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    1. AidanC

      'Thanks James32 https://imgur.com/a/vPCKsHG'.
    2. AidanC

      Money doesn’t really matter when you have Zeus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    3. AidanC

      G'day Wastelanders, The Wasteland Staff team will be hosting weekly events on the server; with Cash and Token prizes up for grabs. Each week will be co-ordinated by different staff members to ensure a variety of events are proposed. The weekly event will be hosted on different days and times to accommodate players of all lifestyles; The events will be advertised through the Forum Calendar, and on the Public Discord. If you have anything you'd like to see as an event, please feel free to drop a comment below, or contact any member of the Wasteland Staff team. Happy Hunting, AidanC
    4. G'day Wastelanders! Event night is coming up again this Saturday night, and we're kicking it off with a Close Quarters Combat arena. There will be an exclusive area set up at Kamino Firing Range, within this area 3 rounds of combat will be conducted. The first round will consist of Sidearm only combat; The second round rifles only, and the third will be a special marksman round with a larger combat area. Prizes: The winner of each round will win $300,000 and 3 Tokens, Second place will win $100,000. Rules: Players participating must be on Independent Team, and not in a group with other players. Once Eliminated, Participants may spectate from outside the arena, however may not re-enter the arena or interact with current participants. Metagaming / Teaming will not be allowed for this event. Regular Community Rules will still apply. Time: Players are to meet at Kamino Firing Range at 19:15 AEDT, for the first round to commence at 19:30, on Saturday 23rd November. Staff will be on scene to teleport anyone who needs assistance. Hope to see you there, @AidanC Wasteland Moderator
    5. AidanC

      Great Guide! I look forward to some of the advanced guides to come!
    6. AidanC

      Definitely not 'Last to Join'; Nunny was autobalanced today despite not being the last to join; I was then auobalanced too.
    7. AidanC

      Where do we find our stats?
    8. AidanC

      Hey Guys; Are we able to disable the autobalance mechanism? I've been playing OPFOR all night, had a setup with a bunch of mates, and got autobalanced and locked to BLUFOR. This has happened two nights in a row, It's very frustrating to have built up a team and defended your territories only to be locked to the opposite team without your friends to play with. Feedback would be appreciated. Regards, Aidan
    9. AidanC

      Quick and Easy Mac & Cheese. 1 Cup Macaroni 250ml Thickened Cream 100g cooking butter 1 Block of your favourite type of Cheddar Cheese ( I prefer strong and bitey ) -Boil the pasta (I assume we can all do this), drain off the water and rinse the pasta. -Combine in pot on low heat with butter. -Stir in Cheese and Cream to desired thickness. -Eat while hot. Enjoy!
    10. AidanC

      No need to fear boys; I'm no fan of Life anymore; I was left scarred after years of Chernarus Life back in A2
    11. AidanC

      Hey All, I've been frequently playing on the Wasteland server for a while and decided I should join the community. A Little about me; My name is Aidan, I'm a Nurse from West Sydney, I play a fair few games for leisure in my time off; I've just built a new computer which has given me better access to games! Hope to see you all out there, Aidan