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Humming bird QRF

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Just thought I nice addition would be the hummingbird's carrying one medikit box by default on respawn as a pseudo quick reaction force. 

I pilot a bit lately and tend to grab one when free, but there's numerous times it's come in handy where a real medic isn't available. Vehicles that are outside the AO, or more isolated, where the driver dies but the vehicle is intact. No medic wants to run 500+ metres to revive them. Or when dropping off a squad and the medics are incapacitated on landing, ability to revive the medic once would keep the squad going longer. 

Some will drive their tank forever (say to Sofia or Molos) just to be killed and spend time in chat requesting help that never comes. Or a helo flying in gets shot down at AO, it may give those dead plays a chance of revival where a passing hummingbird might be able to revive their incapacitated medic.

I think it could keep momentum for the ground troops/players going at times. Given its a one use (per respawn, unless collected from vehicle area again) I think it'd up the chances of keeping someone or a team in the game longer. 

Anyhow just thought. Cheers.



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