arena. There will be an exclusive area set up at Kamino Firing Range, within this area 3 rounds of combat will be conducted. The first round will consist of Sidearm only combat; The second round rifles only, and the third will be a special marksman round with a larger combat area. Prizes: The winner of each round will win $300,000 and 3 Tokens, Second place will win $100,000. Rules: Players participating must be on Independent Team, and not in a group with other players. Once Eliminated, Participants may spectate from outside the arena, however may not re-enter the arena or interact with current participants. Metagaming / Teaming will not be allowed for this event. Regular Community Rules will still apply. Time: Players are to meet at Kamino Firing Range at 19:15 AEDT, for the first round to commence at 19:30, on Saturday 23rd November. Staff will be on scene to teleport anyone who needs assistance. Hope to see you there, @AidanC Wasteland Moderator
  15. AidanC

    Great Guide! I look forward to some of the advanced guides to come!