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  • 09 October 2020 01:00 PM      11 October 2020 12:59 PM

    Welcome to the Jungle!
    By popular demand by our players, the Invade and Annex staff have teamed up with the Community Team to bring you a weekend of Tigerstripe, talking trees and napalm!
    Things are about to get hot and steamy with CSAT on Tanoa over the Weekend of the 10th - 11th October. Ya boi @Fitz has taken some time off his Youtube career to port over all the new updates to our Tanoa mission file, so we can rock out to some Fortunate Son and drink some Mai Tais in Georgetown! Bring on the Malaria!
    (Apex Expansion is required for this server)
    - @BigRed
    Port: 2302
    Direct Connect: steam://connect/

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