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Space Engineers Full Rework

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Welcome fellow engineers, 

We are proud to announce the latest edition of our modded space engineers server! During our downtime, we successfully completed a full rework of the server to provide our players with a more stable and enjoyable experience. You can connect to the newly updated server via se.straya.life or by searching "straya" in your server browser. 

Effective from the time of this post, we will be running a fresh custom map with the following core changes: 






You can view our complete mod collection here.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us on TeamSpeak at ts.straya.life or through discord at discord.straya.life

I would also like to thank @DJ_JoozBrorg and @Josh_ua for helping with the post and the extra people that helped test the server. 

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