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  1. Invictiis

    Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus
  2. Invictiis

    If these noobs cant get more than 10 player kills per sitting, how are those noobs meant to kill entire money shipments full of aimbot ai with tanks and armed vehicles? People are way easier than shipments, they have worse aim and zero spacial awareness. I&a is where you kill AI, you come to wasteland to kill bots. Unless theres a new way to give new players experience, we can only ensure they don’t die excessively to waves of OP vehicles, hence PVP tokens.
  3. Invictiis

    Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion.
  4. Invictiis

    The top players make more than 7 tokens a day, I personally make ~ 8-10 per day. The exclusive group you speak of is a group of friends who have played on the server for a long time & know the Wasteland tactics well. Over time some of us have become staff and we definitely do not abuse our powers. To say we do without any definitive incidents & evidence is slander against community staff. You speak of friendly skirmish but their isn't any way admins can distinguish the difference between friends meta-gaming to farm tokens and 'friendly skirmishes'. We cannot knw if your in a discord or not but we can see whenever two people on opposing teams or on indi have been consistently trading kills which indicates abuse of token system.
  5. Invictiis

    Firstly, token farming by killing eachother is against the rules & anyone caught will be warned then banned as they are metagaming in order to boost their token count. It’s clearly evident in logs. Secondly, the introduction of ai tokens even if it were 100 ai kills would encourage farming. We want people to complete missions, not exclusively kill ai, ‘invade & annex’ exists for that. Token vehicles are high-end premium vehicles which are earned through PVP for PVP, they’re not in any way required to get kills. Earn tokens by killing enemy players. Its that simple and its honestly quite easy. Tokens are long-term goal for WL players, everyone will earn them at different rates. There is no need for alternative means of token revenue.
  6. Invictiis

    The entire existence of the token system was to encourage PVP, as people who farmed ai missions had money to buy literally everything providing no reason for players to fight eachother. You’ll notice the server of 5-8pop being entirely opfor or blufor to purely farm, which is the opposite of what wasteland is meant to be. Its a great idea but i dont think it would suit the direction of the WL server.
  7. Invictiis

    The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig.
  8. Invictiis

    There's only one supreme leader @James32
  9. Invictiis

    EVENT NAME: Operation Regicide GAME: Arma 3 PLAYER COUNT: 3 Factions of 20 DESCRIPTION: Three kings. Three armies. One Throne. The year is 2035, Altis peasants have fled their homeland as Stratis invaders take control of the region. Each faction has their own fort which holds their king, the primary objective is to kill all other faction's kings while keeping yours alive. The last king surviving in their fort represents the superior faction. The king cannot leave their fort/bunker, that includes altitude (above 50m AGL) First-Person // No Stamina // Team markers // Unlimited Respawns // Kings have one life // No armed air or heavy armor vehicles // Restricted weapons/items (same as bitter red.) // No 3D-Spotting LENGTH: max 90 minutes (excludes 20 min prep time) >> otherwise faction with most kills reigns Made this compound composition a while ago. could use it.
  10. Invictiis

  11. @Eagle Dymsym doesn't have the highest kill count LOL he just uses the same name ? Total of 16,874 Player kills XD
  12. Invictiis

    Hi everyone! The winner of the giveaway is @Jewbacca Congrats! DM me with a date and time your available to log on and ill transfer the prize. Spend the money wisely and have fun on WL.  sorry for being early, Im currently out and my phone is about to die haha
  13. Invictiis

    Hi all, I played tons this wipe on Wasteland as ‘Error: No unit’ and all my money is collecting dust. I won’t be playing for awhile so I’ve decided to give it all away. Ive already donated 3 million today to everyone on the server at the time. This giveaway is for $2,000,000. It isn’t a raffle, I’ll select the winner this Friday (17/08/18) at 1800. To enter pls reply ‘We <3 @Nunny‘ If there is no applicants, all winning will be donated to people of the independant side.
  14. Invictiis

    Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war
  15. @Connor Manson hmm why didn't i think of that? I've been one of the few to actually provide DEV suggestions and bug reports. Clearly you've failed to look at my profile before commenting. It took weeks to fix thermals on Verona which were a mistake to begin with, combat logging is still valid because they forgot it or had an aneurysm while rewriting the server rules and there's still plenty more unfixed problems. TBH i want the server to be as great as possible even if i wont be playing it in the future.